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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The company majors on single origin coffee from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, and Kona, Kenya among others. 100% Pure Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Yirgacheffe, Medium-bodied and brilliantly acidy with rough, fruity or winy tones. As I’ve already mentioned, there are lots of citrus notes to discover in this brand. The brand is truly appealing to the gourmet market, with single origin coffees from the top locations. Likely advantages the consumers experience for buying the volcanica coffee, Volcanica coffee is roasted with order giving you enjoy great coffee flavors as much as possible. Volcanica coffee offers majority of these coffees. Low Acid Coffee, Medium Roasted, Whole Bean Coffee, Fresh roasted then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness. Yirgacheffe coffee is typically grown on small family-owned farms, positioned at high altitude. This site © 2020 Viva Flavor. From the Clifton Mount Estate, considered one of highest quality farms in Jamaica. If we had to pick the quality in a supplier that makes the most difference to the end product, it would be this. The quality of the coffee’s pretty good! The company is also transparency in the sense that they have their views published on their site and also have them managed by the kudobuzz. Some of the volcanica best single estate beans are: Clydesdale certified blue mountain coffee, Bracosta estate Brazilian coffee, organic Cameroon coffee, tarrazu reserve costa Rican coffee, supremo Columbian coffee, jarabacoa region organic Dominican coffee, red honey El Salvadorian coffee, yirgacheffe Ethiopian coffee, Wallenford blue mountain Jamaican coffee, Malabar AA monsoon Indian coffee, Antigua and Huehuetenango coffees from Guatemala, Clifton mount coffee from blue mountain, komodo dragon, Kenya AA among other great coffees. All orders are roasted just before shipment so you can always be sure that you're getting fresh coffee. As an introduction to Ethiopian coffee it really is hard to go wrong with Volcanica’s signature Yirgacheffe. If you’re in a hurry and just want to know what the best Ethiopian coffee is, we recommend Volcanica’s Yirgacheffe as the best overall. Some are comparing the environmental impact of the increase in coffee (3) production to the increase in monoculture production of soy and corn. As for the little touches in the flavor profile, you can expect to uncover nutty, almost caramel-like notes as you sip away. 2 – Coffee Retrieved from, The Coffee Industry Is Worse Than Ever For The Environment | HuffPost India Retrieved from They also donate what they describe as ‘a large portion of the profits’ to Christian charities. Marley’s One Love brand is a medium roast coffee that produces an extremely smooth drink, with delicious hints of berries throughout. Whether you like a mild or a very strong cup of coffee, Ethiopia’s got your back with some of the best beans in each class. Buying coffee online can be a bit like a lottery. Volcanica majors in the coffees specifically produced at altitudes between 3000 and 7000 feet. In this article I’ll be reviewing the following Ethiopian coffee brands: (Viva Flavor is reader-supported. Fresh roasted the immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness. The indigenous ‘heirloom’ varietals - which grow wild in Ethiopia - are responsible for the unique flavor notes which make for an unusual but refined cup, characterised by strong citric acidity, sweet chocolate and floral/herbal notes of lavender, jasmine, bergamot and hops.

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