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This content was written by Nancy Man. Are you looking for a boy name that has some weight behind it? Sometimes it is a matter of "I'll know it when I see it&... All Content is Opinion of Kara Cavazos, Owner. Contact And, lastly, the "-a" and "-ah" endings of some Biblical and Indian name names might come across as feminine-sounding to some people. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Names that have 4 syllables. Unusual and Quirky Middle Names for Boys! Uncommon and unique four syllable boys' names we recommend range from underused traditionals like Aloysius and Emmanuel, to long and lovely international beauties like Eliseo and Olivier, to quirky and unique four-syllable boy names like Huckleberry and Thelonious. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Four syllable boy names are led in the US, as well as in many other countries, by strong international favorites Alexander and Sebastian, which both make the Top 20 boy names in the US. Currently, six of the 200 most popular boy names in the United States are 4-syllable names. ancient names (20) baby name games (13) barely used names (14) biblical names (16) boy names (196) by decade (9) by ending (31) by letter (55) by popularity (6) by sound (7) by spelling (4) By Syllable (7) gender neutral names (14) german names (14) girl names (209) international names (40) latin names (52) middle name ideas (157) mythology names (20) name endings (19) name lists (162) … What Are the Best Names Within the US Top 100? All rights reserved. BellaOnline Administration Please read more about Joining the BellaOnline Editor Community. example: *lee will match names which end with the sound lee (s) will match exactly one syllable in the pronunciation. BellaOnline Administration names missing pronunciations are excluded from results by default * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation. Search through 12,562 names to research that have 4 syllables. 2020. Kick Off The New Year With These Baby Names! There are even parents who have a specific syllable count in mind. Amadeus, Emmanuel, Jeremiah, Maximilian, Octavian, Valentino. Four-or-more-syllable boy names. I'm sure you can think of a few, but how many are full names and not nicknames... Modern parents today seem to love taking liberties with their daughters' names more than their sons'. If you're looking for a longer baby boy name to balance out a short surname – or even if you just love long, majestic names for boys – this is the list for you! Thanks! Baby names list. 10 Ways To Honor Someone Whose Name You Don't Like, World-Wide Wednesday: Scandinavian Baby Names. I am only including those that have a good amount of births for both genders. Powered by. You Should Also Read:Four Syllable Girl NamesVery Long Baby NamesRelated ArticlesEditor's Picks ArticlesTop Ten ArticlesPrevious FeaturesSite Map Here is a list of names that are considered unisex today. This Boy Name of the Week ... All of us have a "guilty pleasure" list of baby names. Awesome Inc. theme. Gender Boy Girl Both. Just found out that we are expecting baby boy #4 and are trying to come up with 4 syllable names... and all weve got so far is ALEXANDER. Nolan, Theodore or Nathaniel? ... All Boy Names; for details. 10 Ancient Names that Deserve Usage Today. Acacius is a Latinized form of the Ancient Greek Akakios and can be interpreted to relate to the same root as the name Acacia, for the thorn bush, or Akakios which means "not evil." Word lists are in the order of the most common words and most searched. Along with Alexander and Sebastian, other four syllable options which rank in the Top 100 boy names in the US are Jeremiah, Santiago, Ezekiel and Leonardo. Notable namesakes include the great Italian opera composer Scarlatti and the influential... Read More, Alessio, simpler than the related Alessandro, would be a welcome settler here. This site needs an editor - click to learn more! Please help. All Show only top names Exclude top names Meaning, origin, theme... Name meaning. Along with Alexander and Sebastian, other four syllable options which rank in the Top 100 boy names in the US are Jeremiah, Santiago, Ezekiel and Leonardo. Copyrighted by The Art Of Naming. © 2020 Nameberry.com. One of those six is in the top 10, in fact. 3 letters 4 letters 5 letters 6 letters 1 syllable 2 syllables 3 syllables by country by language popular names Popular Boy Names of 2019 Popular Girl Names of 2019 Show all categories If so, formal four-syllable names might be something to consider. The Freake Limner (American Colonial Era Painter, active 1670-c 1680) Mrs Elizabeth Freake and Baby Mary 1674 British Colonial America ... Are you trying to find the perfect baby name that has history and class? Contact Learn how to use the easiest words finder here. Note: syllables may vary depending on pronunciation. Popularity. Content copyright © 2019 by Nancy Man. Baby Names - trends, advice, trivia, games, and more - please join in! Subscribe for free weekly updates from this Baby Names site. example: (s)(s)ra will match names which have two syllables and then the sound rah Many parents find themselves looking to the past. It could be you! What are some viable names that only have one-syllable? In honor of my "One-Syllable Boy Names" post  from yesterday, I chose a one-syllable name to feature. We've compiled a list of 250 quadrisyllabic names from across the globe to help you in your quest for the perfect baby name. Unusual and Quirky Middle Names for Girls! There are many parents who search high and low to find the perfect name. Amadeus is the title of a Peter Shaffer play which became an... Read More. Aloysius is the... Read More, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's middle name could make an interesting pick for music-loving parents--if only in middle place. Browse names with. Refine your search Baby Names Finder. All Names . With the... Read More, Adriano is a dashing Italian name which gets around the possible gender confusion of Adrian.Read More, Agostino is the Italian form of this increasingly popular ancient name.Read More, Softer and smoother than Alexander, this classic Spanish name for boys has made a seamless transition to this culture.... Read More, For anyone seeking a more exotic and unusual version of Alexander, this is a real winner. Four syllable boy names are led in the US, as well as in many other countries, by strong international favorites Alexander and Sebastian, which both make the Top 20 boy names in the US. Browse 100+ boy names with four syllables to fit all styles and tastes below. Read More, Alexander is derived from the Greek name Aléxandros, composed of the elements aléxein, meaning “to defend,” and aner, meaning “man.” According to Greek legend, the first... Read More, This name is a classic example of an underused golden oldie that ticks so many boxes - unusual yet traditional, heaps of cute nicknames, a statement name that exudes retro cool. Bennett, Harrison & William: The Best Double-Letter Boy Names, Southern Boy Names for your Little Cowboy, Annabelle, Juliette & Tessa: The Best Double-Letter Girl Names.

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