1960 eagles roster

Cummings             57-53-48-63-54-34-51-44-47-22-85-77-25-22-25-23-0-77-80-63B. '.webs.com' : 'none'; --> 2. 83 Bobby Walston            6-0   195 32   9 Georgia                     94   5 blk crop          1 bar, tc sleeves, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf)Punter1. The Philadelphia … pct., 24 TDs, 86.5 rating, Rushing: Clarence Peaks, 465 yards, 3 TDs, 5.4 yards / carry, Receiving: Pete Retzlaff, 46 receptions, 826 yards, 5 TDs, Touchdowns: Tommy McDonald, 13 (0 rush., 13 rec. 1961 Philadelphia Eagles Starters, Roster, & Players: 10-4 (2nd in East), Coach: Nick Skorich, ProBowl: Baughan, Dean, Jurgensen, McDonald, Smith, Walston Weber                  75-83-68-75-72-67-47-66-28-80-32-21-64-67-28-22-0-77-85-77Bednarik                   65-94-96-83-65-48-42-55-28-90-26-25-87-86-74-61-0-85-90-99Nocera                      75-76-59-76-75-46-43-52-28-86-26-22-22-44-28-24-0-78-71-75Baughan                   80-82-59-80-84-56-44-64-28-85-31-23-24-46-30-24-0-88-92-82Catlin                       67-75-81-70-65-45-42-62-28-83-28-23-67-72-28-24-0-63-79-76M. Find out more. 35 Ted Dean                    6-2   211 22   R N/A                         89 12 blk buzz         1 bar, wt elbowpads, wt wristbands, bk shoes, 1. Dean                     86-70-58-73-85-72-78-66-80-39-35-27-45-42-28-22-70-82-73-71T. NFL East Division 79 Gene Gossage              6-3   241 25   R Northwestern lt skin                                 tc sleeves, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf), 1. Wilcox                    68-73-54-70-63-26-28-54-26-80-24-23-20-23-24-19-0-73-82-73J. © 2020 Strat-O-Matic Media, LLC - All rights reserved. Lucas                    78-68-59-76-87-86-72-65-72-24-38-25-43-47-25-23-10-74-68-73Graney                      82-57-49-84-82-75-66-71-58-22-25-22-22-25-27-22-10-78-82-63Retzlaff                      84-72-77-86-80-90-80-73-76-25-39-25-59-54-28-23-8-86-78-81J. Jack Cummings                             R N. Carolina                                                bk shoes, 1. Please read the information for E-Delivery products carefully before purchasing as these items are non-refundable. McDonald            80-53-50-78-80-58-46-74-28-79-26-23-20-25-25-23-10-77-77-71G. 9 Sonny Jurgensen         5-11 200 26   4 Duke                         48   4 red buzz         2 bar (thin), tc sleeves, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf), 3. 51 Chuck Weber               6-1   235 30   6 N/A                         33 11 brn crop         3 bar qb, tc sleeves, bk ankles taped, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf), 1. _udn = "none"; 67 Stan Campbell             6-2   233 30   6 Iowa State                 103 15 brn fade         2 bar (thin), tc sleeves, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf)2. Sapp                     77-73-58-73-81-59-72-56-83-24-37-26-57-51-26-23-10-77-78-73Peaks                        84-64-72-81-84-76-75-68-82-24-42-28-57-52-35-25-64-80-72-74T. Wilkins                  50-85-49-60-61-26-24-54-26-27-26-22-82-78-25-23-0-72-78-77Robb                         71-87-63-77-68-28-26-53-28-86-28-23-24-29-29-22-0-81-88-85Gossage                     64-82-54-62-68-24-22-46-24-77-25-23-22-27-28-23-0-75-78-77M. Barnes                   82-73-82-84-84-75-84-70-80-27-65-54-55-50-38-27-10-84-84-80T. On March 13, 1960, there was an expansion draft to stock the Dallas Rangers, who soon changed their name to the "Cowboys." He was selected to his second career NFL Pro Bowl following the season. 64 Curt Merz                    6-4   267 22   R Iowa                                                        3 bar qb, wt wristbands, tc sleeves, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf)3. Lee                      71-67-52-75-70-46-43-64-26-82-27-27-42-27-27-23-0-77-73-66Brookshier                89-58-89-93-88-61-44-80-32-77-25-24-22-28-23-21-10-85-84-88J. Cummings             57-53-48-63-54-34-51-44-47-22-85-77-25-22-25-23-0-77-80-63B. [9][10], Bednarik was the last player to play the whole game. Jackson                84-50-51-87-84-58-47-77-28-65-25-22-20-22-23-22-56-78-77-73R. Smith                  54-87-66-59-67-22-22-43-26-28-34-20-89-86-27-23-0-72-79-86H. Richardson             60-92-85-63-64-22-23-53-28-85-28-24-27-43-32-19-0-80-93-91Khayat                      62-84-63-73-75-31-28-45-28-82-29-24-60-75-28-22-0-76-75-78Gunnels                    59-84-53-56-62-25-23-45-27-88-30-21-25-33-29-18-0-76-77-83Pellegrini                  71-84-73-78-70-56-43-61-28-86-28-23-72-75-29-23-0-80-64-76C. Graham                 57-85-53-55-66-27-26-48-26-25-28-22-76-84-29-25-0-67-77-78E. Freeman              84-57-77-87-84-73-46-74-28-69-26-22-22-27-25-23-10-78-88-82B. Or write about sports? Dean                     86-70-58-73-85-72-78-66-80-39-35-27-45-42-28-22-70-82-73-71T. Pro-Football-Reference utilizes Official NFL data for current NFL seasons. All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC. Kicker1. Most data provided by 24-7 Baseball, creators of the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia. Data Provided By 63 Tom Catlin                   6-1   213 29   5 Oklahoma                 61 12 brn buzz        bk shoes #  52 Monte Lee                    6-4   225 22   R Texas                                                      bk shoesCornerbacks1. McDonald            80-53-50-78-80-58-46-74-28-79-26-23-20-25-25-23-10-77-77-71G. Not shown are acquired picks that the Eagles traded away. I update this site regularly so please return to this site soon.Please send me an email at blu_away@hotmail.com if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on this website. Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro-Bowl at any time in their careers. Brown                   89-58-61-85-92-82-75-74-81-23-45-33-28-30-28-25-87-80-82-67T. The Packers were led by coach Vince Lombardi and halfback/placekicker Paul Hornung, who broke the league record with 176 points, including 15 TDs. Campbell              65-86-87-66-64-33-29-54-28-86-27-23-26-32-28-24-0-82-84-92J. Jackson                84-50-51-87-84-58-47-77-28-65-25-22-20-22-23-22-56-78-77-73R. He finished second in the league in passer rating (86.5), passing yards (2,471) and passing TDs (24), while earning his ninth Pro Bowl appearance and the AP and United Press International also selected him as the NFL MVP. Additional great historic NFL teams can be found on these pages as well: Thank you for stopping by the 1960 Philadelphia Eagles page and be sure to catch all of the historic NFL teams featured on this very site. Lee                      71-67-52-75-70-46-43-64-26-82-27-27-42-27-27-23-0-77-73-66Brookshier                89-58-89-93-88-61-44-80-32-77-25-24-22-28-23-21-10-85-84-88J. Carr                      85-64-77-88-86-64-46-76-30-81-28-23-25-33-27-22-46-83-66-78B. Baseball Stats - AL - NL - AAGPBL - Minor League Baseball - Search 45 Don Burroughs            6-4   186 29   5 Colorado St.                                              2 bar (thin), tc sleeves, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf)2. Copyright © 2000-2020 Sports Reference LLC. Wilkins                  50-85-49-60-61-26-24-54-26-27-26-22-82-78-25-23-0-72-78-77Robb                         71-87-63-77-68-28-26-53-28-86-28-23-24-29-29-22-0-81-88-85Gossage                     64-82-54-62-68-24-22-46-24-77-25-23-22-27-28-23-0-75-78-77M. Are you a Stathead, too? 11 Norm Van Brocklin      6-1   202 34 11 Oregon                      73   3 brn crop         1 bar, tc sleeves, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf)Player Ratings           spd-str-awr-agi-acc-cth-car-jmp-btk-tck-tpw-tac-pbk-rbk-kpw-kac-ret-stm-inj-tghVan Brocklin              49-72-95-53-45-27-51-41-43-36-94-91-22-24-80-80-0-82-95-92Jurgensen                  58-69-75-60-54-31-43-55-44-22-93-90-22-23-25-20-0-80-80-63J. I update this site regularly so please return to this site soon.Please send me an email at blu_away@hotmail.com if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on this website. Wilson                    56-85-47-54-61-27-24-50-28-28-28-23-74-77-27-19-0-64-78-81 Huth                           54-87-67-69-76-24-26-47-28-26-34-22-81-85-26-22-0-67-78-76Aschbacher                 56-82-55-61-62-24-24-52-27-24-29-23-76-82-26-21-0-63-73-75E. Provide a password for the new account in both fields. 27 Gene Johnson              6-0   186 25    1 Cincinnati                                                2 bar (thin), tc sleeves, bk shoes, wt sleeves (turf) 2. Minneapolis owners were offered an NFL franchise. Barnes                   82-73-82-84-84-75-84-70-80-27-65-54-55-50-38-27-10-84-84-80T. Smith                  54-87-66-59-67-22-22-43-26-28-34-20-89-86-27-23-0-72-79-86H. Wilson                    56-85-47-54-61-27-24-50-28-28-28-23-74-77-27-19-0-64-78-81 Huth                           54-87-67-69-76-24-26-47-28-26-34-22-81-85-26-22-0-67-78-76Aschbacher                 56-82-55-61-62-24-24-52-27-24-29-23-76-82-26-21-0-63-73-75E.  (Schedule and Results), Other Notable Asst. Emory Turner                                 R Purdue                                                    bk shoes, 1. Graham                 57-85-53-55-66-27-26-48-26-25-28-22-76-84-29-25-0-67-77-78E. He was selected to his second career NFL Pro Bowl following the season.Outside Linebacker Maxie Baughan charges in pursuit of the Giants' Charley Conerly. His 46 catches were fifth in the league and his 826 receiving yards was sixth in the NFL in 1960. Campbell                55-82-76-68-52-23-22-45-27-26-26-23-88-85-27-24-0-63-86-76Wittenborn                 55-83-61-59-58-49-45-44-27-25-39-29-79-75-82-63-0-68-70-65Merz                          60-87-51-58-67-22-20-49-26-73-26-22-65-74-25-20-0-68-77-86J.D.

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