analog and digital signals

An analog signal is always represented by the continuous sine wave whereas, a digital signal is represented by square waves. The human voice is the best example of an analog signal. An analog signal signifies a continuous signal that keeps changes with a time period. An analog signal is more prone to distortion in response to noise, but a digital signal has immunity in response to noise hence it rarely faces any distortion. A digital signal is a discrete wave that carries information in binary form. As against, digital signals are represented discretely at specific time intervals. The example of a digital signal is the data transmission in a computer. 0 and 1. Analog signals are continuous wave signals that change with time period whereas digital is a discrete signal is a nature. Every digital signal has amplitude, frequency, & phase like the analog signal. These signals are discrete or not continuous. The analog signal value range cannot be fixed. In the sampling technique, this signal is sampled at certain fixed time intervals and the sampled voltage is converted into digital values. The actual difference between Analog and Digital Signal is, an Analog signal is a continuous signal which gives different values over time, whereas the digital signal is a discontinuous or discrete signal which gives only two values over time either Zero (0) or One (1). On the contrary, a digital signal is of non-continuous nature, defined discretely at some specific time instants. In electronics and field of signal processing, a signal is defined as an electric current or energy that carries information. Your email address will not be published. They allow the signals transmitted over a lengthy distance. On the other hand, a digital signal represents a noncontinuous wave that carries information in a binary format and has discrete values. The analog signal bandwidth is low, whereas the digital signal is high. Analog and digital signals are used to transmit information, usually through electric signals. These two kinds of signals are similar to different electronic languages. Analog signal is continuous in nature as it is well defined for every specific time. On the other hand, while talking of discrete signals we describe the behaviour of the wave in respect of bit rate and bit interval. An ADC (analog to digital converter) permits a microcontroller to connect an analog sensor to read analog voltage. in the form of bits. Analog signals deteriorate more easily than digital one as their susceptibility towards noise is higher. So, basically, the type of information carried out by the signal leads to its classification as analog and digital.

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