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Ginger tea: Ginger has a host of health benefits, and bloat relief is one of them. A more compelling reason to try ginger tea is that clinical studies have demonstrated ginger being as effective as using medications such as ibuprofen in the relief of menstrual pain. But while I might be in the deepest misery, with bloating and mood swings, my BFF might just get a … To use tea as a natural remedy, examine your symptoms carefully and identify herbs that will help achieve your therapeutic goal. Knowing the existence of this classification can help to alleviate and prevent aggravation of PMS! It’s probably better to take precautions than suffer the consequences! Lady's mantle is an herb that may stimulate menstrual flow if your menses occur far apart or not at all (5). To top it off, Chamomile (an ingredient used to relax and soothe the mind and body) is also added to give you a blend you’ll need for that time of the month. According to a study published in "The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association" in 2007, dong quai is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat an array of gynecological conditions. Not for everyone. Check out this article for alternatives to managing the monthly pains! She is passionate about solving problems and creating value for people. Many Chinese women take this herb as a form of supplement to help make periods regular or just to improve uterine health in general. You can’t find a more apt name to this tea. Sipping on certain herbal teas can help ease uncomfortable symptoms during menstruation and premenstrual syndrome. Black tea: A cup of black tea has 88 milligrams of potassium, which contributes to muscular cramp relief. Together with our natural pain relief patches and new period tracking app, here at The Ladies Room, you’ll find topics and tips that will help you lead a more pain-free life! 6 hours ago, by Monica Sisavat My friend didn’t have hers for 9 years due to PCOS and it came after taking evening primrose oil. Karen McCarthy is a health enthusiast with expertise in nutrition, yoga and meditation. With that said, herbal teas work in an opposite fashion as they are mostly caffeine-free and contain herbs which may help with PMS! So next time when you hear your friend telling you that tea is good or bad, clarify which tea she’s talking about! Those PMS cravings are no joke. All you need to know about Periods – The Ladies Room,,, ALL You Need To Know About Menstrual Cramps…AND MORE! Get daily fitness inspiration right in your inbox. Read: it'll boost your mood and relieve your cramps without making you sleepy. I remember when I was a teenager, I’d get awful period cramps. TCM shops, or look out for teas with Dong Quai as an ingredient. Life root, also called ragwort, is also known to remedy menstrual cramps. 4 hours ago, by Danielle Jackson 8 hours ago, by Jenny Sugar ), but it does help to prepare you for your periods in other ways! Made from the same plant used in your favorite soothing tea, chamomile oil is one of the best natural ways to chill out. And with so many iterations and varieties, there's always something fresh to brew up while you sip your way to health — including fighting PMS. [Team update] Hi readers, we’re so excited to share that we’ve created and recently launched a period tracking app! Discover all the latest health & lifestyle tips for the modern woman. Teas that are brewed from cured leaves from tea plants contain caffeine (such as green tea, black tea, red tea, oolong etc..) whereas teas that are brewed from herbs and spices (herbal teas) are caffeine-free. This post: 10 PMS home remedies for teen girls. You can find more TCM remedies for menstrual cramps here too! From getting better sleep to staving off anxiety to losing weight and boosting mood, there's not much a good, hot cup of tea can't do. However 5 years is a really long time so maybe you should check with a gynaecologist! It regulates your period. Premenstrual syndrome, commonly called PMS, is a common condition in menstruating women characterized by uncomfortable symptoms to varying degrees. […] the wrong types of tea are consumed when you’re on your period. Hi Reen! Ever had sleepless nights because of the discomfort and cramps? Or if tea just isn’t your thing, fret not! The addition of cinnamon spices also adds to the ingenuity of this tea. Research shows that after using it for three menstrual cycles, 93% of women enjoyed a decrease in PMS symptoms, such as fluid retention and cravings. Passionflower in particular is "antispasmodic to the muscles, nerves, and digestive tract, and mildly sedating without causing excessive sleepiness or reducing the ability to perform daily activities." The tea comes with a pleasant herbal taste that combines with hints of mint and citrus, making it delicious and refreshing. Herbs that tone the uterus also reduce heavy bleeding. I’d also recommend placing some heating pads on your abdomen as you drink the hot tea – provides you heat from the outside in Our favourite is definitely MenstruHeat, made to last up to 12 hours of heating at a constant warming temperature! In addition, caffeine constricts your blood vessels, adding on to the effects of muscle cramps in your abdomen, resulting in the familiar menstrual cramps. Virtually any herb you purchase can be made into tea by steeping it in water at boiling point and straining it, and you can sweeten it with honey or other sweeteners. They can "help calm excessive sympathetic nervous system activity, reduce excess cortisol activity, and support GABA activity." You can make your own ginger tea at home or brew up something in a bag; Billy Dietz, tea specialist at DavidsTea, recommends a blend called Le Digestif that combines some debloating powerhouses: "a mix of apple mint, fennel, ginger, and peppermint.". The study lists a Chinese herb called xiao yao san, also called rambling powder, as well as dong quai and life root. Now available on App Store and Google Play Store – download it now! Finally, balancing reproductive hormones also plays a vital role in treating heavy bleeding. 9 hours ago, by Brea Cubit GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) helps the body release endorphins, which can give you a mood boost. I would recommend Dong Quai Tea – it’s a made using a Chinese herb called Dong Quai/Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root). Another name for chamomile is “night-time tea”, it has slight sedative effects to help give you a good night’s sleep. Please help. Be Prepared PMS Tea – Cramp Bark Tea for Menstrual Cramp Relief View more info and reviews on Amazon. Some women take medication for PMS, but herbal teas are a therapeutic approach that have fewer side effects. Teas for Premenstrual Syndrome. Have stop having my period for past 2 months. Ginkgo biloba is one herb scientists have found to lower the severity of PMS symptoms. Most of the women I know experience some PMS-related symptoms leading up to their period. You don’t have to drink it in the form of tea, TCM shops may sell them as herbs and you can simply boil and drink. Where can you get it? Even people in the West use it to brew their herbal teas. Its calming qualities help relax the body and mind. […]. It includes herbs such as Dong Quai, Chaste Tree Berry and Organic Raspberry Leaf, all of which have been traditionally used for centuries to address common menstrual discomforts. "Valerian is also great for drinking [in tea form] before bed, as it won't interfere with REM sleep," Richens said. […] 5 Teas You Didn’t Know That Can Help With Your Period […], Hi i would like to ask if its good to drink chamoile tea or woman moons cycle tea if im having my mensuration? It’s one of those common teas which makes us overlook its power! I usually get cramps but I am still on my period and don’t want to go to the doctors has last time was told to have 2 types of medication which didn’t work. , […] While you should be avoiding caffeine during your period  because it’ll worsen the pain, some teas actually help to relieve your menstrual cramps! Like the previous tea, you can find them in Organic stores in Singapore. But the best defense is a good offense: Stay ahead of your hunger! Dysmenorrhea? Rooibos or green tea: Richens recommends reaching for antioxidant-packed rooibos and green tea that can each help alleviate acne, pimples, sunburns, and uneven skin. Our Period Tracker App 10 hours ago. Dong quai tea has been used traditionally to treat irregular and absent periods.

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