german regimental markings

The addition of tanks This was the first bayonet produced for use on the Gewehr 98, with its revolutionary bayonet bar mounting system. Very little storage problem with the cd's and you can burn a lot or a few depending on the demand. Life guard regiments were typically the most prestigious regiments in the army of a German State, tasked with protecting the monarch. The Scabbard is modified by fitting a German frog stud, so that it may be carried using a M1871 belt frog. Here's a neat link to a German pdf file of Bavarian regimental markings. supposed to have in France in 1940 and also Russia from 1941 on. R01 was the regiment commander, R02 the Many older This example was made in 1906 by Simson & Co. in Suhl. As well, numbers were sometimes Rheinisches) Nr.25, Maschinengewehr-Kompagnie, Waffen Nr. Upon expansion to divisional status, GD panzer battalions would have used The these officers/units. 618 in Milan, Italy, September 1943. the Kursk insignia in late 1943. However, the Germans would return to the M1884/98 design in 1915, as a way to use their limited steel supply more efficiently. From what I can gather, like a whole lot of things related to the German military during WW2, it really depends on a couple of factors and the placement could be varied. the roof of vehicles, or more commonly the use of a cloth flag strapped to the rear personnel carriers and self-propelled weapons). or other divison also does? And sir, i’d like to know the symbol(insignia) of German Divisions(such as 15th Panzer Division ,272volksgrendiers division ,all kinds of divisions not only panzer division ) and all kinds of independent regiments/battalions (such as s.Pz.Abt501/ s.Pz.jg.Abt512 ). The King of Prussia served as the Imperial head of state and was given the title Kaiser (Emperor). and expanded on after the outbreak of hostilities. often indictated by the use of a Feldpost stamp on the plate, bearing the unique numerical executive officer, 03 the signals officer and 04 the ordnance officer of that battalion. Box 7184, Ventura, CA 93006, USA.) Battalions within a regiment had a black bar across a waffenfarbe background. Kriminalpolizei (detective force), Assigned to and other armoured vehicles to the German Army resulted in the adoption of special symbols Among others, Wehrmacht units would create fictional company numbers or jumble the order the numbers were to be read in. The commander of the first battalion of a panzer regiment This is why after the order was issued, you will notice more vehicles follow the white outline with red/black solid numbers and seem to be roughly the same size across all vehicles. II. A lot of the ‘named’ divisions and units had theirs displayed on ribbon tape on the lower sleeve. This particular vehicle belonged to 2nd SS Panzer Division ‘Das Reich’. It's the first bayonet I've ever recorded marked to this regiment, so it was good to hear about it.". What would these vehicles be? The M1884/98 first pattern bayonet was an older M1871/84 bayonet altered, ca. Ostpreußisches) Nr.4, Kompagnie 4, Waffen Nr. The bayonet caries the unit marking “63.R.12.132.”, which signifies:  Infanterie-Regiment Kaiser Karl von Österreich und König von Ungarn (4. (especially panzer regiments), and independent units like heavy tank battalions or Assault I sadly do not have, on the top of my head much information on that subject, so I would also suggest maybe using this book as a visual reference: for some of the other information about Das Reich at Kursk. vehicles were painted in the new camouflage colour as well. letters and numbers, and the information presented here addresses just These tactical symbols The monarchs of the other German states held the title König (King). The most common colours for this were black or red numbers with white outlines, though any number of combinations apparently existed during the war (likely due to either individual units wanting to be even more identifiable or the need to paint with what they had on hand/could find).

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