best affordable places to retire on the west coast

Sequim, WA. Highlights include the Sunken Gardens (for budding horticulturalists) and the Museum of American Speed (for car enthusiasts). Housing costs for retirees in this Manhattan are particularly affordable at 17.2% below the national average. St. George metro is ranked as one of the fastest growing in the nation. No wonder 67% of people say they'd move to a less expensive location to have a more financially comfortable retirement, according to a survey by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, a research firm focused on the aging population. Undoubtedly, many of you have considered the Grand Canyon State for its retiree-friendly climate and beautiful natural scenery. After all, being part of the same metro area, Round Rock gives you easy access to all the same amenities as the capital city, but at a more affordable price. Sequim, WA Sequim, Washington, was rated by Money Magazine as one of the top 20 places to retire. And land lovers can enjoy the area's beaches, golfing, tennis, parks and other recreational offerings. To pinpoint one great retirement destination in each state, we weighed a number of factors: Social Security Recipients, Veterans Must Act Soon to Get Extra $500 Stimulus Check, The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc., is part of the Dennis Publishing Ltd. Group.All Contents © 2020, The Kiplinger Washington Editors. Of course, outdoor enthusiasts have more than enough to enjoy, too, with many hiking and biking trails within the city limits and even more to explore in nearby Scottsdale, Glendale and Tempe. Luckily, you have plenty of local wine options to help keep you warm year-round. And in neighboring Norman, the University of Oklahoma plays host to bigtime sporting and cultural events. We recently ranked it the best state for retirees. In August 2017, Charlottesville captured national attention when a gathering of white nationalists to protest the removal of a monument to Robert E. Lee turned into a violent rally, injuring dozens of counter-protesters and killing one, Heather Heyer. Lexington has more than 100 parks, five public golf courses and a 734-acre nature preserve with more than 10 miles of hiking trails. Also, while the University of Missouri's main campus is about 125 miles east in Columbia, the school brings more than 16,000 undergraduate and graduate students, as well as all the amenities of college life, to its Kansas City campus. Note, however, that the area's residents are prone to unhealthy habits that you don’t want to pick up in retirement, including low levels of activity and high levels of fast-food dining. Based on popularity at Topretirements, here are the 20 best places to retire in the West for 2019: Lavender fields near Sequim. Jackson is a surprisingly eclectic city that holds appeal for Civil War buffs, blues music aficionados and even ballet fans. In Round Rock, on the other hand, they're 4.6% below average. Knoxville is particularly affordable for retirees, compared with, say, Nashville, where living costs among retired people are about the same as the national average. The rate of violent crime is 8.6 per 1,000 residents, according to the Neighborhood Scout, compared with a national median of 4 violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Fayetteville ranks 11th for community well-being on the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index with residents reporting high levels of liking where they live, feeling safe and having pride in their community. If you’re looking for an affordable place to live on the West Coast, head north. Class fees range from just $10 to $18, plus a $3 registration fee, but students age 65 and older can skip the registration fee and get a discount of $1 off the first class and $2 off all subsequent classes. A $30 annual membership gets you access to interest groups, trips, social gatherings and program classes, including local and international history, music, computers and yoga. More outdoor attractions: Fort Wayne is more than 80 parks and 100 miles of hiking and biking trails. Though 45 out of 50 of these locations are in California, it’s worth noting that the California Dream can be complicated for retirees. For foodies, authentic barbecue is big, too. Indeed, the median home value is a mere $79,000, according to Zillow, compared with $229,000 for the entire U.S. and $303,600 in New York state. Off campus, the downtown area has a lively scene with an eclectic mix of shops, galleries and restaurants. As an added bonus, the median home price is a very affordable $124,200. For retirees looking to live in a big city on a small budget, Des Moines is a good choice. Home to Kansas State University, Manhattan affords residents attractive college-town amenities, including the privilege of calling the school's top-notch athletics program your home team. It is filled with advantages, including a booming economy, low unemployment and hospitals specializing in geriatric services. One particularly senior-friendly offering: The university, in collaboration with the local UFM Community Learning Center and the University of Kansas Osher Institute, offers courses year-round for $50 each, along with special events, aimed at encouraging lifelong learning, especially for locals age 50 and older. Indeed, the median home value in Austin is a pricey $371,900 while in Round Rock, it's just $277,500, according to Zillow. Some goals of the plan include adding housing, specifically within walking distance of where jobs and shops are; expanding Riverfront Park and other recreational land; and possibly building a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Minnesota River to North Mankato. Courtesy Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Nothing weird about retiring to this suburb of Austin. Another feather in its cap: The Milken Institute rates Provo as the best large city for successful aging, noting the area's vibrant economy and safety, as well as the population's healthy lifestyles and high levels of volunteering among older adults. Sunset found the top 20 best value towns in the west. Still, the poverty rate for residents 65 and older is lower at 7.8% in Mankato, compared with 12.6% in Minneapolis and 9.3% in the whole U.S. A big draw for this relatively small city is its affordability. Every four years, dancers from around the world flock to Jackson for the two-week USA International Ballet Competition to compete for medals, scholarships and spots in ballet companies. At No. Courtesy Manhattan Convention & Visitors Bureau. Located on the Mississippi Flyway and the Atchafalaya Loop of America's Wetland Birding Trail, Lafayette offers an abundance of wildlife to observe, as well as plenty of rivers, swamps and bayous for paddling, fishing and exploring. The Little Apple may not have all the bright lights and major metropolitan allure of New York City, but it has plenty to recommend itself, as well as significantly lower costs. Cape Coral's metro area includes Fort Myers, yet another great place to consider for your retirement. See how you can claim y…, How We Picked the 50 Best Places to Retire, 14 Social Security Tasks You Can Do Online, Planning to Sell Your Home in Retirement? Housing costs for retirees are particularly low, 20.8% below the national average. It also offers Program 60, which invites Ohio residents age 60 and older to take university courses free. That gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the many hiking and biking trails in and around the city, go hot air ballooning and plat the variety of golf courses in the area. You also have plenty of outdoor diversions, such as miles of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding; fishing and boating; and birding and other wildlife viewing. Cities in the southeast and in the south such as San Antonio, Texas and Tampa, Florida made the list, while Laredo, Texas and Cheyenne, Montana took the top two spots. And a private room in a nursing home costs a median $66,248 a year, compared with a median $100,375 a year for the U.S., according to Genworth. But Cape Coral is unique in its waterway access, offering more than 400 miles of canals for all your boating, fishing and water sports dreams. Already the Riverfront area offers a vibrant setting with a number of eateries, shops and attractions, including the Peoria Riverfront Museum complete with its Giant Screen Theater and Dome Planetarium. Below are our recommendations & ideas for places to retire in Western USA. The Beehive State, 10th in our 2018 rankings of the best states for retirement, is a sweet spot for active retirees. And the real estate values reflect it: The median home value is $382,900 in Chapel Hill and $229,900 in Durham, according to Zillow. The music and arts scene is particularly vibrant, being home to legendary jazz musician Charlie Parker as well as the American Jazz Museum, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and the Kansas City Art Institute. Here's a guide to everything from knowing your full retirement ag…, Fidelity funds are renowned for their managers' stock-picking prowess. And being the capital city, you can find plenty of attractions to keep you busy—world-class restaurants, professional sports teams and an array of museums, theaters and other cultural attractions. 50 Great Places for Early Retirement in the U.S. 9 Things You Must Know About Retiring to Arizona, 10th in our 2018 rankings of the best states for retirement, Millionaires in America 2019: All 50 States Ranked, our favorite retirement spots in the Sunshine State, 10 Things You Must Know About Retiring to Florida, 12 States That Won't Tax Your Retirement Income, 5 Retirement Lessons Learned From the Great Recession, 10 Things Retirees Should Never Keep in Their Wallets, Taxes in Retirement: How All 50 States Tax Retirees, 10 Cheapest States Where You'll Want to Retire, 11 Reasons You Don't Want to Retire in Florida, 25 Small Towns With Big Millionaire Populations, 31 Kirkland Products Retirees Should Buy at Costco, 16 Retirement Mistakes You Will Regret Forever, Early Retirement Cities: 21 Great Places Near the Mountains to Retire, 16 Great Small Towns for Early Retirement, 5 Ways to Avoid Taxes on Social Security Benefits, 13 Reasons You'll Regret an RV in Retirement, which we rank as the fifth-best in the nation for retirement, 31 Cheapest U.S. Cities for Early Retirement. While other metro areas in Minnesota come with above-average expenses, Mankato's cost of living for retirees (and others) remains below the national average. Just be sure to bundle up if you venture out in the winter months. And when the sun goes down, local casinos—complete with concert venues, restaurants and more, along with table games, slots and bingo—help energize the local nightlife. The city is also developing an expanded trail system—beyond the existing 40 miles of trails throughout the city—for walking and biking throughout the city. Laissez les bons temps rouler. Chapel Hill rates safer, with just 1.8 violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Indeed, the three local rivers—the St. Marys, the St. Joseph and the Maumee—are a main feature of the area, providing ample opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and cruising. Indeed, the median home value is a rock-bottom $89,000, compared with the $229,000 median for the U.S. And a private room in a nursing home costs just $6,798 a month; the median across the U.S. is $8,365 a month. Whether you're partial to exploring the great outdoors or focusing on wine country, you have plenty of options—you don't even have to choose one over the other. Sequim is popular both with retirees and with people looking for second homes. Ranked by Kiplinger as one of the best places to retire in the Midwest, Des Moines makes an excellent choice for those looking to experience big city living on a shoestring. Plus, the state's tax picture is one of the best for retirees. Though not a deal-breaker for every retiree, it’s worth noting that violent crimes are more prevalent in Durham than they are for the nation as a whole.

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