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Zahra is more popular as a surname in places like Malta. Baby Name Wizard observed that there is proof to beleive that this name may have been a by-name for someone with a good singing voice. Name Ianthe Categories. Girls named Ianthe are sensitive and compassionate. They fall in love easily. In egyptian, Zahra also carries the meanings beautiful, bright, shining and brilliant. They see the good in people when others don’t and are ready to give second and third chances. They actually make good leaders as they are affectionate, generous and have a good sense of humor. Magic Baby Names is a unique search site with 101,310 names collected from 2,541,555 family trees, containing 125,492,941 people. But their temper can be mercurial too. They can be hurt easily though and cry just as quickly as they smile. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. They are ambitious, but they need to practice being more focused and for longer durations to attain the goal they are aiming for. They are talkative by nature and quite popular in school. Anika is an Indian baby girl name with the meaning of "grace". They do have a quick temper, but they cool down fast too. It is considered as bestowing the gifts or talents described in the phrase, such as Running Rabbit or Flying Arrow. Their boldness and independent nature can scare off people, but once you get to know them, you’ll find that they are quite spiritually aware and prone to self-sacrifice. Their intensity and passion are both their greatest strengths and their weakness, so it's important to strike a balance. Here is a list of 25 beautiful names that your child will thank you for when they are older. Tabassum Fatima Hashmi known more popularly as Tabu, is a renowned Indian film actress. Their impulsive nature often gets them into trouble. We hear so many cases of children wanting to change their names as they are teased for it or even bullied over it. Anadolu is the modern Turkish form of Anatolia. Yashita is a warrior who fights for good causes and her homeland. She can focus on the larger issues at hand rather than get tangled in the petty details. I really like the name Xanthe and Ianthe for my fraternal twin girls who are due in six weeks. If you are looking for a flower name that's unique and beautiful, Ianthe fits the bill perfectly. They are curious people who try to analyze the world around them and learn the deeper truths. Stability is important to her, both within her family and her community. She has the courage to stand by her decisions irrespective of the oppositions she faces. A famous personality with the name is the cosmetics heiress and socialite Aerin Lauder. They tend to see the humor in the most mundane circumstances and bring life to any occasion they are a part of. Well! Girls named Anika have an inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause. If you didn't find an alternative name that you like better than Isolde, try our name generator. Chinese believe that names chosen will have a big impact in one’s life and that is why parents go through such a thorough search before naming their baby. 16 names similar to Isolde. 25 Rare But Beautiful Girl Names That Will Make Her Stand Out, Emma Stone Hints She’s Ready To Start A Family Soon, 7 Reasons Why You Might Not Feel Your Baby Kick, My First Pregnancy Was So Bad I Didn't Want To Have More Kids, 6 Of The Worst Things You Can Wear To A Maternity Photoshoot, 'Duck Dynasty' Stars Sadie Robertson & Christian Huff Reveal Sex Of Baby, 15 Pregnancy Symptoms Men Can Actually Experience, Cadmium Exposure During Pregnancy Linked To Obesity In Girls, 10 '90s Girl Names That Are Worth A Comeback, 5 Harmful Household Things You Don't Know Are Affecting Your Pregnancy, Milestones Your Baby Should Be Hitting At 1-Year-Old, The 12 Best Names For Baby Boys Inspired By Vintage Movie Characters, Alex Reid's Fiancé Nikki Manashe Is Pregnant & Thinks It's Twins, Pfizer Vaccine Offers 90% Protection, Could Finally End Parents' Year-Long Stress, Joanna Gaines "I Feel Younger Than Ever” With Son Crew. group A jovial, smiling baby girl, a bubbly toddler laughing gaily, if that's how you envision you sunny little girl, the Muskaan is surely the right name for her. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Certain cultures such as Native American tribes use descriptive phrases or nouns for names. This adorable baby name is derived from the Greek name Aνατολή (Anatolḗ). – She is a great friend to have as she is extremely loyal and will go to any lengths for her loved ones. She can be aggressive, but if her parents can channel that aggressiveness constructively, then she can easily achieve her desires. – They hate deception and trickery. Girls with the name Nyra tend to hardworking, but they end up getting distracted from their work when they take breaks, which happen to be quite often. Girls named Hasina are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning everything around them. DD arrived 5 weeks ago, and after about 10 days we buckled to Pressure and named her Grace, we both like it but neither of us love it, I feel like we've settled for a common name, and want to change it. Ianthe Faye is gorgeous! In the literary world of Tolkien, the derivation of Aerin is Elvish. Yashita is yet another Indian which holds a great meaning. But you don't need to trawl through long lists of baby names any more! But don’t worry dear parents, don’t you want a girl with some spunk. Nahara is a baby girl name derived from the Biblical baby boy name Naharai. Girls named Anatolia are enthusiastic and they inspire others into action. This Hindu name means "success." Her family is most important to her, but so is her country and at times, it may be hard to choose between them. Out With The Old, In With The New: Wedding Traditions Couples Are Replacing, Photos Of The Royal Family With Celebrities, Hairstyle Ideas For When You're Growing Out Your Bangs, Small And Easy Steps To Get Your Finances In Order, Rare and Unique Baby Names Inspired by Mythology, EU Users: Click here to revoke your choice, California Notice / Do Not Sell My Personal Information. It's definitely the best name for a pretty little baby girl. According to Baby Namespedia, Yedda is pronounced as YEHDAH † [ 2 syll. Her brother and sister have great names that we love and I feel I owe it to baby to give her an equally awesome name (in my opinion!) Gaelic in origin, the name means "peace". They love being the center of attention, and often choose careers that allow them to shine in the limelight. But once you are her friend, she is a very loyal companion and expects the same from you. Spiking hot suddenly and then cooling down in no time. They shine in activities such as public speaking, acting, writing or singing. Destiny is female and its origin is claimed by many cultures including the African, American, Australian, British, Chinese, Christian, English, French, Greek, Jamaican and Latin communities. They have an affectionate and giving personality, but when people take advantage of that, they get easily hurt. They love to party, but do not like being in the limelight. Mihika is Indian baby girl name with the meaning "dew drops", "mist" or "fog". They are gentle souls that have a deep inner need for peace and quiet. She was cursed by her husband for infidelity and liberated from the curse by Rama. The middle names will be Xanthe Mercedes and Ianthe Venus. sort We hear so many cases of children wanting to change their names as they are teased for it or even bullied over it. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. She was so beautiful that when she died, the gods made ethereal purple flowers sprout around her grave. Jodelle is quite strange and harsh sounding, and does take away from Ianthe's beauty. They tend to grow up to become mystics or philosophers. Some need their children’s name to be unique while some others want it to be normal and common - the safer choice. Hasina is an African baby girl name with the meaning: Good. How vivid some naming practices are! The name Zahra was also popularized by the Persian empire when they settled in the Indian subcontinent. Baby names are selected for a variety of reasons. Personal independence is important to them, so their parents/boyfriend/life partner has to ensure they do not attempt to tie her down. If you are looking for a flower name that's unique and beautiful, Ianthe fits the bill perfectly.

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