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Worgen Rogue Mogo think no matter what you choose you need make sure do quests in Forsaken start zones. The bind on pickup robes are just too appealing to pass up during leveling and the early endgame dungeon grind. Like all the squishy cloth classes, Warlocks are likely going to stick with Enchanting + Tailoring. Gnome = Rogue Which class do you think fits the best fo… Worgen = Rogue Night Elf = hunter Human = Paladin I can think of, for the alliance. Human = Paladin Tauren Druid is always cool. As a hybrid class, the race you pick for this depends on your primary role. Hunter — Orc Hunters are a popular choice for PvP, due to their passive Hardiness. Kul Tiran = Druid Blacksmithing +Mining for the BoP items and the high profit potential in the Auction House. Kul Tiran Humans: Ether Druid, Warrior, or Shaman, depending on which region their from. Zandalari Priest We'll see if history repeats itself). Highmountain Tauren: Warrior, Hunter, or Shaman, depending on your tribe. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Dark Iron Dwarfs: Shamans did to their connections to Ragnaros, but Warrior is close behind. Goblin - Rogue. Which class do you think fits the best for each race? Tauren and goblins, not so much. For each race of WOW, what class fits the best for each? Cool as those people may be, it does not make them right. Orc Warrior Undead = warlock Blood elf = mage Orc = warrior for the horde. Gnome - Rogue / Mage Draenei Paladin As always, keep in mind that this advice is mostly for players who want to min-max their experience. Also, while I’ll initially leave people alone in regards to WPVP, I have zero qualms about hopping in that group/raid to push back those feta smelling Alliance. I can think of, for the alliance. Tauren Shaman Zandalari: There’s paladins and druids, but I’ll mark priest as the “default” form of loa worship, Human - Paladin (obviously) / Mage Nightborne: Mage, because nearly every notable Nightborne NPC is a Mage if some sort. warriors are at a natural disadvantage because they have no access to magic according to the source you never linked or provided, this is bad advice Soljeron, if you used your common sense you wouldn’t need a source, but an orc warrior makes sense because the horde is at its roots a savage and primal, just like orcs, it has been two months, step it up stinky. Best: Troll/Orc The Horde’s answer to the Alliance’s Paladin. Priest is a close second due to Tyranda though. But when the situation calls for it, they’re also willing to get their hands dirty in the name of the Horde. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, Best Horde Race/Class combo for the Horde experience. Mage? Priests are in the same boat as Mages. Goblin: Rogues due to their affinity for stealing people’s money. It’s the literal pirate spec. By contrast, Orcs and Trolls embody a more moral middle ground. Void Elf Hunter The bind on pickup items make a big difference before acquiring Tier sets. What about other races? Gnome Warrior(?) Night Elf Druid He's a graduate of Penn State where he studied English and Education. Undead = warlock The best jobs for mages are expensive early on, but payoff in the long run. Goblin = Rogue, Worgen: Druid imo. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Horde: Draenei and LF Draenei = Paladin/Priest Dwarf Hunter Use this as a guide and select whichever option sounds best to you. Career Alliance player here, after I unlock bfa flying I am looking to roll Horde to experience things from their perspective. I’ve mostly played a Tauren the whole time I’ve been in WoW. Highmountain Hunter After leveling in World of Warcraft Classic for just a few hours, players will likely arrive at the first small city or town that offers some profession options. Blood Elf: Mages and Paladins, because of their affinity for magic’s and Liadrin. I would say either an Orc or Troll Shaman. Orc = warrior. Since mages wear cloth, tailoring is a great option and gives these players the chance to sew some great gear while waiting for dungeon drops. Nightborne = Mage Lightforged: Paladin because lightz Those extra mana potions are going to come in handy very frequently while leveling and raiding. They also receive increased damage from Command to their pets. Lightforged Draenai: Paladins and Priests because duh, it’s in their name. Dwarf - Warrior This is going to be a popular pair for the DPS classes (especially for players who care about PvP). Worgen - Hunter, Orc - Warriors / warlocks We’re not all flower pickers ova heeuh. RELATED: World of Warcraft Classic: Best Race/Class Combos. Denny Connolly is an editor and contributor who joined the Game Rant team in 2014. Heck, they might be willing to cooperate with Alliance-types once in a while if they’re in a good mood and the wind’s blowing in the right direction. Huge, muscly menaces with horns and angry eyes. Orcs can be played as the following classes in Classic. Some raiding groups won't even allow in a Hunter who doesn't have Goblin Jumper Cables (at least that was the case during Vanilla. Siege of Orgrimmar 2: This Time It’s Thunderbluff. Troll Hunter(?) Worgen = Rogue Note: Professions should be fun and this list is based on our experience/opinions. A shaman because they’re the OG Horde class. Night Elf - Druid Draenei - Priest I also think of them as warriors because of the physique. What race/class combo do you think best embodies the story of the Horde? At this point, they'll decide what their job will be in the game. Pandaren: Monks, because they were first. Goblin: Rogue because moolah Shamans are up their too. Despite having been a Horde race since Warcraft 3, tauren have always kind of been the “Token Good Teammate” of a faction that occasionally does some very nasty things, so playing as a tauren punting gnomes for funsies is going to feel “off” at times. LF Draenei Paladin Tauren - Druid I would say either an Orc or Troll Shaman. Human: Pretty much anything since nearly every class is represented by a notable NPC (Uther, Jaina, Tirithin, Anduin, Varian, Arthas, etc.). I’ve been ducking spoilers for the most part on 8.2 while my sub is taking a brief lapse. Mag’har Orc: Same as regular Orcs, but add Priests if your Shadowmoon. HM and Tauren= Shaman/Hunter (something earthy/nature) Tauren Druids also gain +15 to Herbalism thanks to the Cultivation racial bonus. Even after hitting level 40, the profit potential for Skinning is still high enough to stick with the gathering profession for a while longer and Leatherworkers will also be able to forge mail items for the later levels. Tailoring + Enchanting is best for all the same reasons, but a case can also be made for Herbalism + Alchemy. Night Elf: Druid, because Malfurion. The game's economy and gear, and enchantment systems are incredibly different in the current Battle for Azeroth era, which means that professions don't work quite like they used. Pandaren = Monk Rogue — Orc Rogues are excellent in all forms of content. Troll - Shaman / Hunter From harvest witches to the pack form, druidism is a huge part of their history. Each player can only select two professions total, so there will be some difficult choices. Mag’har = Warrior Void Elves: Priests, preferably Shadow, because Void magic, not even once. Plus we’re definitely getting some Tauren-centric content in the next patch. Goblin Rogue (no cinematic but there is Blizzard art) Undead - Rogue Not sure on this one. You can totally be a Goblin making a deal with Azeroth. good area. World of Warcraft has changed a lot since vanilla launched all the way back in 2004. Blood Elf Priest Players diving back into the vanilla experience in WoW Classic should take some time to carefully select the profession that best matches their class. just play a Forsaken warlock and cackle as your glorious leader plagues the world. So a druid or shaman seems very appropriate. Honestly, anyone who doesn’t say Highmountain Tauren is wrong. Blood elf = mage Zandalari Trolls: Same as regular Trolls, but add on Paladins for the Light voodoo. Worgen: Tied between Druid for their more natural way, or Rogue for their adept sneaking skills. Just like Hunters, Shamans are stuck in Leather until level 40.

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