b2b email marketing examples

They created a great B2B email marketing campaign to remind their clients what they stand for in order to inspire them and motivate them to join their growing network. There are many B2B email marketing examples when we see the email first announcing the product update and then providing a list of benefits associated with the update. In fact, 85% of B2B marketers are using email for lead generation. Studies have shown that more than 40 percent of your email list is inactive. This Is an excellent idea for companies focusing on B2B email marketing. Again the value proposition is on top, accompanied by a big, sharp image and the benefits in more details are listed underneath. Asana’s Activation Email. The following is an excellent example of an email where the users can update their unique preferences. Yesler's email newsletter is a perfect example of how email newsletters should be. Use your B2B email campaign to make a date with your audience so they can catch your live stream. The company encourages people to get control over the to-do list by inviting clients to try out their project management platform. What better place to get B2B email marketing examples, but from MailChimp’s very own email marketing campaigns. You use words like, ‘touch base’, ‘add value’ and ‘best in class’. Big conferences can be overwhelming, with so many different speakers, topics, and stands. They see whitespace and color combinations in B2B marketing in a different light. Find a balance between sharing your business’s value while keeping in mind that you are speaking to a human. Ask your customers what their preferences are and create an email pool where you could include all the email lists based on a particular choice. In 2017 you simply cannot afford to neglect your B2B email marketing campaigns. As this B2B email marketing example shows, whenever you publish a new blog post you can email your clients with a quick preview. The main benefit of B2B email marketing is that it not only guarantees a high return on investment but also helps you engage with your customers actively. Companies with B2B services can use emails to remind their clients about essential information, services that they offer or useful statistics about the users themselves. Look for a confirmation email shortly to complete your subscription. Use this information to help segment your email list. Learn, get inspired and craft killer B2B campaigns yourself. SproutSocial is a social media management tool, which sends this B2B email to their clients to let them know of the newly added features to their platform. As always, special thanks to our friends from ReallyGoodEmails.com for sharing their email gallery with us. So when you are planning your B2B email campaign, balance the business benefits with a human, empathetic voice. So why not ask them to share their knowledge by sending them an email? They also ensure that your organization is at the top of the list when their company enters its next procurement cycle. Share your opinion on what is worth seeing. The service email from Asana is another notable example of B2B email marketing. Write a long-form piece of content that delves into these topics, and show your audience that you’re up to speed with everything that’s happening. Basically, white papers help your audience to get smarter, and you come across as an expert. Share it! Welcome emails give a fantastic opportunity to let them know more about you. For that, we’ve put together 31 inspiring B2B email marketing examples. In fact, B2B email campaigns should continue to nurture the customer relationship post-sale. Our free plan lets you send up to 12,000 emails per month, with exclusive access to email automation, advanced segmentation and campaign reports. This B2B email marketing example shows that Intuit is using their emails to remind clients to check their credit score. Click and Go decided to send marketing emails to their clients which incites curiosity and sharing some rare and interesting facts. First of all, don’t worry! Share what’s happening, and help your clients to get even better at their jobs. Email marketing is powerful because it builds long-term relationships. Everyone loves stories. The email also has various links to its tools that help the clients for their end of the year reporting. So when a subscriber signs up, set up an automated email to say hi and set expectations. We’ve made you this handy email marketing cheat sheet, to make sure your strategy ticks all the right boxes. Instead of sending them all a mass email, you have a much better chance of winning their trust, loyalty, and business by speaking to each person’s specific needs. Big holidays and observances are always a great opportunity to connect with your audience. Let us take the example of Grammarly, the popular grammar checking tool. Defines clear goals - What do you want your audience to do? A successful B2B email marketing sequence can contain more than 30 emails. B2B email marketing examples © Copyright 2020 MailBakery. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link in our emails. You are focused on getting tasks done and interacting with others in a highly professional manner. Customisation helps you to carefully segment your target audience based on a specific buyer persona which can incite a greater response. You can use them to drive traffic to other sources of content. Spread the happiness. If you still have no clue what to do with your B2B email strategy, here is a chance to peek into your competitors’ email campaigns. Establishes a clear plan - How often will you communicate with your clients? This email provides an excellent opportunity for restarting the conversation with your users. The following are the top three reasons why they love it like they do: One key benefit of using emails for B2B marketing is that it helps you to deliver customised messages based on the unique needs of your clients. This is the first email that you send to your new users, subscribers or customers. Let your product speak for itself, and your audience will see the benefits of becoming your customers. When sharing a webinar invitation, a bit of ‘FOMO’ (Fear Of Missing Out) never hurts! The following example shows that the B2B email can be part of either re-activation email or welcome email. In 2017 you simply cannot afford to neglect your B2B email marketing campaigns. Don't forget to use your webinar emails as an opportunity to stay connected with any subscribers who missed the live webinar by sending them a follow-up link to the recorded version so they can catch up. Use it wisely and strategically, and you’ll enjoy the benefits! Here is a B2B email marketing example by Atlassian announcing several service updates. Have you introduced a new feature? In the case study below, Animalz starts with a strong opening sentence, explaining exactly why their subscribers should continue reading. Anyone who shares their insights will gain exposure, which can lead to greater brand recognition. As a business that serves other businesses, you have access to the best source of information in the industry: your clients! Identifies your audience - Who are you talking to? If done correctly, it can make an impression in the minds of the viewers. It’s a win-win. This is broken down into a series of 4 different emails: Grammarly includes a ‘wrinkle in time’ badge, a clever way of noting the time that has passed.

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