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"Who's Belle?!" The outsider wonders why, saying that he didn't see anything but Emma points out that he was driving. David says that he doesn't think so as he's been in a rough place ever since he brought Regina's fiancee back to life. He says that it was an accident whilst he was working but Alphonse exclaims that he caused this with the things he does. [4] Anders starred as Troy Cutler in USA's Necessary Roughness and continued his role in Once Upon a Time in Season 3. (see "Queen of Hearts") "...and it's alright," Cora tells her. Viktor is reluctant as he believes he is making important progress in his research, however, his father tells him that he will no longer be providing him with financial suppo… [10], In 2006, Anders became a part of Alias and Heroes co-star Greg Grunberg's band, Band From TV. They somehow find a way to make my skin crawl. In 2017 he returned for a nonspeaking cameo in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries. Emma walks up to them, asking David to let her try as she has "a thing" and that they do know something as there was stuff in his car (rental agreements, maps, receipts, etc). Ruby shakes her head as she goes to sit back down and Leroy exclaims, "Guys! "In the Name of the Brother" is the 34th episode of Once Upon a Time. Gerhardt quickly grabs Viktor's wrist and aims the revolver at his own head, wanting this. He is a native of the Land Without Color, but the first Dark Curse takes him to Storybrooke, where he becomes Doctor Victor Whale. She repeats herself and we are shown Dr. Whale sitting in his cramped office with a glass of scotch in his hand. In June 2018 Anders performed in along with Ruth Connell, Rob Benedict, and Jason Watkins. "You don't want there love at all, what do you want?" He also guest-starred in the eighth season of 24. he exclaims, referring to Milah. David states that Whale was not looking so good earlier. He lifts the sheet and sees that Viktor has cut into his brother, enraged. ("The Price of Gold") Leroy speaks on behalf of the dwarfs when telling Emma and Mary Margaret that there's a whole world full of people outside of Storybrooke that don't know who or what they are. I'd pick you," she finishes. Mary Margaret asks Emma if she would come with them if they went back to the Enchanted Forest. Once Upon a Time Wiki. Doctor Viktor Frankenstein is a character featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. David asks her if she's got the scent and Ruby replies that it's "boozey". His father wants a better look at him and so grabs a lit candle from the table and approaches his resurrected son. Viktor is saddened as his father leaves the lab. "That's magic, Dr. At this, Henry becomes a purple column of smoke, revealing himself to be Cora in disguise. Victoria looked to the bicycle with a bright smile as she moved it from it's hiding place. Gerhardt tries to make a grab for the gun but Viktor has already walked away from him. He reminds them that if Greg dies, what he saw dies with him, but the two of them sigh, not liking the idea. Viktor's brother jolts and the mad scientists looks at him disappointed alongside Igor, wondering why he is not alive. David accepts this and just tells the doctor to save this guy as it doesn't matter what he saw, they don't let go of people. Gerhardt tells his brother that it's embarrassing to have everyone make such a fuss over his silver cross and Viktor jokes that that's his "cross to bear". Whale and the other medical professionals arrive and when Little John begins violently convulsing, he tries to sedate him, only to be knocked back by Little John, who then transforms into a flying monkey and flies out of the window, much to everyone's shock. There is a knock on the door and Emma gets up to answer it, however, the knocker walks in upon his own accord - Mr. Gold. It's Rumplestiltskin, still dressed red and detective-like, inspecting the lab with a small magnifying glass. Just after the first Dark Curse is broken, Whale leads an angry mob to Regina's house, which is similar to most Frankenstein stories, in which there is an angry mob featured. They pause when suddenly the Star Wars theme music comes blasting out of Greg's phone. Emma says that she would like to talk to him and Whale tells her that he's waking up now. ", "Interview: 'iZombie's' David Anders on the resurgence of old Blaine, season 4 hopes & more", "David is the best and only music PoeDucer I've ever worked with and the best god damned cigarette smoker this side of @RahulKohli13", "Rob Benedict, Ruth Connell and David Anders Starred in Play This Past Weekend", "David Anders Star of Once Upon A Time Supports STOP-ATTACK", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=David_Anders&oldid=977630534, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2011, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2015, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Episodes: "The Other Side of This Life: Parts 1 & 2", Episode: "Kaley Cuoco Wears a Black Blazer and Slip on Sneakers", This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 01:00. She places something into the phone which allows them to move past the pass code, revealing to everyone that the outsider's name is Greg Mendell. "Really?" Two people riding a bicycle, but one of them is clumsy with it. Emma orders him to page him and he obliges. Viktor notices that Rumple is a foreigner and the Dark One asks what gave him away, wondering if it was his rosy complexion. In the Name of the Brother. Props Notes. The pirate smiles and Emma proceeds to hit him in the ribs, causing him to writhe in pain. Add new page. [12], "17 actors you (maybe) didn't know were from Oregon", "Vampire Diaries exclusive: David Anders cries uncle! He tells her to look at it and Belle finally takes the thing, frustrated, and throws it against the hospital wall, causing it to smash. Ruby is surprised that he's waking up so soon after surgery and Whale informs them that he waited to tell them in case he keeled over, but that nothing has happened yet. Back on the bridge, Ruby and Dr. Whale are sitting side-by-side on the edge as the latter explains that he wanted his name to stand for life but that everybody just thinks of it as the name of a monster. David adds that that's probably true and so Mary Margaret tells her daughter with a smile that they'll be right there. In my experience, crime scenes weren't the best place to pick up guys, but the minute I had met the young, suave, funny as all heck sheriff, we had immediately hit it off. However, some of the townspeople fear that the stranger may have seen magic - … Igor describes it as being burned like coal and Viktor looks at his brother before telling his assistant to cover him, saying that his sheet will serve as his shroud. Rumple jokes that problems of the heart is always the way and Viktor turns to face him, demanding that he step out of his light. Gerhardt is seen sitting in it and Viktor addresses him. Hook tells Emma that his ribs may be broken, but eyes up his body saying that everything else is still in tact. Emma requests that her mother calm down, saying that Greg's being patched up right now and will probably be on his way home by morning. Regina argues that she thinks it's not alright but Cora tells her that she loves her, but just showed it in all the wrong ways. You were destined to … Mary Margaret asks her daughter if she knows this guy but Emma replies that she's never seen him before. When David comes up to him wondering why he's not in surgery, Dr. Whale insists to not being drunk. [7] The album, as revealed by Anders on Twitter, is being produced by musician/producer David Poe. Whale eventually decides to dye his hair blonde. Frankenstein's gallery is here. The outsider is being rushed into hospital via gurney with Emma and the other Charmings by his side. A sheet is covering the body with a hole that reveals the torso, we can see that his chest has been stitched up. Gold stops her, wondering if she is a woman who honors her agreements. This is the only title card to feature the subject (in this case, The ringtone from Greg's cellphone is the theme from, Mendell acknowledges that it is against the law to text while driving in. So in this Jamie will not know what a bicycle is. Rumplestiltskin agrees to do this, but makes him admit that he needs magic before he does so. Poor Belle’s terrified. Leroy points out that it's because he's seen E.T., Splash or any other film where people discover something magical and study it to death. Regina pulls the car over outside The Rabbit Hole as Cora adds that she wants her daughter back, saying that she meant everything she said earlier and that she is so sorry. Anders has three older siblings: a biological brother (Arik), an adopted brother (Jason), and an adopted sister (Maili). Cora compares him to a crocodile snapping at a little bird, pointing out that she left him a present, gesturing the chest on the counter. Gold smiles, asking what he gets for his troubles, and Cora tells him that he gets his son. David mentions that he thought Whale would be scrubbing in by now and Whale, seeming far away, tells David that he's going to do that. He clicks back the hammer and tearfully begins to aim it at his brother's head. In order to get Regina to send him back, Whale tries to please her by genuinely performing his procedure on Daniel's preserved corpse, resurrecting him. In the streets of Storybrooke, we see Dr. Whale speedily running through the town. Regina is seen driving down the streets of Storybrooke with her mother sitting next to her in the passenger seat, she asks her if she's nervous. He steps out from behind said counter but no one else is int he shop, he walks over to the door and looks out of the window, but again, no one is there. "Belle!" She adds that she never should have made Regina marry the King before apologizing and explaining that when she cried over her coffin, it all changed. She reaches behind her back and pulls out a clay tile with Henry's hand print sunk into it with the inscription of "For Mommy". Gold tells the blonde that he needs to find someone, so they're leaving today, suggesting she pack a bag. Anarchy ensues and Dr. Whale steps into the scene, demanding that everybody calm down. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. "Oh, and we have a long history, so know this, and know it to be true," he adds, "If any harm comes to Belle while I'm gone, I'm killing all of you." In 2002, he played in the independent film, The Surge. Gerhardt looks at himself in fear before running past Viktor and out of the room. Dr. Whale is tasked with mending Hook's wounds and performing surgery on the stranger whose car crashed upon entering Storybrooke. She wanted to do something normal that she was comfortable with for once. TheNeverlandAuthor (Later, Allison, Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Ruby, and Leroy were in the lobby waiting. Viktor confirms this and Gerhardt retreats his hands, running back across the room and staring at them. Emma walks into Greg's room in the hospital and he asks if she is a nurse, however, she introduces herself as Sheriff Swan. Gerhardt agrees but argues that perhaps Alphonse doesn't realize the importance of the scientific research Viktor is achieving. After moving to Los Angeles, he took the stage name of David Anders due to another actor using the name David Holt. What he saw. Gold exclaims. As Frankenstein is placing some items from his desk into a box, he is greeted by a familiar voice which startles him. "Deal," Emma agrees. David punches him in the face for having a one-night-stand with Snow, but then tells him that it is a possibility. He guest starred as John Gilbert in the TV series The Vampire Diaries in 2010 and 2011.[3]. "Emma and Henry and the two idiots, and you can tell them how you lied. Whale nods as David walks away, he stares back down at Gerhardt's watch. Whale smiles in agreement as Ruby says that they cannot let it stop them as Regina also gave them a chance to start over and she wants to take it, telling Whale that she thinks he should too. When Snow goes into labour, she is rushed to hospital where Whale helps her deliver the baby. "Obviously," David says as he walks into the room. Anders also worked in independent film, and was involved in several plays. With Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas.

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