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Also, I used a glass 11×7″ pan and it wouldn’t brown properly; the result was that I left it in the oven too long and it was dry (although saved by a scoop of ice cream.) Thanks!! If I increase the ingredients to 1 1/2 times the original recipe, do you think I could make it in a 13×9 pan? Add the granulated sugar. Hooray for plum season! :). I’d stay there or possibly use even less next time. I enjoy you daily messages and pictures. Eight years ago: Spinach Quiche Absolutely delicious. This is a game changing recipie! So easy, fresh, and yummy. Second time looks good — haven’t eaten it yet, though. But might make a little more batter, as my ceramic lasagna dish was a little deep. Eating it, I felt like I was tasting butter, and it had an aftertaste of it. It’s an awesome recipe to use on “oldish” fruit. It was delicious. As an Englishman, a cobbler to me has always involved lots of fruit & sugar underneath, with ‘cobbles’ of scone dough on top, giving a lumpy feel. I have scoured hundreds of recipes and concluded that nobody agrees on what a cobbler is aside from being cousins of grunts, pandowdys, slumps, dough-boys and, no, I will never get tired of referencing baked goods with funny names. I also subbed 1/4 c. almond flour because why not? I believe you have it in you. I have a question–is there a way on your blog to “favorite” or “star” recipes that I want to flag as personal favorites, or to make soon? Simmer the fruit for about 15 minutes until soft. I subbed coconut oil for butter, left out the milk, and used the full amount of sugar, but used brown sugar. I was a HOme Ec. I have a large plum tree which produces a massive quantity of plums each year. Where’s the peach and grape pie? But – we were a crowd of 6 and we couldn’t figure out how this recipe should ever yield 8-10 servings… ;-) Next time I will double the recipe! Thanks for all the hard work!! It’s my go-to and I can make it with clarified butter for my daughter who is quite allergic to dairy protein. I love this recipe & use it every year, so thank you! I served it with homemade cinnamon ice cream which put it over the top. I tried to cram all the fruit into the batter, which made the fruit to batter ratio a little off. Nothing wrong there, you intentionally don’t mix the butter so that you get puddles which create all those cool textures. I never weigh my fruit after peeling or at least not that I can think of there may be the odd exception but it would be stated. for you — and of course it’s Yotam Ottolenghi. But this renegade grandmother — sounds like a good life goal, tbh — doesn’t even follow those rules. In this way, you will later be able to determine which sugar content best suits your taste. I concur that cobbler means something different to everyone. Who knew? It is the cinnamon that really attracts me to it (as well as the fruit!). It’s really delicious! I have a rehearsal dinner coming up and would like to serve this, but would not have time to bake that day (or that month!!). i love a versatile recipe! , mascarpone or unsweetened whipped cream on top. Best, Gail. Without doing that what is the shelf life? Will make it with pears next time since I have a pear tree. My house currently smells incredible. I will be repeating this in the weekend with some peaches and pears I have in the fridge! 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient If not up to expectations, let age another 6 months and taste again. Often. Then I sprinkled a tbsp of sugar on top. Make it with anything you’ve got that you like to bake with. We want a fizzy more beer like result than wine like... then buy a hydrometer and control sugar to an sg of 1.050 and ferment drink. Today I’m rejuvenating my very popular Plum & Apple Jam recipe with some new photography and a few tweaks to the copy! one of the best desserts I’ve never made. You will be better making wine stabilizing adding to car. Tilt the dish to ensure it is evenly coated with butter. No substitutions or omissions. I love different types of cooking apple. They caramelized nicely but they did separate from the cake layer a bit. I would be counting on the fruit to make up for the sweetness! This looks very much like my very favorite dessert, with a few tiny exceptions that I encourage you to try: Brown the butter (I make it in my cast iron skillet, so it’s still one pan) use peaches for the fruit, and serve it topped with the ice cream you show, but also a splash bourbon. Required fields are marked *. Place butter in a 2 to 3-quart (3 was recommended, but I had a lot of extra space) baking dish or a 7×11-inch cake pan. Except that my grandmother was from south Georgia instead of Appalachia. The “Crispy Peach Cobbler” recipe from 2015 is far superior (the peaches can be substituted for other fruits). I used coconut oil for the butter and almond milk for the milk, and it was delicious! Then this morning, I really wished I had it for breakfast. And I was wondering If anyone has a recipe for Plum Cider? I’m a big fan of butter, but maybe not so much! I imagine it will be good with any fruit filling! I also read that you can get more fizz by adding more juice at bottling time, since it gives the yeast more food. I’ll try that next time. I come from a no-cobbler country – well, as far as I know – so this form of dessert was new to me, but I am now definitely a convert to this notion. To me, this isn’t a cobbler…it’s a cake with fruit on top. It’s the perfect blend of Brandy, Apple Crown, and Spiced Rum paired with black tea. Yum! you are 21 or older, you read and agreed to the, How to make hard cider from store bought cider. Add that to the list of funny named desserts. Everyone devoured this. Your email address will not be published. Also, I reduced the sugar in the batter as suggested by 3 tbsp, and I only used 1/8 cup for sprinkling. It was lovely and I am looking forward to making it again. After receiving a glut of plums from my mum and having windfall Bramley apples in the fridge, it didn’t take me long to decide to make Plum & Apple Jam. Just awesome. What a great idea! It does puff a little, so if you want to be cautious you could put a cookie sheet on the bottom rack in case any butter & juices run over. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. No reason this couldn’t be made with just apples, right? Your email address will not be published. Do you mind sharing the source? OMG. Everyone LOVED it. BTW, as someone who lives hours away from a grocery store, I really appreciate how simple this was to make. Six Months Ago: Sesame Soba and Ribboned Omelet Salad FYI, the recipe title is listed as “Magic Apple and Plum Cobble” (missing an “r”). Made this tonight and it was LOVELY and DELICIOUS but rather fell apart upon cutting it up. The plums were melty and juicy, the apples a bit too crisp. I think next time if I used oil, I’d cut back a smidgen. There’s butter, an eggless pancake-like batter over it and then the fruit goes on top and in the oven gets enveloped like a buckle–style cake, creating deep pockets of collapsed fruit and crisp edges. Overall, a success though (I also doubled the fruit because I had it and I really like oven baked fruit). Easy to modify to whatever’s in the pantry. How I love getting mail from SK!! I cannot wait to try this with other fruits. Interesting. It’s delicious too. Took almost 50 minutes to bake and it does not look pretty like yours. This might be the simplest, most delicious thing ever. water and dextrose. I saw this recipe go up on Friday morning and made it on Saturday for a dinner party — it was SO delicious, so many great textures, and perfect for the early fall weather. Very frustrating. Arrange plums cut side down in an ovenproof dish that holds them in 1 layer. Love the pan! Two years ago: Cauliflower Slaw Some HTML is OK: link, strong, em. It’s going in the recipe book, its a keeper. They work with even the most basic batter – eggs, sugar, flour. Five years ago: Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar On second thought, maybe I will cut the fruit in smaller pieces like in your apple cake. I had to google this recipe in order to get it. Next time I might make it with even less sugar – we are a sweet tooth household but I felt it was just a tad too sweet for the dish.

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