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The bold colour and bodycon shape may not be for the faint-hearted but it shows off her figure while still looking chic with its knee-length hem. "Dresses are impossible for me unless I get them tailored to fit or make my own.". Lands’ End tees do run short; can’t believe I never thought of purchasing them in tall! I like Boden too but they really need to step up with their petite sizing. Garnet Hill is a place I have shopped from for decades. I also loved that they used to offer really nice blazers and everything is a poly knit. LINDA SAYS: Eliza’s suggestion that my dress age in this is 38 set my mutton radar bleeping wildly. Crew which offers casual, professional, and special occasion fashion up to size 24 with petite and tall offerings. For day to day work clothing, I shop at Brooks Brothers. But, as so few stores cater properly for the older woman, just how do you get it right? DRESS AGE 41: But Linda didn't feel she suited the Breton top and coloured jeans. The quality is great. Have you tried Tuckernuck? LINDA SAYS: The preppy look is great if you’re under 35 and look as if you’ve stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad, but on a 60-year-old like me it should only ever be seen on the golf course. And I’m more likely to experiment with borderline things if its just a matter of walking twenty feet to the dressing room. Required fields are marked *. Though as a cusp size (14-16), I’ve also had trouble with Loft these past few seasons because shapeless, boxy stuff just doesn’t look good on me. I love these brands as well! We’ve sifted through the options so you don’t have to, from Mother of the Bride dresses to stylish clothes, right through to petite clothing for over 50’s. "If you often have a problem with clothes not fitting around the waist or hips, look for either a dropped waist or an empire line.". Since 2005, Wardrobe Oxygen has offered real-life style advice for grown-ass women. Yes! Boden endlessly frustrates me and yet, when I find the right article of clothing, it’s just absolutely perfect and I wear it all the time. Play with hemlines too to see what works best for you, whether it's above the knee, below the knee or even asymmetrical! They fit beautifully and only cost £16! The comments below have not been moderated. I once returned a coat and gave it a one-star review, and they refunded my shipping costs! Sharing looks from Banana Republic which offers fashion up to size 20 and a large selection of tall and petite. Discover John Lewis Mother of the Bride, gorgeous outfits from Gina Bacconi, and a range of fabulous fascinators. Crew has discontinued the Hutton trouser, I have no idea where I’m going to get work clothes. It is classically cut, but its frayed edges take away any sense of primness, instead lending a Parisian cool that can work for all ladies from 40 to 70. Hmm. When a brand pays to have their product or sponsored post featured on social media, the hashtag #ad will be placed in the copy. Rockmans – affordable Australian fashion. Your email address will not be published. Creating workwear that is vibrant and cool while also being incredibly functional (hello as many pockets as found in a man's suit), Argent is a retailer to watch for any age, but especially for women over 40. My figure has always been straight up and down, but the tourniquet fabric gives me the semblance of a waist while the cutaway top emphasises my shoulders. Much appreciated, thank you! When it comes to petite fashion, you're probably thinking that you may as well chuck the style rule book out the window. I’ve always coveted a classic Chanel jacket and this lookalike is a snip. I was all about J. I don’t buy as much, so I find Banana off my list, not for style reasons, but for me, the quality isn’t there. Clothing Stores For 50 Year Old Woman. Thank you so much for the recommendations…I just went into the Nordstrom website and took a look at Halogen and Caslon in tops and saw some things I would be interested in…I will have to investigate further. Sharing three looks from retailer Modern Citizen, which offers womens fashion up to size 14/16. LaFleur. Sharing some looks from White House | Black Market which offers women's fashion up to size 18 with several styles available in petite and tall. It also means good fit, stylish and in good taste.Casual wear usually spells comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes. Universal Standard is a smaller and newer retailer, but one you should check out. Enter 54-year-old fashion influencer and model Renata Jazdzyk, the mastermind behind the engaging Instagram account @venswifestyle. Does Prince Edward have a right to be in uniform, Win an Uh Oh Milo! I LOVE Ralph Lauren (I work in a dept store that sells it, so temptation is everywhere!) If you've found that your reliable go-to clothing retailers seem to be too matronly or too juvenile, you're not alone. One size and one retailer does not fit all! It’s a very pretty collection, classic/preppy and some beautiful dresses. Classic suiting with an edge, modern cuts for blazers, and chic separates that go beyond the boardroom to weekends and social situations, Argent offers relaxed and cool sophistication that looks ultra-chic on grown women. It’s not just me. Thanks for this list — I”m reminded of a scene from Sex and the City, the movie, where Carrie and Miranda are shopping in a drugstore for a Halloween costume for Miranda — Miranda comments that her choices are always “sexy kitten or witch.” I think the same often applies to fashion for older women! Not only will you be able to choose fabrics that showcase your personality, but you won't have to worry about unflattering shapes or sizes. LLBean for casual stuff. I can always find something to love at the websites for Dress Barn (because they have a complete line of Jones New York), Banana Republic and Chico’s. I don’t know that it’s gotten younger, honestly, I can’t see 20 somethings wanting a lot of what they market but maybe I’m wrong. Wardrobe Oxygen uses affiliate links. Moving your waistline up or down will help you find comfortable clothing that doesn't cinch at the waist or look too long or too short. There's plenty more where this came from... Get our daily newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. Unless you’re after a super-hot seller, there’s no reason to pay full price. If you love Eileen Fisher, they carry a great selection of this fashion brand. I find that I reach for their clothes again and again in my cool-climate area. Almost everything is sized S-3X. and the ones that can add them. better labels for less than you’d pay for, say, Jones New York. TRAIN WRECK — EXACTLY! Looks like Sears and Amazon and others sell them too. So, yes, things have changed. This burst of colour will update your outfit and keep you looking on trend — and therefore younger. The brands I have weren’t even on my radar when I was 50. We rarely got very dressed before the pandemic, now, even less. Oh, how I wish Boden carried their petites in sizes bigger than 10. Pari Passu is a fashion line created by a woman who worked in apparel and realized how poorly designed plus size fashion was. Plus Talbot sales are ongoing – no reason to ever pay full price. Shorter tops suited to taller women might actually serve as regular length tops on petite women and you might find that you have to go for two different sizes when it comes to dressing your upper and lower body. I do like the return policies for both of these retailers. This was such a great and helpful post, thank you!!! Boden’s clothes are beautiful and well made but I can’t seem to get my sizing right in them. Fortunately, the options are endless, as many brands have prioritized their online presences and policies amid the pandemic. Ack, not sure why Disqus ate the link and just had the picture of my daughter in my shrunken sweater with bedhead! i would add ralph lauren and chico’s to the list. and, i can typically find a few pieces i love at CAbi. Over the years, Anthropologie has put more of a focus on their curated collection of apparel by increasing brands and also increasing sizing up to 3XL. The Julie pants are pretty phenomenal. Well, trousers/suits at least. Kohl’s was my JAM when I was pregnant, I got the cutest maternity clothes there. When a brand provides gifted merchandise, the item will be listed as c/o (courtesy of) and/or in the copy the relationship will be explained. I have another two recommendations, both UK retailers. I chose pumps because I hear they run narrow, and that’s really why I haven’t tried more from them. And with LOFT, they obviously made a conscious decision to be drastically different from Ann Taylor. Commanding authority without sacrificing style or femininity, this is a line of clothing geared for the workplace but has many separates perfect for weekends and social occasions and has started offering athleisure. Tell me, if you didn’t mention petite sizing in a description, does that mean that the company does not have petite sizing? I would say my aesthetic is “quirky preppy.”. Gransnetters also recommend Bon Marché if you hadn't already caught on. But cross the line in the other direction and you’ll look like a super-frump decades older than your years. I’ve had a lot less time to blog lately, so these posts have been a bit more “old school” of me slapping them together on lunch break and early in the morning. We know what silhouettes make us feel confident, what sorts of laundry instructions we're willing to follow and which are too much time or trouble, what fabrics work for our position at work or our weekend hobbies, and how we're looking for clothes that will last longer than a season. And I think too it’s about budget. Halsbrook is an online boutique that carefully curates on-trend, but not too trendy fashion specifically for sophisticated, grown women.

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