caffeine withdrawal timeline

Have been off the Mt dews for 3 days now. it’s not a fun experience. it was affecting my life. I feel awful!! I used to make my coffee in a French press and it tasted really good but every single day I would get a huge wave of nausea and actually be brought to a crouching position until it passed. Coffee was really affecting my life, oddly. The headaches are less severe and I think I’m less bloated but otherwise I’m feeling pretty awful. Pain, moody, exhausted, etc. Been mostly off caffeine for 2.5 weeks now except for a cup of black tea in the morning – no more after coffee runs. Quitting coffee is not as easy as it appears! OMG the headache was horrible. At least now I know how long it’s going to be. I listen to guided meditations on you tube to lull me to sleep. I had palpitations and sweats last Thursday at 2am after drinking too much tea before bed (I’m guessing) and ended up in A&E. Cutting out caffeine is a crucial part of my recovery. Yet, come day three of cold turkey and the headache was astounding. On January, 14th, 2020, I switched from coffee to green tea. It’s strange. Even becoming pregnant wasn’t enough to stop me, I looked it up and read it is ok in small amounts. My withdrawal symptoms were a lot like everyone described. Caffeine is thought to be the most frequently used psychoactive substance in the world. The doc put me on a low dosage blood pressure med to help with my elevated BP and to manage the palpitations. The palpitations and sleeplessness at night is what’s affecting me the most. I’m going through detox right now – i have some of the symptoms listed but not all. I’ve taken one excedrin to help, and it has. Xanax withdrawal if you take it for long periods of time is the worst along with opiates, but in short week length consumption is no problem, you’ll sleep a lot of it, and time fly’s. It was strong for around 18 hours, accompanied by muscle pain primarily in my legs and lower back that peaked around the midpoint of the headache. In my 30’s, It was aggravating IC (bladder) symptoms, anxiety and IBS, all connected. I was absolutely astounded! I will start with my reasons for deciding to quit caffeine. I just wAnt to sleep. I was forced into caffeine detox after a bout with food poisoning almost 72 hours ago. I didn’t think it was going to be this hard, I weaned off for two days and then completely off the last 5 days and I am experiencing those middle of the forehead, behind the eyes, headaches. In the past I have quit, but then fallen back into the habit thinking I can have just one cup, but your body always craves for more and it’s the same old slippery slope. I had stopped cold turkey and have had coffee every morning for I think it’s going to take me a lot longer than most people. i should really quit my 600-900. surprisingly withdrawal for me hasn’t been that bad. When one does finally decide to quit caffeine, the withdrawal symptoms can start anywhere from 12 to 20 hours after the last cup of coffee and can peak at 2 days and will probably go on for as long as a week. M taking dart whenever I get headaches. Headaches happen because caffeine constricts your brain’s blood vessels. Do people really have a headache for weeks like the article says?? Day 4 cold turkey. The more caffeine consumed daily, the more intense the withdrawal symptoms tend to be. My anxiety was so bad (from c-ptsd) that two doctors told me to stop drinking it to see if it helps. Caffeine is a natural stimulant consumed throughout the world. The main issue is just the lack of caffeine, and this depression is not linked to any real life happenings or conditions. I’ve always believed that the less you need to get through the day, the better. I have almost every symptom there is. It’s freeing not being controlled by a beverage. thanks for giving me a heads up based on your experience. I’ve decided to go to Green Tea, one tea bag, with one refill. I’m 2 weeks in and feel like crap a lot of the time. . Most people who regularly consume caffeinated beverages are familiar with at least some of the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. I had a bad headache the first day, but none since. Darjeeling which I love is 20 mg of caffeine a cup, which require one tea spoon to make ,and the lowest of tea is green tea. Caffeine is a drug, and like most other drugs, the human body can become dependent on it when exposed to it on a daily basis. It is helpful to see that I am not alone in this. Tiredness Yes. Hi, Coffee. These symptoms usually peak between 20 and 51 hours. Not sure that’s a great idea but I just want too see myself for who I am with any caffeine . for the sake of your precious baby too….they will have caffeine coursing round their little bodies too! After several days of this, i went to the doctor and got checked out. Well written article. He said to me, “anything that has that much control over you, you need to let go.” So I’ve been trying, if not for that reason alone. Where’s the love and support preacher man? I realise I will have to accept this but hope I get more energy by the end of next week. Oh well….. i was a heavy black coffee drinker up until two months ago and i stopped cold turkey (bad Idea) and i started getting horrible horrible anxiety to where i had to go to the ER cause it freaked me out. please tell me it gets better. after illness for 2 weeks and no coffee I am shaky and weak after 2 week2of virtually no legs are jelly and weak and I feel anxious.Is this normal? I get 3 days of headaches and 2 weeks of leg pain. It is also common to start to experience symptoms of flu such as stuffy nose, blocked sinuses, chills, hot flashes etc. I’m praying this ends soon. Not much, but there is some. Told me i was healthy as can be. I stopped coffee 2 days ago and am experiencing headaches and insomnia. I’m going on the 6 day now and I’m more steadily coming back to a more controlled mental state as far as the depression and anxiety goes. Neuropharmacologists call caffeine a drug that acts as a mild stimulant that blocks receptors in the brain that can dilate blood vessels, causing headaches and other symptoms. I was taking around 900-1000 mg a day. A real struggle. Hang in there, drink water and cut the sugars next. It is only a number of hours after you stop ingesting caffeine that you will notice the symptoms associated with withdrawal. Ok, Good Luck to all, and my best wishes to those that want to quit. It sounds like you were consuming quite a lot. yes .. and many soft drink pepsi or cola are between 70 to 90.. It is possible to become dependent on caffeine after just a week or two of continued use. My job requires me to be on top of my game at all times. I wouldn’t say that my energy level is up to where it should be, but I don’t have headaches or lethargy any longer. Usually shaky and jittery1st thing in morning and mid to late afternoon. I already had trouble sleeping prior to the switch-over, so I can’t say if my insomnia problems are related to the withdrawal. Thanks again! Good luck to all of you! Can caffeine withdrawal affects last that long. I haven’t had any other withdrawal symptoms. I drank , correction , NEEDED my cup of coffee every morning to function. I generally have a cup of coffee and soda a day. The dizziness almost went through. Keep on everyone! This suggests that your coffee cravings may just be genetic! Safe level is 300-400? Lethargy, depression, and lots of headaches. I stopped drinking coffee on Sep 9, and still have a headache today. Things do start to get easier after day 4, you still get headaches but these are just minor compared to what you have been through. I have anxiety and headache and that blah feeling, I hope we can get through this and remember to drink water and I actually think Gatorade helps… Steven, Eilee, hang in there. I was drinking about 14 oz every morning. I dont drink them anyway.. for info only. Tolerance increases with use.

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