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The newest innovation is to splash Kunoros, Hound of Athreos, which is wicked smart, since the dog is awesome against Gyruda and all the Cat + Oven decks floating around. Which metagame factors contributed to the recent rise of Storm Combo, how do we combat the menace, and what comes next? Are people grinding you out with Astrolabe? We end this journey of grief (or perhaps jubilation) by looking into the red, green, multicolored, and colorless cards Standard is going to lose when Core Set 2020 rotates out. I look at an aggressive application of Delve in Legacy's strongest three-color combination and how it presents a unique take on Tempo in a format dominated by blue tempo decks. Rakdos Lurrus or Orzhov Mothra to the mooooooooon. CabalTherapy is back tapping into some of the less known, but still great decks in Legacy. Decks that want to curve out on turn five need to play a large land count, which obviously means you flood more. From 0,50 € Core 2020: Extras. But overall, I do not see things improving. A few recent cards gave the deck new and intriguing twist, Dredge decks have always been a stable deck in Vintage Top 8s. But the deck wouldn't be as successful without a way of bridging the gap between Obosh and its early game. Deathrite Shaman was considered to be the evil bane of the Legacy Format and many players wanted it to be banned in order to make the format great again. Jund is one of these decks that has been pushed out more and more by the changes in the metagame, but Modern Horizons has brought along a good number of new toys that warrant giving this battered archetype a second chance. Time to find two decks — all in the short timeframe since Zendikar Rising's release and the recent ban. When that win-condition will take far more turns than is usual in the format, then we need to look at ways to give us that time! This changes the language of the site.It won't change any text entered by users. There's a simple solution and CabalTherapy breaks it down in this article. Quite the contrary! A few months ago, Andifeated thought his pet deck U/R Gifts Storm has been pushed out of the top decks because of an abysmal Humans matchup, but the tides have changed again. Various flavors of Delver decks topped the metagame charts, with all-time favorites Death and Taxes and Miracles as runner-ups. It's now red and exiles a creature rather than destroying it with no possibility of regeneration. Modern Horizons spoilers haven’t been fully released yet, but just with what we've been given - almost a half of the set - there have already been several cards that have made my eyes pop out with excitement. Andifeated is one of those players, but that doesn't stop him from building powerful budget decks and attending Vintage tournaments. Last weekend, the best Magic players in the world gathered in Bilbao to fight for the crown at PTRIX. It's a well-designed card that makes deckbuilding easy, fun, and even budget-friendly, but will it be strong enough in 2020? Welcome to only playing against other removal-heavy creatureless decks for a while. More importantly, what does it mean for the control decks that choose to embrace her Triome? BUG Delver should be claiming the top spots in this new world and today, I am going to tell you why it eventually will. If you've read Andifeated's last two articles, you should've learned a lot about playing Dredge in Legacy already, but there is one important topic that hasn't been discussed yet and it might be the hardest area of the archetype: Casting Cabal Therapy correctly. GP Phoenix gave us an insight into how the meta has shaped up after the unbanning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf. From 2,00 € Core 2020: Extras. Let’s find out! You will not have to be “lucky” to draw it. How diverse was the field, and what ended up on top? The archetype won several bigger tournaments in the span of just a couple of weeks. Whether you're new to the format or not, it should represent a consideration. May 2 edited May 2. Loving Legacy, I want to take this opportunity and write about the impact of the new shooting star, Assassin's Trophy in Legacy. One of the biggest news was the plane we will be visiting in the next block... © Copyright 2020 Sammelkartenmarkt GmbH und Co. KG. Time to acknowledge the sudden disappearance from our decks of all the cards from the four rotating sets. 0. Its damage output via Delver of Secrets and Monastery Swiftspear fueled by Gitaxian Probe allowed for insane starts. It's not only because of its raw power, but also because of how easy it is to build balanced and synergistic decks around it. Vintage format has been revolutionized by a card capable of winning games at instant speed and all on its own. Offspring's Revenge with sac outlets is pretty nice. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths must be one of the most complicated sets of all time, although many of the judge calls concern just one mechanic. This week Hans revisits four decks that saw some time in the limelight within the past year. After Hogaak Summer we might be entering Urza's Fall. Some feel that companions will be banned, similar to Oko. Today, I’m going to go over four archetypes that I believe are at the top of the format. We will see companions as a necessary element in the design for a deck to be Tier 1. In this outing, I look at a mechanic that has seen two of it rank banned or restricted in nearly every major format: Delve. Also, man, Serrated Scorpion is a crazy good Magic card in both regular and Lurrus sacrifice decks. Jamin takes a look at a potential Modern deck that can utilize these new tools. For at least one year now, Eldrazi Tron has stuck around the top of the meta as one of the most successful decks in Modern. A minor subtheme of Ikoria seems to be the cheating of permanents from the library directly onto the battlefield, also known as what Grafdigger's Cage doesn't want you to do. I replaced the 3 anticipates with 3 mystical disputes since this deck has no shortage of scrying and digging for answers. Why is that so and how can this deck be beaten? Follow him through his deck choice process and tournament for Grand Prix Prague. Personally, I’ve liked Bant and Foir-Color the most. It at least gives you an answer to both grafdiggers and husbringer. It makes a very cute missile. Let's see how the latest releases and changes affected the Vintage metagame, and take a look at the Top 4 decklists! Hans looks at what he considers the four best decks from the tournament and discusses what kind of information we can wean from the results! This is a series meant to discuss, briefly, the history behind these names. Instead, just as with most formats, it's more about working within an established framework. As Modern has become more powerful, aggressive, and linear, many of the fair, interactive decks that reigned supreme have gone the way of the dinosaur. We can see that the ramp decks can focus their design and mulligan to work on the ramp aspect because the “pay-off” aspect is waiting “in-hand.” Similar with control decks. People are looking to brew tons of new decks, but Rone decided instead to look back at Mythic Championship IV Barcelona. Miracles ended up the best-performing deck and carried the once mighty Delver to its grave. The Standard Rotation looms closer with each passing day. In each installment of the Inner Workings series, we'll examine a different Modern archetype to find out what makes it tick. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC. The stock versions are Orzhov and Rakdos with Lurrus as your companion, but I’ve personally favoured this Mono Black version, and also the Rakdos version with Obosh. The Modern main event of Cardmarket Series Paris this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to witness a fresh metagame in action and in its first steps of evolution. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. As with all Legacy lists, expect a high learning curve in a format with Wastelands, Brainstorms, and consistent turn 2-3 combo kills. While Ikoria may have looked mostly weird at first, it mostly looks bonkers now. Learn how to pick em right here! Time to acknowledge the sudden disappearance from our decks of all the cards leaving the format. There is a general consensus floating around that players should concede "unwinnable" games in order to save precious time. They forgot an ancient beast that terrorized the Legacy format before Deathrite Shaman was printed in 2012. While waiting for new cards to improve or create new archetypes, let's review how the Modern format has been performing during the past three months divided into winners, losers, and new brews. It’s been almost two months since Bloodbraid Elf came off the ban list, and we’ve seen a wide variety of lists running the four-drop. It’s not an ideal answer, because it also blows up part of your board board, but there’s nothing better. From 1,25 € Modern Masters 2017. Here are the tournament highlights. What does this entail for the neuro-atypical kung-fu heroine? However, in the Standard metagame, the only two decks this effectively deals with is Solar and Pod. Come and join Rone on his quest to return Arclight Phoenix from oblivion, from the graveyard to the battlefield, and back to the spotlight! This time it's the "real" cascade deck: 4c Waterfalls. Whether it's the card's power-level or their build-around potential, I'm quite certain that these cards are going to make a noticeable - if not far-reaching - impact on Modern, and I'm looking forward to diving into discussing them in this week's article. You can't write me off like that! My Decks for the 2020 Season Grand Finals. But I also did not like the introduction of planeswalkers to the game of Magic:The Gathering. After all these years, so many iconic heroes have fallen by the wayside, overshadowed by better and newer alternatives. Although Lurrus started the companion craze, Obosh quickly followed and even surpassed the Cat in some respects! Although the European Modern scene leans toward control more than its American counterpart, the numbers that W/U Control put up at GP Prague came as an eye-opener for someone like me who expected things to be a lot more linear. Here's Episode 68 of Cardmarket's AskTheJudge series. Next to companions, Standard has another new menace that started off somewhat overlooked: the Boros Cycling deck. It's great and it's time it gets its time in the sunshine. Is it a plane? But the Standard metagame moves fast and now we're seeing Yorion variants rise to the top. Pietro's got the answer.

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