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Video Bitrate: 2435 kbps - English Written, Produced and Directed by — David Hickman After every aircraft incident, there is an investigation. What I think happens is the following: Produced and Directed by Phil Desjardins Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process. Pan Am 103 - Minute By Minute, The History Channel 45 Mins. 2019/02/04;21:38:09.641;DEBUG;7632;0000000000000000;InitLog@37;"InitLog", 2019/02/04;21:38:09.641;DEBUG;7632;0000000000000000;DllMain@65;"Dll process attach", 2019/02/04;21:38:09.641;DEBUG;7632;0000000000000000;InitEvents@49;"Init events: CAMGCINIT11672", 2019/02/04;21:38:09.642;DEBUG;12836;0000000000000000;InitHook@270;"Init hook", 2019/02/04;21:38:09.642;DEBUG;12836;0000000000000000;HookDXGI@388;"HookDXGI", 2019/02/04;21:38:09.697;DEBUG;12836;0000000000000000;HookDXGI@453;"Hooked DXGI", 2019/02/04;21:38:09.697;DEBUG;12836;0000000000000000;TryHook@357;"DXGI(D10, D11, D12) is hooked", 2019/02/04;21:38:32.961;DEBUG;9056;0000000000000000;HookPresent@288;"Use D3D11", When i had it on ultra cpu was 55 or less and gpu was about 60-64. It's weird how AC3 and FC3 have such similar systems (enemy detection bars, base takeovers, climbing towers, crafting) yet FC3 manages to make it all easier to understand and actually function whereas the stealth in AC3 is straight up busted. I got the same problem with my computer and now it's definitely gone! I've been playing Assassin's Creed III (version 1.05) for the last two days and I'm getting random crashes. When the going gets tough at 30,000 feet and the unexpected happens, it's only the pilots with 'the right stuff' who wilI bring you safely down to earth. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), These chipsets are the only ones that will run this game. I just went through this playing the Ezio Collecton: Revelations. kodi_crashlog-19.0-ALPHA1, Fix crash when VideoPlayer ends playback related to audio passthrough (WASAPI),,, WASAPI: fix crash due incorrect AE format requested in some circumstances,, VideoPlayer closes (mark as watched, etc...), Back to Kodi GUI + refresh rate switch to 60 Hz, Some times Kodi GUI is shown for fraction second. Written, Directed, and Producad by Marian Marzynski The crashes appear to be random, sometimes after 20mins, 30mins, 1hour of playtime. National Transportatjon Safety Board (NTSB) Investigators are on the scene within minutes, assuming command. Most of Windows 10 users are complaining about File explorer crashing problem.People affected with this problem when try to open a folder or drive, file explorer crashes abruptly. On the evening of December 2lst, 1988, Pan Am FIight 103 mysteriously exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. We alle have Ryzen 2600 in common, so concluded that the CPU is the actual culprit in most cases. Also, I thought that it was terrible for a game to crash and shutdown the console with it. Fear of Flying - Extreme Machines, Discovery Channel 43 Mins. Here the sink now does the following: if AE_FMT_FLOAT is not supported by the sink it overwrites this format (it's a reference) and sets its number of speakers and so on. Type of audio source is not determinant (some files are AC3 640 5.1 or DTS core only 2 channels) but some files are more likely to trigger the problem than others. If you haven't already, upgrade your drivers, that may help. Learn more. Im having huge problems but on the 360. In 1996, TWA flight 800 exploded shortly after take-off from New York's JFK Airport instantly killing all 230 peopIe on board. Technology Documentary hosted by Peter Demeo and Shawn Devlin and David Morrissey and Jay Marks, It never remembers that I have a controller connected, and half the time it doesn't even detect it and forces me to restart. In a fascinating combination of human interest stories and scientific investigation, this collection profiles some of the most shocking air traffic incidents in aviation history. Honestly 3 Weeks of ubi saying it was my pc got old. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. You can also set high priority to AC Odyssey in the task manager. I just went through this playing the Ezio Collecton: Revelations. Narrated by Jim Forbes (815.75 Mb) Well w hours is a lot better than I have ever had. If m_dataFormat equals AE_FMT_RAW then a stream_type is set. (it is 48000 more robust/compatible nowadays), Zero channels is because at these point: It is their crime scene. Here is a clear and concise description of what the problem is: Over the past 30 years, these investigations have spurred the airline industry to change its approach to air safety. went to 1 monitor and the game went from 10min crash to 2 min crash. If you fix yours get rid of it quickly. The trouble shooting steps DO NOT WORK. Part Size: 815 MB Random crash when VideoPlayer ends playback some files (not always). I have an Acer Aspire One A0751h, 2BB RAM, 220 GB HD, running Vista Home Basic. Ya I needed up giving up after 2 straight weeks of trying. I actually found myself loving the rest of the game though, especially the naval combat, but the lack of any actual working stealth systems made going undetected impossible so the game often degenerated into pure hack and slash. 2020-09-22 11:50:40.238 T:8096 DEBUG : Channel Layout: NULL If during gameplay of ‘Assassins Creed 3’ the game crashes with the “Disc Unreadable” error message on your games console then there are a few things which you can do to fix the problem. I am currently testing a workaround (partial fix) that seems to totally solve the problem in my case. 1: “Assassins Creed 3 Error Message : Disc is Un-readable”. MSHTML.dll randomly crashes causing IE to crash which started after windows auto-upgraded itself with KB3156421 (Dated 5/11/2016) The following issue started only after windows auto-upgraded itself with KB3156421 (Dated 5/11/2016) which modified the MSHTML.dll on the system and resulted in random crashes. AE configures itself afterwards to output valid samples to the sink. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. I have a GTX 1070 Ti and a GTX 970. thexai@5e2bbf4. The requested format is a invalid mix of previous playing stream in PT and new configuration for Kodi GUI sounds. DTS is active, refreshrate switching takes place, which causes a OnLostDisplay. 2020-09-22 11:50:40.238 T:8096 DEBUG : Frames : 2208 If AE really requests a AE_FMT_FLOAT in combination with a RAW layout and without a stream info then something goes wrong. Yeah sure. Path of Exile would just crash on me when I was standing still in the city. Video Aspect Ratio: 1.324:1 Number Of Parts: 8 don't listen to all that crap probably the game it self is broken since day one everyone having the same problemi've played it on windows 10 and 8 at first the problem was with my msi afterburner that displays the fps ratio but even after i close it still crashes randomly it's not about installation files or driver updates or anythingdevelopers don't give a crap about it as long as they get your money they won't fix it, Ya I just uninstalled it last month, every game runs perfect including div 2 so I know it’s not my pc. I then did two things. Executive Producer for DNE - Susie Worster ; Bettina Hatami We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ryzen 1600 / gtx1060 6gb / 16gb of RAM (CPU OC'ed and GPU factory OC'ed). © Valve Corporation. But everytime I have background applications that use the HDD it crash to desktop after 2-10 minutes. Try x,y,z which I had already done. Finally check the error log files for the game it may log the offending driver or hardware causing the crash. So for me the game randomly crashes to desktop without any error message, it just uploads the save into the cloud and thats it. And if I even touch the controller while it's loading or going through a door opening animation, it crashes. Far Cry 3 was a surprisingly satisfying stealthy murdering replacement to AC3 when I didn't feel like subjecting my machine to random crashes. Its super frustrating as it even kicks me out of XBL too. well by full quality i mean by, the settings of some games you can reduce the graphics or quality of the game.. Quit deflecting the issue and fix it! As mentioned there's only a couple spots where that can occur. note: Once the issue is made we require you to update it with new information or Kodi versions should that be required. This guide will help you with Full Synchronization on your way to earning the Perfectionist achievement or I have a great pc with windows 8 and my game randomley crashes. Experience the pulse-pounding countdown from the moment that the passengers boarded Fiight 11 to the split second before the plane hit the Twin Tower. i only can play a good 10 minutes and then it becomes unresponsive and it would force close. In your Steam library, right-click the game and select Properties.Then, go to the Local Files tab and select Verify Integrity of Game Files.If Steam finds any corrupt files, it automatically replaces those files. Audio Bitrate: 192kb/s CBR 48000 Hz Please try running the game as admin or in compatibility mode. ( When Planes Go Down - Discovery Channel 50 Mins. Is because AE audio format requested at origin is already wrong at beginning of CAESinkWASAPI::InitializeExclusive However I can't debug on crashing machine for various reasons (2 screens are need as only reproducible in full screen), With this modified code the problem is captured and "patched" to avoid crash: Kill everything etc. Never the same thing l. The funny part is each “problem” they found was never an issue or a straight out lie, even backed by sending my MS logs off and 3 of the issues MS didn’t find at all in my logs like they said. 6 channels is because previous stream playing is DTS 5.1 (core only 1508 Kbps). The game crahsed when i got to first cut scene at rhe vineyard. The email address for your Ubisoft account is currently: We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address. We reveaI how it maintains its fleet and trains maintenance crews, flight attendants and pilots to avert tragedy. I guess if return false then no GUI sounds. This game is a fuuuucking joke. I noticed the fps wasn't where i wanted it, so a changed my settig s around. Over 150 eyewitnesses claim they saw a rocket or missie strike the plane. When format is forced to "AE_FMT_S16NE, 44100, 2" then is automatic re-initialized to "AE_FMT_S24NE4MSB, 44100, 2" The format that should have been the first time for Kodi GUI (no stream). Executive Producer — Erik Nelson I don't know about the PC version, but yes ... the game is incredibly buggy. It works like this: The fiery explosion kills 583 people leaving just 70 survivors., And a log with untouched master branch code (crash at end): Executive Producer — Chuck Braverman In an attempt to take off in a thick fog, a 747 collides with another on the runway in Tenerife. Ryzen 1600 / gtx1060 6gb / 16gb of RAM (CPU OC'ed and GPU factory OC'ed) So I googled a bunch of fixes and tried this and that but its still the same shit. If you see that the "wrong format combination" is already pushed into your Wasapi sink, then the issue most likely is not in wasapi at all.

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