deep frying frozen french fries

You can reuse the same oil for frying another batch of fries or for some other purpose as well, since it hasn’t been seasoned and won’t retain much flavor from the frozen fries. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, How to Use a Dutch Oven in a Conventional Oven. Another thing you can use as a healthier alternative is using an air fryer which has been a relatively new cooking appliance that reduces oil use and consumption. We highly reccomend nonstick or ceramic pans to stay away from sticking. If you season them before, the salt can draw out moisture which we don’t want and the fries might stick to each other in the pan. In fact, deep-fried frozen fries are tastier compared to baked ones. Controlling the temperature will allow you to achieve the flavor and texture you want for different types of foods. But if you have a bag of fries inside your fridge, then you’re probably wondering if you can cook them up as soon as possible or how long you actually have to wait. Use a medium high flame throughout the cooking process. Remember that slow frying them will affect their crispiness, and leaving them to fry for too long can get them overcooked. However, heavy pans and pots can... Butterball Turkey Fryer for Cooking Times, 10 Best Woks for Electric Stove on the Market. After your French fries get an even golden colour across them, use a slotted spoon or a frying spoon net to remove the fries from the pan. Overall, it reduces the risk of developing heart diseases in the long run. We looked at how to make frozen fries crispy, what oils give the best flavor, and HOW to deep fry frozen french fries. It’s actually one of my guilty pleasures and the only thing I crave when I am on a diet to shed those extra pounds. You can strain the oil and save it for later use. Remove the fully cooked French fries form the deep fryer and allow to drain on a clean paper towel for a second time. Put in half of the stated capacity, as in putting 1/2 pound of fries if the maximum capacity is 1 pound, then set it up to a 400-degree setting. Worry no more! I understand that not everyone has a deep fryer lying around in the kitchen so here’s a guide on how to fry frozen French fries in a pan. See also:Our Review of the Best Cookware Sets on the marketOur Cookware Buyers Guide. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Don’t add your fries to the pan while the oil is cold otherwise, the fries will become soggy, as I explained earlier. Hold the fries above the surface of the pan for a few seconds to shake off the excess oil and transfer to a tray lined with paper towels. How to get rust off a cast iron skillet with vinegar, Our Review of the Best Cookware Sets on the market, T-fal C836SA Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom Heavy Gauge Multi-Layer Base Cookware Set Review. Safflower and sunflower oils, on the other hand, are usually oil in smaller quantities. It’s always better to work with high temperatures so that you can finish frying faster. Try to remove the freezer burn before frying, without necessarily thawing them out. They are seamless and aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time, they are also... With all the time indoors during this epidemic quarantine, most of us have been cultivating new and revisiting old hobbies with all... We can’t deny that glass top stoves add to the beauty and aesthetics of any kitchen. How to Deep Fry French Fries in a Deep Fryer, Cut the fries to the correct size and shape. For the fries to absorb the right amount of oil and fit well in a small personal deep fryer’s oil tank and/or basket, you will want to first scrub your potatoes clean and then julienne them into matchsticks. But these deep-fried carbs are so irresistible and versatile that they are perfect to eat anytime, as a snack or an appetizer, or even as a side with a nice juicy piece of steak.

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