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If you’d like to get the correct answers to all the exercises the owners of this website sell a CD containing all their worksheets plus answers. But finding easy German short stories to practice your reading skills can be daunting, especially when combing through websites that are all in German. Reading a bedtime story every night is beneficial for children and parents, too! This is the Legend Tale of Maui the Demi-God from Moana. Yet the central plot details remain the same: a king is protective of his beautiful daughter, the princess. A Bedtime Story of Acceptance and Self-Awareness. The mirror represents unhealthy cynicism which destroys youthful innocence. You may also like to read, A Little Mouse Who Was A Princess. ‘Rapunzel’. Thank you! The best anthology of classic fairy tales, because it contains both the stories and very informative scholarly introductions to them, is still The Classic Fairy Tales. Merlin the Magician places a magic sword in a stone…whomever can pull it out is the rightful king. Jan 17, 2018 by Shreya Sharma in Age 0-3. You are one of those valuable readers. We have analysed this story here. Can you help Kommissar Baumgartner and his colleague Kommissarin Momsen identify and catch the murderer? ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Aladdin, the Genie and the Magic Lamp work to impress the princess who wishes to be a commoner. As ever, we welcome your suggestions in the comments for any notable omissions. Read these famous Fairytales to children to fire their imagination! Timmie Willie is a country mouse who is accidentally transported to a city in a vegetable basket. This tale – about a princess who accepts help from a frog in return for her hand in marriage – also shares some similarities with ‘Rumpelstiltskin’, in that in both stories a girl receives help from a hideous assistant who then demands something in return. It’s not that cheap but a great way to support the authors of these excellent resources. This collector’s edition comprises the first four episodes of the popular “Dino lernt Deutsch” story series for German learners: “Café in Berlin”, “Ferien in Frankfurt”, “Karneval in Köln” and “Momente in München”. After the introduction of computer and the invention of internet, many people come to internet to spend their leisure time. A Story of Charity, Compassion and Justice, from England. Our children's folktale stories consist of  fairy tales, animal tales, riddles stories, myths and legends,from all over the world! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Disney film then came up with the names with which we forever associate the seven dwarfs. In this follow-up to “Ferien in Frankfurt”, Dino finds himself in Cologne, the carnival capital of Germany and home of the Cologne Cathedral. Where does it come from? Read a special story for children tonight! One of the many Tales of Robin Hood. Continue to explore the world of children’s literature with these ten classic Victorian fairy tales, these classic children’s poems, and these fun facts about children’s books. Reading bedtime stories to kids is a wonderful way to spend the end of each day and create memories which will last forever. Available in Japanese and English. We formed a team of experts who are entrusted with the responsibility of collecting these short stories from all sources possible. Read the best collection of free bedtime stories, short stories for kids, fairy tales, online story books with kids art, audio stories, funny stories, poems. When the Princess is forced to marry, she wishes to be little again. While these texts are originally intended to help deaf children boost their vocabulary and reading skills (see my post on Leichte Sprache), they are actually really helpful for German learners as well, since the stories are very short and to the point. Let This Free Tool Fix Your Emails, How To Use A German Keyboard On Your iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows PC, Turning Tutors into Millionaires: The “Celebrity Teachers” from Hong Kong, Your Brain On Storytelling: 3 Reasons Why Stories Help Us Learn Languages. Our Stories to Grow by Collection of Famous Children's Stories. This is one of the most famous and best-loved fairy tales of all. ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. This is an amazing short fairy tales story for children. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. Narrative Short Stories for ChildrenThe most famous short fiction stories and Fairy Tales for small children by Hans Christian Andersen have been included: Thumbelina, The Princess and The Pea, The Little Mermaid and the wonderful story of The Ugly Duckling. read that are just at the right level. Reading bedtime stories each evening to a child promotes positive sleep habits. In a previous post about simple German short stories for beginners I’ve showcased a handful of literary short stories, mostly from post-war times which are interesting enough but not too difficult for beginners. Who doesn’t remember the classic fairy-tales by the Grimm brothers like Hänsel und Gretel, Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood) or Rapunzel? Our bedtime stories and all our stories for kids are read by children of different ages to ensure reading level as well as understanding are accurate. A Bedtime Story of Friendship and Love. When she  pricks herself on a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday, she is put into a deep sleep for 100 years. You can unsubscribe at any time. Here are some short fairy tale stories to share with your children: 1. Was it an accident or ruthless murder? Thumbelina is a superb addition. Interesting Literature is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.co.uk. Don’t talk to strange men (or wolves) when out on your own? Folktales have been shared for thousands of years and are the starting point for most of your favorite tales and Disney movies. Whatever its ultimate meaning, this remains a stalwart of fairy tale collections and has been popular ever since Charles Perrault’s telling in the 1690s. Experience daily life in the German capital through the eyes of a newcomer, learn about the country and its people, and improve your German effortlessly along theway! That happened in a 1912 Broadway play, which called the dwarfs Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick, and Quee. I’ve done the work for you. Transport them into the world of Fairies, Witches, Wizards, Giants, Brownies, Princes, Princesses, enchanted castles, wicked queens and evil Sorcerers! If Pinocchio is to become a Real boy he needs to learn how to be honest, brave and true. Classic Fairy Tales. A Mama Duck is proud when her six ducklings hatch from their eggs. In 1697, the French writer Charles Perrault published the story of Cendrillon, a variation on the story. Fairy Tales are stories involving fantastic forces, usually good versus evil, most originating in folklore, mythology, and legend. The stories are organized according to categories: Märchen (fairy-tales), Sagen (legends), Fabeln (fables), Schwänke (droll stories), animals, and much more. A Story of Courage, Kindness to Animals and Learning. A picture book for the young and young at heart about an unusual friendship between two pets. Why read Bedtime Stories to my child each night? One. Our stories for kids are kid-tested to ensure read time, reading level, and kid-approval. A strange little man is willing to help…for a price. A Bedtime Story in Simple English for Kids. Bedtime Story for Kids: The Gift of the Magi, A Christmas Story. This is another stalwart in the Grimm fairy tale catalogue, although the tale can be traced back to the sixteenth century in its earliest version. Princes, princesses, witches and mermaids not to mention a fashion-obsessed emperor and a house made entirely of gingerbread - just a few of the ingredients in this essential collection of fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and the brothers Grimm. Cinderella. However, Southey’s version had an old woman rather than a golden-haired girl as the story’s anti-heroine (well, she’s hardly a heroine, is she?). But the Grimms’ earliest version was anything but a children’s story, and even the sanitised retelling hints at the story’s ‘adult’ content. If you happen to be in Japan, have a look at the Japanese version of this page where you can hover over any word and get an instant Japanese translation This collection of stories for kids has stories which are 10+ min and are for a longer reading experience or for older children.

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