aquaman vs batman

The op didn't state he had the drop on AM either so that doesn't count I mean straight up battle.Without serious prep batman would be dead in seconds. Aquaman also has really tough skin durability, enough to withstand immense gunfire and extreme heat and believe he is able to endure most of the blows from Batman's artillery. Aquaman is strong enough to lift several hundred thousand tons. Random encounter, in character, basic knowledge. Aquaman is always so underrated, and it makes me sad because I like him. Round 2- standard gear. Each get a 30 minute rest between rounds. Kordax and Aquaman's psychic clash caused sea life all over the world to writh in agony, and if they'd continued, they'd have been mindless husks. The scan of AM shutting down the white martian is great, but it is only one instance. I guess what I read was PIS.When did that happen? So the rumors are everywhere that Aquaman might be the best guy for DC than Batman but to be honest, Aquaman is worse than Batman and … Aquaman Vs Batman. you guys think it is that simple. All 3 rounds. Just a thought. Was Kordax's mind as powerful as a white martian's? @eatmore_payless: Take into account speed and durability.Aquaman would make Bane look like a fool. Well, it WAS a year old until you bumped it so... Batman has access to the speedforces. I was sleep during watching the movie on the cinema. Aquaman is too heavy for Batman to lift and the armor is too heavy for him to get into a lot of fights. @NEEK_03: I agree he has many ways but like people above said he's a skilled at telepathy and could shut down a lot of batmans strategy's by giving him a seizure. And yet, his mind has been compromised several times (thrice by Martian Manhunter alone) without this magical booby-trap showing up. Created by Vados44. 30 min prep bruce wins. Summary. I know, I was mostly asking for a fight where Batman doesn't have prep time. This is absurd. I heard that Geo smacked Superman around. no prep for either. Aquaman is a complete rookie in terms of martial arts. It would be nothing less than simple for Aquaman to mindf*ck Batman. Batman can't beat Aquaman in H2H. Aquaman with a very very huge stomp like shouldn't the fights be fair ? @eatmore_payless: How does Batman beat Aquaman in H2H? Source(s): he shut down a White Martian's mind. Directed by Zack Snyder. First of all, the chances of Batman and Aquaman actually fighting are very slim (unless Batman was being hypnotized. Aquaman wins rather easily in all three rounds. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. He can win, #4 Posted by Ancient_0f_Days (10626 posts) - 1 year, 4 months ago - Show Bio. I watched aquaman movie. The burden of proof is on AM. That would give Batman an unfair advantage over any other opponent he is facing, which would defeat the purpose of an 'on the fly' fight. Batman puts some one using TP against him in a coma after trying to probe bruce's mind. I guess what I read was PIS.When did that happen? However the lack of combat skills and tactical strategies do not coincide with what both combatants bring to the table and are considered as well above experienced status in skilled hand-to-hand combat. Didn't Insider Batman defeated Geo Force?

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