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However if you go that route, I'd get in and out, enough to get your benefits and what you need out of it. I think some certs will get you some rank as well, have to ask the recruiters about it. - typically a desk job, not for outdoorsy people MEPS will have you fantasizing on committing "acts of workplace violence" so just be forewarned, lol. Washington, DC Area area. For award of AFSC, completion of Cyber Systems Operations initial skills course is mandatory. - you might get used to being very technical, and then have to fill a mainly administrative role, I have been working at US Air Force full-time for more than 10 years, Job Security, opportunities for growth and travel, Long hours, times away from family, shift work, I have been working at US Air Force full-time, Challenging, Training, Duty, Purpose, and experience, Workload, pay, micromanagement, toxic leadership, and loss of connection from enlisted to officer. There is a chance if you go enlisted you might end up doing some stuff you didnt want to do. I was in the Air Force, doing 6 years with a guaranteed job doing Networking. The low-stress way to find your next cyber systems operations job opportunity is on SimplyHired. In your first term, you won't have much say or options on where you go and what you end up doing. Another billet I got was being a "secretary" to a Marine General and other General Officers. I officially decided to join the Air Force Reserves (unfortunately I'm 27 and a recruiter said I'm too old for the real Air Force.) I'm currently in Houston so Ellington would be closet base and finished my time with the Navy, but I haven't heard much about the Air National Guard or much of what they do. If it's not on your contract you're not getting it. Make use of all the opportunities that you have while your in, so that you set yourself up nicely once you DO leave. $3,808. Would you know the difference between the 1B4X1 and 3D0X2 or 3D1X2? If you want info on the AF, let me know. I just recently transitioned (May 2016) from the 25 series from the ARMY side of the house and I can tell you that if you decide to go army, as Black Beret commented, 17C is the super hotness and some of my former battle buddies who are going through the training are receiving some of the industries best. An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made. much like majority of the responses, you can select your AFSC before you sign the contract. This command also pays for High level certs for all its sailors and civilians, including SANS once a year. The military has an extreme amount of control over your life once you sign up which doesn't end until you do the amount of time in your contract and any amount remaining as part of the inactive ready reserve. monthly. In the Army you may end up in a unit somewhere doing something other than your job, but with those 3 specific MOS's it. This was over 17 years ago so the rates have isolated down who does what. The military is great if you can handle it, but if you get a dishonorable discharge that can hang over your head like a black cloud. New cyber systems operations careers are added daily on I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure people have been able to get an MOS put into their contract? I just tipped 22 years and its been a hellaof run(retiring this year). Employer name has been removed to protect anonymity. Are you sure that your joining the military for the right reason? Recruiters are primarily concerned about filling specific vacancies and I would not rely on them as a primary source of any specific information. So if you do go in ensure that you graudate the highest in your class to ensure you get to a cool place. Everything is based on the Services needs. Even if you do get an IT job there is still going to be a lot of military stuff you'll have to do and put up with that's not IT. The military is great for some people, and serves its purpose. If you think MEPS is bad just wait until you actually get to basic and AIT. You will deploy in an IT role, so also keep that in mind. Yes you can get the job in your contract, and you can end up at a command where you never do your job. One of our AF members were saying something to that effect. Even though I was AF with a tech job, I was still deployed as a warm body with the Infantry and got to do awesome things like being part of combat, convoy getting hit with an IED, going to survival/hostage school and prepping injured people for MEDAVACs. - information technology is constantly changing, which makes it hard for training and processes to keep up (learn on the fly) it is extremely miserable, this is my 3rd time going there and now I am in the Army Reserve instead of the NG, hurray! See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. Cyber Systems Operations is an extremely versatile job, we are located all across Air Force installations, all over the world. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3D032. Would this be enough for you to live off of? Air Force Jobs Sami Okrasinski August 6, 2019 General Aptitude Jobs , Enlisted , Male Comment got to do awesome things like being part of combat, convoy getting hit with an IED, going to survival/hostage school and prepping injured people for MEDAVACs. Infosec, the Infosec logo, the InfoSec Institute logo, Infosec IQ, the Infosec IQ logo, Infosec Skills, the Infosec Skills logo, Infosec Flex, the Infosec Flex logo, PhishSim, PhishNotify, AwareEd and SkillSet are trademarks of Infosec, Inc. GIACĀ® is a registered trademark of the SANS Institute.

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