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Keep a box of dry bean soup mix on your kitchen counter top until you're ready to cook soup. *Minimum of 10 recipients/addresses required to receive discounted shipping rates. Although the recipe on the box calls for lean ground beef, I use ground turkey, and it tastes just as good. Bean soup makes a great house warming gift too. Its hot in Miami but the soup was awesome even in the hot weather. ), but got the most compliments ever! Buckeye Beans & Herbs, Inc. is a Washington Wa Profit Corporation filed on January 2, 1990. .nutrsubright2b { width: 15%; text-align: right; }, .style4 { Instead of adding the onions and the tomatoes separately, I added my homemade mango salsa which contains tomatoes, cilantro, onions, peppers and mangoes. Paired with an Artisan bread and some fruit, this hearty soup is ready and waiting when they arrive. Bought on a whim because of the name (being from the Buckeye State of Ohio! I'm going to try and locate some more this week. Many of our products are perishable in temperatures above 80°F and need special care when shipped in warm weather. So, I'm buying a case. I was perusing the food aisle in Ross when I stumbled upon a box of Buckeye Bean Soup. Delight in the finest ingredients and delicious wholesome flavors from Buckeye Beans and Herbs for your next meal. Email your completed order form to : Orders@shop.seattlegourmetfoods.com. Delicious! Seattle Gourmet Foods is committed to going above and beyond to serve its customers fully. Our heat-protective packaging (including ice packs) lasts for only 48 hours, so we must restrict the total delivery time. .nutrsubleft { width: 15%; text-align: left; padding-left:5px; } Offer only available online at www.seattlegourmetfoods.com. Buckeye Beans & Herbs Inc., of Spokane, has fired nine employees, including its president, and has shut down all dried-soup and pasta production, as part of a decision to get out of the specialty-food market, says its CEO, George G. Van Houten, who has taken charge of the financially ailing business. Cornbread - Buckeye Beans and Herbs - 20oz, Country Split Pea Soup - Buckeye Beans and Herbs - 14oz, Beefed Up Barley Soup - Buckeye Beans and Herbs - 12oz, Chicken N Thyme Soup - Buckeye Beans and Herbs - 12oz. Mix up a pot of soup and invite friends, family and neighbors over for a hearty bowl of Buckeye Bean and Herbs Bean Soup. Click the button below to download the Business Gifts Order Form. Wholesale customers, please visit the. But the mill closed in 1912 and most of the townsfolk moved on. I then added two ham hocks and followed the rest of the instructions, except....put all ingredients into my 6 qt. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. Made cornbread to go with it...great meal for a winter evening. We received the Buckeye Bean Soup in a gift basket. The seasoning mix that is provided is phenomenal. My Wife Tamra used her InstaPot, a modern day version of a pressure cooker, nay 'miracle cooker,' and 45 minutes later we had a bowl of pure magic. And don't forget the cornbread mix to complete the meal.. My husband loves it. We've eaten 2x now and it's great. Lumber was cut from the surrounding pine and tamarack forests and milled … Then boil 45 mins. *Live Chat available for retail customers during business hours. A feast for your eye as well as your palate! To ensure a secure transaction, we will call you to take your payment over the telephone. Shipping rates subject to change during warmer months. Add your own flair to our bean soup mix by adding other vegetables and meats as you please. It is absolutely delicious! Coupon Code SHIPPING75 must be entered at online checkout and Standard Shipping or Warm Weather Shipping selected as shipping method. Also enjoy the White Bean Chicken Chili soup. I love it because it not only pleases everybody, it is so easy to make. Located on the quiet waters of the Little Spokane River, just a stone’s throw away from Spokane, Washington, the mill town of Buckeye was once a bustling community of three hundred residents. .style6 { Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time. Please use this information to estimate the delivery date. Please contact us for more information. Alaska, Hawaii, and other US Territories are not eligible for this special offer. .nutrsubright2 { width: 15%; text-align: right; font-weight: bold; } To make your gifts even more special, gift messages may be included with each gift at no extra cost. This is simply THE best soup mix ever!! .nutrhead2 { width: 40%; border-right:1px solid #000;} I order all of these beans and cornbread several times during the cold weather, and yes it does get chilly in CA. Choose to ship items to multiple addresses or have one large shipment to a single address. It's a family favorite. Hearty soup mixes and a delicious cornbread mix for a classic homemade meal. Sign up to receive exclusive offers and product news. A variety of easy to make soups and chili that make it simple to cook nutritious and delicious homemade meals. Just had the opportunity to try this soup....just wonderful flavor...will use it over and over again. Enjoy the taste of simple hearty meals with our gourmet soup and cornbread mixes. Buckeye Cornbread Mix is a perfect accompaniment to the Buckeye heartwarming soups and chili. Easy to prepare, herb and seasoning packets included, Each container makes about 14 servings of hearty, healthy soup, Beans, Peas, Lentils, Barley, Chili Powder, Salt, Garlic, Onion, Spices, Bean Soup makes a nutritious vegetarian meal, Make supper "souper" - serve Bean Soup with Buckeye Bean and Herbs. .nutrsubright { width: 15%; text-align: right; border-right:1px solid #000; padding-right:5px; font-weight: bold; } Offer only available online at www.seattlegourmetfoods.com with $75.00 minimum purchase. TEXT-ALIGN: center; TEXT-DECORATION: underline I also added a box of organic chicken broth to the rest of suggested recipe ingredients. Hearty soups on the back burner and beans baking in the oven provide a flavor of days gone by. Orders being sent to multiple addresses pay shipping on a per recipient basis. BORDER-BOTTOM: #000000 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #000000 1px solid; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #efebea; BORDER-TOP: #000000 1px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: #000000 1px solid; margin-left:15px; By 1912, the mill was closed and most of the townsfolk had moved on. Enjoy an emotional satisfaction from preparing and serving a nourishing "from scratch" meal of soup. BORDER-BOTTOM: #000000 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #000000 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #000000 1px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: #000000 1px solid The cornbread mix is "SIMPLY WONDERFUL.".. I keep several boxes on hand. Please download the form by clicking the button below. I have served it to company on many occasions, and everytime I do,everybody raves over it. We strive to bring you homemade flavor paired with modern convenience made right in your own home. So good! When winter sets in it is time for soup and it is so easy to make your bean soup, sometimes I use ham pieces with the beans and sometimes sliced Polish Sausage, either way it is delicious. crockpot and cooked on low for 7 more hours. From quality products direct to consumer, exceptional private label manufacturing and wholesale account management to on-time deliveries and top-notch customer service, SGF prides itself on being a reliable vendor and one that considers our customers to be our most important asset. We strive to bring you homemade flavor paired with modern convenience made right in your own home. My family always looks forward to my "homemade" delicious soups whenever they come back home for the holidays. Enjoy the taste of simple hearty meals with our gourmet soup and cornbread mixes. }. .style5 { They strive to bring you homemade flavor paired with modern convenience made right in your own home. Discounts only available for online purchases on a per order basis and exclude shipping costs. This is one of my favorites, they are all very good, next would be the white chili chicken soup, but I must say I have yet to have a bad one. I then set it to the soup setting and walked away! Excellent hearty natural soup. If you’d like to add a personal message to your gifts, they can be filled out on the Gift Order Form. Enjoy the taste of simple hearty meals with gourmet soup and cornbread mixes from Buckeye Beans & Herbs. Buckeye Beans & Herbs Soup Mixes. Many local commercial apple growers shipped their fruit in Buckeye boxes. My wife is a vegetarian; so I cook ham on the side and whenit is finished I have take what she wants then add the ham to cook a little onger. Free Standard Shipping or Warm Weather Shipping to a single address within the 48 contiguous United States. Expedited and Overnight Shipping available. Visit the Buckeye Beans and Herbs Website.

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