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The powerful and inspirational ballad highlighted the positive climate of the time, hitting a sweet note about ushering in our “new tomorrow”. Something you find out about from your best ... Visit Cape Town’s first waste-free market and catch live music at ... 2020 can be good. CAPE TOWN’S WORLDWIDE MEGA HITDie Antwoord, made up of the duo Yol-andi Vi$$er and Ninja, have garnered worldwide attention for their provocative work over the past decade. A CLASSIC TRACK BY CAPE JAZZ LEGENDS Instantly recognisable by it’s opening chords, Mannenberg is an instrumental classic by the jazz legend Abdullah Ibrahim. The song also continues YoungstaCPT’s crusade to educate youth about history and its effect on modern Cape Town. Went out to a graveyard to bum a couple of flowers These lyrics are waiting for review. Although music has taken a backseat since he was sworn in as a member of parliament, this vocally driven, soulful song is still a popular jukebox favourite. Heyo! The upbeat tune was composed and recorded in 1974 with other Cape Jazz stars Basil Coetzee and Robbie Jansen. THAT UNFORGETTABLE EARWORMFreshlyground is on an extended break following their magical final show at Kirstenbosch on New Year’s Eve 2019. I saw you, I met you Il n'y a rien de tout ça, Juste un coucher de soleil au bout du monde Choose translation. Besides being one of the most recognised songs in District Six: The Musical, it also forms part of many Cape radio stations’ midnight playlists on New Year’s Eve. It gave them the platform to open for major acts like Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, Faithless, and Paul Van Dyk. © 2005 - 2020 Cape Town Magazine PTY Ltd. All rights strictly reserved [2005 - 2020]. This track dominated the charts and broke local streaming records, catapulting Early B to stardom and making him a household name. FROM QUIET TO MAYHEMIt starts off so peacefully: a lilting guitar motif, jazzy trumpet melody, and lyrics about perfect skies… then suddenly guitarist Theo Crous scratches out some palm mutes and breaks into a menacing riff while frontman Arno Carsten breaks into a scream and the chorus crashes to life. yeah / Everybody dance with me / It's my While we’ll miss seeing them headlining stages all over the country, we’ll always have their feel-good anthem, Doo Be Doo, to remind us of those golden days. By December 2019 it had achieved gold status in unit sales, cementing its status as one of the smash hits of the year. This is just a preview! An annotation cannot contain another annotation. RAW, HUSKY AND REALThe gravel-voiced songstress Auriol Hayes made an impact with the upbeat 2009 hit Take It Slow, the first single off her debut album, Behind Closed Doors. Their folksy, Afro-fusion, pop, and world-music style gained them world recognition, and the album soared to double platinum status. Down South is a feel-good fusion of folk, rock, hip hop and African rhythms, featuring rapper Motheo Moleko. GRAMMY NOMINATED CAPE TOWN HITBorn and bred in Athlone, Jonathan Butler is of the Mother City’s finest musical exports. THE AFRIKAANS SONG THAT GATECRASHED ENGLISH RADIOFokofpolisiekar were the first band of their kind on South Africa: post-apartheid, angsty rock that gave a voice to white kids stifled by Afrikaans conservatism. It skyrocketed to number one on the Top 40 charts of radio stations across the country. It features Cape Town-based trio, Beatenberg, who drive the song with their instrumental work, giving it the soul and rhythm that made it South Africa’s number one song for 19 weeks in 2014. If you found mistakes, please help us by correcting them. It’s a jaunty ghoema tune that pays homage to Tweede Nuwe Jaar celebrations. He played the soulful, upbeat song, about a man who discovers his wife was cheating on him, to end his set at his homecoming show at the 2019 Cape Town International Jazz Festival. The jubilant and celebratory Never Again, released in 1994, applauds South Africa – “Excellent, finally a black President!” – specifically, those individuals who fought against apartheid.A JUKEBOX FAVOURITE BY AN AFROPOP LEGENDThe Xhosa crooner Ringo Madlingozi, from Gugulethu, shot to fame as a member of the band Peto when they won the Shell Road To Fame competition in 1986.

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