collagen peptides side effects

Collagen peptides are no different from any other supplements in that they have their fair share of benefits, as well as a number of side effects. If you’re considering taking collagen peptides supplements yourself, the wisest thing to do is to learn all about what they are, how they may help you, and any side effects to look out for. This is typically due to additives, preservatives, heavy metals, or poorly sourced animal products included as ingredients in certain supplements. Side Effects & Safety When taken by mouth: Collagen peptides are POSSIBLY SAFE.There's some evidence that collagen peptides in doses up to 10 grams daily can be safely used for up to 5 months. Side Effects of Collagen Peptides on the Skin Although rare and typically mild, side effects of collagen peptides on skin often take the form of inflammation and skin breakouts or rashes.

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