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I made sure to use the logical progression of thought like the original researchers did in their experiments, and I was telling a story with my notes. Discrete Math Cheat Sheet/Study Sheet/Study Guide in PDF: Cheat sheet/study sheet for a discrete math class that covers sequences, recursive formulas, summation, logic, sets, power sets, functions, combinatorics, arrays and matrices. Jom, By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Uploaded: 12/06/2019 Nothing written on the test papers will be graded. Final Exam Score for the course is therefore half of your raw score on I, however, have a question. Logic and Foundations. They knew the basics. TT____TT I have hundreds of bond papers and ballpen refills. Work early in the day. - Nevin Manimala's Blog, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. Write (278) −2 3 as a rational number in standard form. I have a math final on Monday, under these circumstances, how do you suggest that I apply your technique? When I was growing up (in a post-Soviet and not Eastern European country btw)my dad used to make me to the exact same.Although I never understood what was the fuss about going over a calculus, a geometry, a physics and all other science books was all about (since I thought I was a diligent student anyway), each week and from elementary till high school (except for grade 11)he would have those sessions where I had to solve a randomly picked problem or prove a theorem or something else. I taught myself to be able to recreate every proof taught in the course from scratch. These notes cover proofs discussed in chapter 5 of the lecture throughout the week. Write the converse and the contrapositive of the statement, "If you are a math … Recopying your notes won’t get you to the deeper understanding you need for a certain problem whatever the problem is whether it’s be proofs, a physics problem or an engineering problem. Awesome, exactly the follow up I was looking for after the Calculus Insight post, which is one of my favorite. These notes cover what was discussed during week 3 of the class discussions. The focus should be on developing techniques, not the ability to copy what the professor has done previously. Yes, a lot of mathematics is about memorization and repetition; however, you’re espousing only that. Write legibly and formulate each answer concisely, using only the space provided on this handout. I’m having trouble with Calc 2 and manipulating these sequences and series. Those proofs are (hopefully) chosen to allow a variety of solving methods, and inability to solve any of those proofs, shows a weak spot in comprehending that method. Building the study guides was just the setup phase for the insight-driven review that followed. 3) You should get a plugin that notify me of comment updates . Presumably you’re not being asked to re-derive Stoke’s Theorem. ways: C(7,4)*C(3,1)*C(2,1)*C(1,1). What about for such seemingly abstract concepts from Green’s and Stoke’s Theorem? I don’t know what to do. It’s great to hear stories of you guys using this method in a variety of courses — from molecular bio to climate science — with equal success. A good strategy for preparing for the Cal, I read your post at the start of this semester, took your suggestions on proof obsession to heart, and just found out I got a solid A in discrete math! While doing this work I would sometimes — okay. One suit will have two cards. Does anyone have any tips on applying this technique to General Chemistry 2 – Acid Base equilibrium concepts? Also note that he says he doesn’t do it for more than 2 hrs and he comes it at with fresh energy. The article states, in bold type no less, the following strategy: “I wanted to be able to recreate, with pencil and paper, and no helper notes, every single proof presented in class.” If you are rewriting a proof you have already seen, you are not, in any significant way, focusing on technique. Every scientific fact we learned, we had to know and interpret the original experiments and papers, so I asked myself, “what is the evidence for this proposition?” Then having learned that and seeing the correct evidence, I would then ask, “what would this then lead us to conclude or ask next?”. These notes cover what was discussed during week 2 of classes. Most of the other students — even the Eastern European students — started studying for the exam 48 hours in advance, trying, frantically, to review as many of the high-level techniques as possible. What subject are you taking? You can also access over a decade's worth of posts in the blog archive. Who knew that comprehension was preferable to not? But they lacked mastery. What I don’t understand is why when p is false and q is true that the conditional is true. It’s what you can prove.”. I never spent more than 2 hours at a time working on these proofs. I was actually struggling with Discrete Math but thank God I found this. These notes cover what was discussed during Week 5 of the class. 773 0 obj <> endobj Exam is worth 80 of the 300 points for the course. True. real smooth. it), Prob(2 defective) = C(20,2)*(0.01)^2*(0.99)^18; Prob(1 defective) = C(20,1)*(0.01)^1*(0.99)^19; Then — and this is important — review the proofs using the quiz and recall method. This method will not carry you through higher-level mathematics courses where the emphasis will be on ingenuity, not regurgitation. Consider, by contrast, my approach. You need to understand *why* the main concepts presented in class are true.

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