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However, Flexport’s software only lets you book its freight forwarding service, so you can’t shop your shipment around to other services. Today, I help raise millions in startup funding for both my startups and other entrepreneurs. FlexCourt surfaces offer high shock absorption properties to reduce stress and strain on joints and risk of serious injury from falls. That's not much time to make a memorable impression. Get the full list », To view Flexport’s complete board members history, request access », You’re viewing 5 of 80 investors. Cash is king and knowledge is power but motivation rules. They have direct relationships with carriers like truck owners and massive shipping container boats. Most entrepreneurs are very skilled at executing and thinking about their company. Its investors include First Round, Founders Fund, Felicis, GV (Google Ventures), Box Group, Bloomberg Beta, and Ashton Kutcher. A pitch deck is effective when it thoroughly emulates your message and what you stand for. Get the full list », You’re viewing 5 of 32 executive team members. Flexport is the perfect example of what can happen if entrepreneurs attack seemingly boring businesses. “Expeditors is pre-GUI. Anything weighing over 150 kilos can’t be sent like a parcel through the postal service. Haven provides a marketplace connecting commodity traders with carriers. Building a pitch deck to convince investors? AirBnB Pitch Deck from Malcolm Lewis Problem. PitchBook’s comparison feature gives you a side-by-side look at key metrics for similar companies. That’s quite an ascent considering Petersen admits “I didn’t learn what the term ‘freight forwarder’ meant until a year into starting the business.”, The shipping giants like FedEx and DHL aren’t asleep at the wheel, they just can’t turn it fast enough. That’s what makes freight such a massive disruption opportunity for a startup like Flexport. We asked Max what he's learned about the startup fundraising process. There’s 2.4 million toys and 412,000 pieces of glassware currently in transit on the Flexport platform. That made it extremely tough to spot overspending or snags in supply chains. Shipping began as a side-hustle for Petersen. I want to make sure my pitch sticks. It's valuable to understand why investors are willing to invest in your business. Flexport General Information Description. However, investors think about how the world is changing on a macro level and where this change creates opportunities. All rights reserved. After all, top venture capitalists hear at least 50 pitches per week. Safe, Fun Family Bonding & Communities Brought Together. However, I do always include at least one lesson I learned while building the company. Involved with the development, release and optimization of software development with the following technologies: Heroku, GitHub, Ruby, Java, Node, Python, PHP, Go, Gradle, Scala, Clojure, iOS, Swift, Objective-C, HTML5, Javascript, WEBrick, Unicorn, Puma, Gunicorn, Django, Websockets, Connection Pooling, Redis to Go, MongoDB, JawsDB, Redis, Postgres, ClearDB, Heroku Connect, New Relic, Kingdom, Librato, Papertrail, Sumo Logic, Logentries, SendGrid, Blower.io, Fastly, Memcachier, Memcached Cloud, Airbrake, AppSignal, Raygun, Honeybadger, Sentry, Searchify, Elastic Cloud, SearchBox Elasticsearch, Websolr, Bonsai Elasticsearch, DbInsights, Keen IO, BlazeMeter, Rainforest QA, loader.io, Pusher, RabbitMQ, IronMQ, IronWorker, PubNub, Proximo, Zerigo DNS, StatusPage, OAuth.io, SSL, Adept Scale, DocRaptor, Cloudinary, Codeship, Chargify, Trello, HipChat, Zendesk, Yesware, Salesforce, etc. The best way to accomplish that is by being authentic and well-prepared. All integrated manufacturing steps, including injection molding – performed in our plant.

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