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No idea where he gets them and didn’t think to ask. Hot dogs. “Do we have any more of the first one?” Most agreed that this had a milder, less smoky flavor but was lacking in juiciness, and that the casing had an odd way of separating from the meat itself. This post was first published in 2015 and has been updated. Also Red Snapper long hot dogs are the type of hot dogs you’d find in long buns in the north east. This Coney Island stalwart claims to be the world’s most famous hot dog. From Mass and Maine. Why waste a bun for that ??? You heat it through, plop it on a bun, squirt on some mustard, and call it lunch. Some of the stores here oin Michigan have started carring the NewEngland rolls but they call them Coney Rolls. You can’t get a decent hotdog there either but that’s another story!! But when it came to taste, it slightly split the room. And what’s a cookout without the kids’ opinion? Also found a bit cheaper on this site While I tend to lean burger, there are times when only a hot dog will do: at the baseball game; on a New York City street corner; walking home tipsy as bacon-wrapped sausages perfume the night. It was great, more evenly browned and tasty too. Was very happy when I found this little place in the Lumberyard center several yrs ago.People I have told about it have returned many times. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has claimed to eat three or four a day on race weekends. While they also serve regional dogs, like Chicago dogs and Sonoran dogs that are faithful to their forebears, it’s the custom creations where they really shine. This setting should only be used on your home or work computer. I’ll take a better look the next time I’m in Walmart, but I doubt they have them. Topped by what has to be some of America’s best signage — a flexing hot dog showing off his muscles to a winking wiener girl — Superdawg has been an institution on Milwaukee Avenue across from Caldwell Woods since Maurie Berman opened it in 1948. Check this out! This landmark on the shores of Lake Erie has been serving classic summer fare to generations of travelers to Ohio’s oldest summer resort town since 1950. Stand in the same line that millions of others have over the years, place your order, and snap into the perfect embodiment of a summer day: the sea, the boardwalk, and an original Nathan’s hot dog. Owner Dan Polovin grew up in Albany Park and apprenticed at Maury’s Red Hots, a red hot stalwart that sold hot dogs in a traditionally Jewish neighborhood of Chicago for more than 30 years. The buns are nicely toasted, and the house specialty is the Bull Dog, topped with fried onions and a locally renowned super-spicy sauce called Kuhn’s Chili. I live in Colorado now and othing comes close… :/. What Gold Coast may lack in charm, though, it makes up in char. We have King Hawaiian top split buns but they’re expensive and I don’t think that would work for me. Would this classic deliver? Hi Pam, Where in the South are you? These hot dog stands and restaurants turn out some amazing tube steaks. The no-frills, counter-service Jimmy Buff’s, with locations in West Orange and Kenilworth, is a New Jersey legend. Even if Rutt’s Hut, located in blue-collar Clifton, served their trademark Ripper … Funny enough, it was actually fried clams (not hot dogs) that led to the top-sliced roll’s creation sometime in the 1940’s. Allentown-based Yocco’s can trace its roots back to 1922, when a young Italian immigrant named Theodore Iacocca (auto executive Lee Iacocca’s uncle, coincidentally) started selling hot dogs at his Allentown convenience store. You order through a tiny window in wonderment at how someone can fit inside the shack, after looking over a menu that includes amazingly named items like the Mother-in-Law (a tamale on a bun with chili), a Father-in-Law (tamale on a bun with chili and cheese), and a tamale sundae (a tamale in a bowl of chili). (Yea, sure.) condensing the quality of the fare, I frankly wish that the fast non-food experience had never happened, and that HO-JO’S was still riding high and serving great semi-final food. you can get Autocrat coffee syrup at Publix’s in Florida. Hot dogs aren’t eaten in a void, so we took into account the entire experience, from driving up to the restaurant or stand to placing your order to taking that first bite. Located smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, this quirky and colorful hot dog stand serves a perfect rendition of a West Virginia regional specialty: the slaw dog. In short: the perfect hot dog stand. Their corn dog also uses the same batter recipe as the Iowa State Fair. But, all is good…..moving back to NE very soon! Sure wish we did. A trip to the original stand in Brooklyn’s Coney Island is a pilgrimage that everyone should make at least once. With a flat-bottom, New England-style hot dog buns stand tall without tipping over. This quirky restaurant got its start in a cathedral basement, and it still maintains a slightly ecclesiastical vibe. Used to love the hotdogs from HoJo’s…nothing better than buttered toasted buns! My wife is amused at how excited I get when I get my hands on these delicious reminders of my youth. Their first store opened a year later, and their sausages spread across Chicago in 1908, went from horse to buggy in 1928, expanded beyond Chicago in 1950, and started regularly getting dragged through the garden in 1957. One taster mistook it for her favorite hot dog, Hebrew National, which we viewed as a compliment. I’m 80 years old and had my first New England style hot dog at Howard Johnsons as well as fried clams in Danville, Virginia. i agree Mary. Just curious. They also sell yummy lobster rolls in the fish department, however, they are not in the NE buns. They certainly aren’t cheap, but they are available! There are a lot of things now found in the south. To make their Greek Dog, char-grilled Zeigler pink franks are topped with seasoned ground beef, sauerkraut, a few chopped onions, and a special sauce that was formulated by Gus Alexander himself when he opened the stand around 1940 — a cross between barbecue sauce and New York-style stewed onions. Really, you can’t. Order a hot dog and chili that’s based on a nearly 100-year-old recipe, and you’ll definitely feel like you’ve got this summer thing down. I grew up in Portland and now live in Minnesota. The hot dog was great but I could not buy a clam role as much as I loved them. The skin didn’t crisp as nicely as others, but one taster complimented its “satisfying pop”. There are now five Gold Coast locations (including two at O’Hare and one at Midway), but Potekin and his partner Paul Michaels have been gone for more than a decade, and there’s little left of the charm and personal touch that used to characterize the place, at least according to Bob Schwartz’s 2010 book Never Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog. Jimmy John’s is nothing short of an institution; have a couple dogs, check out the model trains, and don’t forget to pick up a box of franks and rolls to go. Senate is one of Cincinnati's hottest restaurants, and while some restaurants relegate hot dogs to the children’s menu, here they’re front and center in eight over-the-top varieties (including one that changes daily). The name of the place might suggest a Coney Island-style dog, but the specialty here is the Texas wiener. Decent flavor,” said Tim. Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop opened in 1960 just in time for the Pirates to win the World Series over the Yankees a block away at Forbes Field, and while the stadium is long gone, “The O,” as it's lovingly known, is still going strong — a favorite of locals, in-the-know tourists, and University of Pittsburgh students. Don’t know where you guys are in Florida, but Lena’s Seafood, has a branch on Route 40 in Silver Springs, west of Ocala.

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