coconut flour mug cake

As a final note, coconut flour is also a great option for individuals with diabetes who are using the keto diet to attempt to keep their condition under control — it’s extremely low on the glycemic index and it won’t cause blood sugar spikes like a carb-heavy wheat flour would. . Can I can bake it in the oven instead? Register to my newsletter and receive recipes straight in your mailbox! Unmold carefully both mug cake layers and cool down on a rack. I have been CRAVING naughty things lately… and this was just the fix. Microwave on high for 90 seconds to 2 minutes. The mug cake recipe that I’m about to share with you guys today combines three of the best dessert flavors out there into one great tasting keto-friendly treat — coconut, chocolate, and peanut butter. Learn how your comment data is processed. This dessert is special in that it’s made with no refined sugars and no grains at all. The best way to create a single-serve keto birthday cake with a mug cake recipe is to bake 2 similar cake layers and assemble them with keto frosting. PLEASE SEE MY. You’ll want to whisk in a bit of baking powder at the same time that you add in the coconut flour and cacao powder. Carine. Though I love almond flour, others are allergic so it’s wonderful you have recipes using each so we All can enjoy a keto mug cake together. (1). So good! You rock. Welcome to my low carb baking blog, I am happy you joined me here and will do my best to support you in your low carb journey providing delicious low carb recipes that won’t blow your carb count! Coconut Macaroons dipped in Dark Chocolate,, Chocolate Chai Greek Yogurt Cheesecake Bars. Divide the batter evenly into the 2 microwave-proof ramekins or mugs. We all crave birthday cakes at some point, whether it’s your birthday or not, that craving must be fixed right? Consequently, I only microwaved each mug cake for 60 seconds. Using cacao powder for the chocolate flavor is another great way to keep this recipe on the healthy side of things by keeping it sugar-free. I just made this and it’s great. If you intend to microwave the whole batch all at once you can microwave it for 9o seconds. Whisk all the ingredients together until no more lumps and a consistent cake batter form. Add the coconut flour, cacao powder and baking powder and whisk until smooth. So glad all of your modifications worked! Not bad at all! Top with your favorite nut butter and dark chocolate chips. Mix together all ingredients. If you’re a lover of dessert, but need a little portion control assistance, mug cakes need to be your best friend. Whisk all of these ingredients together until they’re combined. Drizzle with extra peanut butter (if using) and serve. ? Also added honey and a squeeze of stevia for a little more sweetness. I included the whole egg in my mug, plus one more tablespoon of coconut flour and then the consistency was perfect. Microwave on high for 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Quick, easy, and delicious! Home » Keto Recipes » Keto Mug Cakes & Mug Bread » Coconut flour mug cake – keto single birthday cake, Keto Meal Plans on Sale Now!I've lost 6kg in 14 days!- Cindy R. MEAL PLANS FROM $14.99. If you want to microwave the whole batter in one mug, extend the baking time to 90 seconds. You can replace stevia drops by 1 extra tablespoon of erythritol + 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or coconut extract. A recipe to save for sure, That looks great! Thank you for this recipe, this is a total game changer for me. On top of the three aforementioned flavors, this recipe also keeps keto dieters in mind as well by adding in a bit of heavy cream to make sure that you’re getting plenty of quality fats with your dessert. Let’s start off with what you need: Coconut Flour Mug Cake Ingredients. I want to share why I love it! my only complaint is the recipes don’t have the carb count. Any mug size work well, 4 oz is the best for that time. I won’t even go into a haunted house, and all PG-13 movies have to be previewed by my family before I’ll set foot in the movie theater. Can I substitute maple stripe with honey? Oh, you are not alone at all on the scary stuff! The finished product is like a half baked, watery cake. I think I’ll also try it as a syrup for fresh fruit or pancakes. My yogurt icing was a little thin but tasted great. Follow the order listed above, liquid first, dry ingredients at the end. It turned out amazing. In a small mixing bowl, add all the mug cake ingredients (except frosting ingredients!). Keto Meal Plans – How to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, Coconut Flour flatbread only 5 ingredients NO eggs, Flaxseed wraps Keto + Vegan + Gluten free. If you let it cool for about an hour, you’re left with a really moist and firmer dessert. Initially too watery with all that milk. As a chocolate lover, I’ve long since given up milk chocolate completely. You can place them in the fridge for 10 minutes to accelerate the process. Make sure you fully coat that sucker so nothing sticks. I swapped out milk for 40 g of whole milk yogurt, I definitely recommend getting a kitchen scale in general but it makes proportions more accurate so better consistency each time. Very good once revised. Also I used the link to the Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk. Coconut flour mug cake – cake cravings fix in 90 seconds Coconut flour is one of the lowest flour in carbs. I am so happy you love it ! When cooking in the microwave, bear in mind that less is more. I love low carb mug cakes for breakfast or as a quick sweet craving fix in the afternoon. … Well, the prebiotic in coconut yoghurt is what brings the sourness so you may not enjoy it as much as I do. The texture is perfect and it’s not too sweet. Test your Keto knowledge with the Sweetashoney Keto Quiz! Set aside. But what if I don’t have the vanilla or coconut stevia? (2) Eating chocolate doesn’t just satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, it actually helps to keep you smart as well! THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE SALES LINKS. It has no sugar, no dairy meaning no lactose sugar. I have Made several different mug cakes. Coconut flour mug cake is an easy 90-second keto vanilla mug cake recipe to create a delicious single birthday cake! I once found a G movie scary. This very chocolate mug cake recipe is my all time favorite. Flourless Keto Peanut Butter Mug Cake (Quick and Effortless) The Best Gooey Keto Molten Chocolate Lava Mug Cake, 1 egg 2 ½ tbsp heavy cream 1 ½ tbsp granulated Stevia or other low carb granulated sweetener 1 tbsp natural creamy peanut butter plus extra for decoration (optional) 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp cacao powder 1 tbsp coconut flour 1/2 tsp baking powder. Not a problem for me, but maybe for others. This chocolate mug cake is paleo, grain-free, refined sugar-free, and can easily be keto! I'm Bree. It’s a great source of dietary fiber, protein, and healthy medium chain triglyceride fatty acids. Thank you! This was great and I So appreciate a recipe with coconut flour instead of almond. I love this mug cake and make it regularly. These three flavors combine beautifully in this super quick and easy 3-minute coconut flour mug cake to make a healthy dessert option that you can whip together almost effortlessly whenever you’re craving a yummy treat. Thank you so much for sharing!! It is also a high fiber flour, meaning it absorbs liquid very quickly and that is why you need to measure your flour with precision to ensure a moist keto vanilla mug cake.

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