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Copyright 2017. Spatula:  A spatula or a spade is the preferred way to serve gelato. 9716 4488. Wholesale Gelato Freezer & Scooping Stations Make extra profits with Nick’s Gelato™ wholesale stations. “We just bought our first tub of your pistachio ice cream and it will not be our last!! Our focus is recommending the right equipment for your specific concept. We can create any custom flavour for your menu as we’ve done for 37 years. Soft Serve Machine:  Mixes and blends the base with incorporated flavoring and produces delicious soft serve gelato. Wholesale prices. Semifreddo Mirror Glazes are liquid covering glazes for gelato tubs, trays, mousses or a semi-frozen dessert such as a gelato cake. Call for rates & minimums. At Gelato Italia, we make it easy to find the products you need at the wholesale prices you require. HOME; BUSINESS PROFILE; PRODUCTS; FLAVOUR LIST; PRODUCTION FACILITIES; EQUIPMENT; DELIVERY; BECOMING A CUSTOMER; SALES & FIELD SUPPORT; ONLINE ORDERS; CONTACT US; Menu. Different types of bases create different levels of creaminess, texture and blending of flavors. Ltd - Ice Cream, Gelato, Gelato Like A Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream Wholesale Distributor from Hyderabad, Telangana, India To add a hint of natural green, we use plant chlorophyll for a natural colour…. After spending many weeks in Italy learning the art of making GELATO, he brought his knowledge back to Canada. "Tip:  Buy items by the case to save money.". Are your Soft Serve Machines and Batch Machines craving a new product? Outstanding customer service and product expertise. We will leave that up to you!! We supply our high-quality wholesale ice cream to restaurants, dessert parlours, hotels, cafes and gastro pubs across the UK. Coming Soon. Our Artisan Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbetto is made fresh from uncompromised ingredients. Welcome to Gil's "One Stop Shop" for Wholesale Ice Cream Supplies, Italian Ice Products and Gelato Supplies. Made with Alberta cream…, Made with the finest of world vanillas of Madagascar. HOME; PRODUCTS. 07716643671 | BASE:  The base is the starting point for gelato and sorbet. Creamy texture, with the hints of tiny tiny coconut pieces. Most ice creams are anywhere between 70 and 110% Overrun. Gelato is a frozen dessert that originated in Italy and is known for its intense flavors, artisan presentation and nutritional value. Type in your email address and click submit. "Tip: Buy items by the case to save money." Wholesale Ice Cream Supplies, Italian Ice Products, Gelato, Candy, Concession, Convenience Store items and Paper Products. PASTES:  Gelato flavors are especially intense and are added to the gelato base in the form of a paste. No Membership Required. Over 40 years of outstanding service & product expertise. Rice & Company, Mix. Every ingredients you see, we put in. Made with fresh lemon juice imported from California. Speak to us to request for wholesale gelato & ice cream prices now. Made Alberta Cream…, Made with Pure Canadian Maple syrup. GELATO....which translates means " frozen". Wholesale Gelato . Batch Freezer:  Quickly freezes the gelato mixture and incorporates air to produce and control formation of small ice crystals. Besides serving our artisanal ice cream and gelato at Carrara cafe, we also supply them wholesale to other F&B establishments such as cafes, bistros, pubs & restaurants in Singapore. It is standard to incorporate air into the product to make it scoopable. Gil's Ice Cream Supplies - Gelato Mix and Ingredients. Gelato manufactures wholesale gelato, sorbet, plant-based flavors and soft serve for foodservice and retail with branded and private label options. • No Carageenan, Artifical Colours or Flavours Gelato Home Delivery. One of our top three movers…and is here to stay…, Made with love and BC Strawberry puree. Check out our Ice Cream & Italian Ice Business Consulting services. While operating a 33,000 square feet facility, G.S. Gil's trucks, UPS, FEDEX, common carrier. Italys favorite flavour combination. Our homemade Gelato is served by many restaurants in the the Los Angels and Orange County area. Starting in 1981, Pinocchio Italian Ice Cream Co. Ltd. was established.... We can create any custom flavour for your menu as we’ve done for 37 years. Our products have a low OVERRUN( air content).  Wholesale Gelato, Sorbet & Ice Cream  Serve Our Products Chefs and culinary teams recognize the authentic Italian quality in our gelato products. • 12% Butterfat Ice Cream Peppermint Chocolate Ripple going out to stores starting next week. We develop with your culinary and … One Stop Shopping. Master Martini’s shelf stable mixes do not require refrigeration. Gelato Range (8) Cones & Wafers (6) Accessories … Toronto Gelato Wholesale. Wholesale; CATERING; CONTACT; Gift Cards Order Online 308 Manhattan Beach Boulevard Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266 (310) 372 4050. Our great colors and intense flavors contain nothing artificial. Login. Gelato is creamier, smoother, silkier & denser than Ice Cream. Delivery available. Pinocchios incorporates between 10% to 30% for sorbets, and 25% for gelato, and 25% to 35% for ice cream which makes a dense, creamy, tasty product. • 100% Alberta Cream • 100% Cane Sugar • No Carageenan, Artifical Colours or Flavours • 12% Butterfat Ice Cream • 6.5% Butterfat Gelato • FatFree sorbets • Gluten Free Options. Believe it or not, this ice cream does hold caffeine. Get in touch with us for helping us define your dessert menu. Thanks so much for making such a creamy and delicious ice cream”. Cups, Containers, Paper & Plastic Products. We have been using this vanilla since 1981, and as of just recently in the past 10 years…, Just the right combination of burnt sugar and Himalayan salt. Lower in Fat & Gluten-Free with Vegan alternatives. What's So Special. NO artificial flavors or colors do not enter our plant...the red in strawberry ice cream is from beets, and the Green we use to enhance the Pistachio is made from plant Chlorophyll. Gil's Ice Cream Supplies wholesales cups, lids, straws, spoons & all of the paper and plastic products you will ever need to sell, package and manufacture your own ice cream, Gelato or Italian ice products. GELATO, ICE CREAM WHOLESALE — Gelato and Angels - Los Angeles START TO BOOST YOUR SALES BY SELLING OUR FAMOUS GELATO. We supply our high-quality wholesale ice cream to restaurants, dessert parlours, hotels, cafes and gastro pubs across the UK. Our homemade Gelato is served by many restaurants in the the Los Angels and Orange County area. From Wasabi to Chocolate Hibiscus, we can make it!! Get on our enewsletter for exciting news on new locations, new flavours or how to create a whole sale order. Gil’s Ice Cream Supplies in PA, stocks a huge selection of ice cream, Italian Ice & Gelato supplies.

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