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Recently, the Valet has been revamped and reborn in an exclusive, limited unlimited, Titanium Gold Class knife. The Benchmade Valet is a flawed, but great, knife. The Valet’s heritage is easy to see if you know what to look for — all of its constituent elements are taken from other knives in Benchmade’s history. $22.00. Your email address will not be published. If done right it can be absolutely rock solid. And it is not worth the money, but I really, really, really like the looks of this knife and so, for once, I let go of my impulse to rationally evaluate and purchase gear and dropped dough on this knife. Benchmade, take note—this is the clip, stop messing around with other ones, especially the ribbed penis shaped clip on the Anthem. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Something that is unique to titanium is that it actually has a warm feel to it. Comes with a reversible, deep carry pocket clip. Here is my review sample (found in a nearby knife store in January of 2019 as “new old stock” and purchased immediately with my own money): Twitter Review Summary: Maybe the best Benchmade EDC ever. Every bit of dirt and grime shows. It is one of the best all around steels on the market today. Either way, it is an effective cutter, handling slicing and piercing tasks well. I tried to buy one when it first came out, going so far as to call a few internet knife retailers. I happen to think that this version the Valet is the best looking Benchmade ever made and so I am going to review this one. The Shinola version hits all the points for a hipster, an early 70s Jeep Wagoneer version of the Valet. The stainless steel liners are a great addition because they will need a little less maintenance. Designed and manufactured in the USA with Swedish blade steel. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Mini Grip in its myriad of different configurations (especially the new G10/20CV models) but the Valet offers nicer materials and similar size in a smaller footprint, fitting more as the disappear into your pocket role than its chunkier brother. Designed and manufactured in the USA with Austrian blade steel. Here is a video. In order to get the Axis Lock on the knife Benchmade had to shrink down all of the parts to 75% their normal size. Titanium Scales for Benchmade Mini Bugout 533 - No Lanyard. That effectiveness is combined with a great looking false swedge for one of the most beguiling blades in the production world. They take special care to guarantee the highest quality and perfect receptiveness of this pattern. The tip on this blade shape is also stronger than a clip point, but a clip point shape would be sharper. This limited edition 485GRY-1801 Valet features a titanium handle in a smoked gray chromium nitride finish. In one sense, this is a knife that I just really, really like. Another difference between the two, is that Damasteel will have different patterns than a Damascus steel. Titanium is a lightweight material, but extremely strong. This could be classified as a shallow drop point or a very slighly asymmetrical spearpoint. As mentioned above the matte finish and DLC do show signs of use. The limited, unlimited designation means it will be produced to demand for all of 2017, after the end of the year, no more units will be produced. This isn’t a “nudge open” thumbstud knife like the Ontario Rats (how do they do that at such a low price point?) You may unsubscribe at any time. But, alas, perfection is asymptotic — you can approach it but never really achieve it. This means that if you are working in cold environments often, the metal isn’t going to bite into your hand like aluminum would. Skip to the end of the images gallery But, the knife has only been drilled to carry it tip up. I’d love to see this smaller lock on other knives as it would allow Benchmade to make knives in the Dragonfly size range. A lot of the hardware on the Valet is smaller than typical Benchmades to make the Axis lock fit into the body, making the whole knife take up very little real estate. Its blade is made from super premium M390 steel in a matching finish. Another drawback to titanium is that it is prone to scratches. Especially after they have a Diamond Like Coating, to add strength and durability. Les finished the very first knife in his garage. This is a blade that will be able to do it all. A Benchmade designed, AXIS® gent knife, the Valet is comfortable to carry in slacks and ready to get the job done when called upon for bigger tasks. Retail: $425.00. The anodizing creates this color naturally, so you don’t have to worry about a dye running off or it bleeding. Benchmade Valet Billet Titanium M390 Chromium Nitride Gray Limited Run 485GRY-1801. Its wonderful. One side note, I usually clean my blades with alcohol. It’s almost disingenuous to refer to the standard version of the 485 Valet as “standard” as it’s made with one of the best blade steels available today – Bohler M390, which is top of the line for wear resistance, hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance placing it firmly into “supersteel” territory.

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