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You are running hard, possibly just below your normal 10k pace, but not flat out. If you become more explosive in the quarter-mile loop, your one-mile time will also accelerate dramatically (just as improving your mile time will add sizzle to your 5-K racing). Stick also to full body, compound exercises. day 4: brisk walk 5 mins then alternate 2 mins jog with 60 secs walk 4 times. Do your suppleness exercises after a good warm-up and before you carry out your really hard work, not just at the ends of your sessions. but if you’re worried 20 minutes walking/running is a bit too much for you right now, there’s also a 4-week pre-plan programme to ease you in gently. It’s the more experienced athletes that are prone to over-training. 4 Weeks to 1 Mile Training Program . You’ll also find two other programs in this section of the site… one for Beginners and one for Intermediate runners. An Easy Run is a steady-pace run at low intensity (LI) or an effort at which you can talk very comfortably. The average marathon training plan is very monotonous and uninspiring. Most definitely, but training for and racing the mile is all about embracing a new challenge, dealing with a few minutes of discomfort and breaking through barriers. Build up to 1:00. Day 2 . If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 1). I’m hoping that by lowering my quarter-mile time, which is currently 60 seconds, I’ll have a better chance of running 4:30 for the mile during spring track.’. Advanced is 3-5:00. The twice-weekly workouts in our one-mile training blueprint represent a balanced mix of strength (hills), stamina (tempo runs) and speed (intervals) aimed at preparing you to run your best mile. This month, Vincent Costa writes, ‘As a secondary-school miler who has run 4:55 for the mile, what type of speed workouts do I need in order to run 55 to 57 seconds for 400 metres? MARATHON – 16 WEEK ADVANCED TRAINING PLAN. Plyometric training: load up for greater benefits? More on this below. Don’t go overboard on these though – although they are not physically exhausting, too many ground contacts can lead to severe muscle soreness and even stress injuries. If it’s longer then simply run 400m before turning round. Hal on his Advanced Program Introduction: The above schedule is for advanced runners training for a 15K or 10-mile race: individuals who compete regularly in races that far or beyond and who want to improve their performances.You should be capable of running 30 to 60 minutes a day, five to seven days a week and have a basic understanding of how to do speedwork. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. It’s also noteworthy that stand-alone, one-mile road races take place all over the country, offering an alternative to long-distance racing and a different way to connect with the sport. Remember, long runs in this marathon training plan are NOT run at race pace – save that for shorter sessions. Instead, incorporate interval training, fartlek training, hill climbs and some running-specific strength and power exercises. If you don’t actually run 5Ks, formulate your ‘5-K pace’ by focusing on a tempo which is about 30 to 40 seconds per mile slower than one-mile race velocity for these longer (1200-metre or one-mile) intervals. Even if you’re not specially interested in one-mile racing, read the answer to Vincent’s question, because the principles we outline will help you run improved 5Ks and 10Ks, too. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to perform your long runs at your target race pace. Will some of these … Increasing the interval length and shortening the recovery makes workouts more realistic and develops the physiological capacity and mental confidence needed to sustain goal pace in an actual race. If over-training during the plan is a problem, too many miles in the month leading up to the race is perhaps the number one error found in a typical marathon training plan. to share your story, seek support or share the programme with someone else, join the movement by posting on instagram using the hashtag #myfittestyearyet. 4 week pre-plan programme for beginners 6 week first mile training plan are you ready to run a i have a hard time following a training plan with all the intervals. These are the sessions performed at or above race pace. 4 week pre-plan programme for beginners 6 week first mile training plan are you ready to run a i have a hard time following a training plan with all the intervals. Whether you’re trying to break five minutes or 12 minutes, this classic footrace allows all runners to test their personal limits. For descriptions on how to perform these exercises, see this list of circuit training exercises. This 100 mile training plan includes my tried and true, scientifically-based and proven workout sequence to give you the endurance and stamina that an ultra race demands. For marathon training long intervals of at least 800m or longer (1000m or even a mile) are acknowledged to be most beneficial. Fast-forward a few years, through the countless 5Ks, dozens of 10Ks and the half-marathons and marathons you’ve completed. “Like any race of longer distance, strategy and tactics are learned by experience, training, trial and error,” says John Mortimer, a former professional runner whose mile personal best is 4:01.64. Impossible to give more than general guidance as it is such an individual area and depends a lot on where you are starting from and what your goal is and is usually best done under guidance from a group environment or a coach or experienced personal trainer. For Vincent, that would mean one-mile repeats in 5:30 each; for most of us, it would simply involve five-minute intervals at 5-K pace. If on any particular morning it is 60bpm or higher, that can be an early indication that you are overstretched and need additional time to recover. D) Don’t forget that one-mile (or any-distance) training is not all speedwork.

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