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‘Tom Thumb’:A small butterhead lettuce perfect for growing in small spaces. Among the greener Batavians, we like Sierra from Southern Exposure who rate Sierra as taking 54 days. Lettuce can be harvested any time after true leaves form. Water evenly and moderately to prevent bitterness. That workshop will either be Cold-hardy Winter Vegetables, or Succession Planting for Continuous Vegetable Harvests. Magenta is another darker red Batavian lettuce, sold by Johnnys. (This photo and the Cherokee are of half-grown lettuces, not full-size). Be sure to reapply after each rainfall. ‘Set’ AGM:A crisphead lettuce, this is easy to grow and produces large, solid hearts with crisp green leaves. And meanwhile, this week on the farm we finished our seed ordering and started some shopping for tools and supplies. Its main requirement is for nitrogen, but it also needs moderate amounts of potassium and phosphorus. Keep Batavian lettuce moderately moist but not soggy. Does best when planted in early spring or late summer. Slugs are tougher to control. They thought it was diseased, rather than fancy! Transplant the seedlings as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. Take a look at Maggies Smart Garden, its vegetable garden Layout, Plants in her Garden, Weekly To Dos and her Garden Journal. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. You’ll want to choose heat tolerant varieties anyway, or they will just bolt (grow up to flower and seed) rather than form a head. There are many types of crisp summer lettuce. The raised beds warm up faster than the surrounding ground. Another less-typical Batavian is the spotted Mottistone, also from Johnnys. There are several types of Batavia lettuces, of different colours, sizes and flavours to satisfy all salad lovers. Naturally, because these are average figures, varieties vary in their ability to germinate at high temperatures. ________________________________________. – Growing Batavia lettuce in the garden. As far as events I hope to be at, there are the Mother Earth News Fairs in Asheville, NC April 11-12, 2015, Seven Springs, PA September 18-20 2015 and Topeka, KS October 24-25 2015. If you want more information on Anuenue Batavian lettuce, or tips for growing Anuenue lettuce in your garden, then read on. Yank the lettuce plant out, toss it on the compost pile, and replant the space with another crop like bush beans, or with another lettuce seedling. As many as nine plants of a small leaf lettuce variety can grow in the same space. Mulch with a layer of compost or clean straw to help the soil retain moisture. Romaine takes 75 to 85 days and crisphead 70 to 100 days. © Copyright 2020, Todos los derechos reservados  |, What is Batavia lettuce? When different kinds of Batavia lettuces are planted on a bed, their wrinkled leaves and variety of colours make the display attractive and tasty. To maximize lettuce production, plant seeds in raised beds. February 26-28, 2015 I will be speaking at the West Virginia Small Farms Conference in Charleston, WV. That’s the highest soil temperature that lettuce seed is viable at. Check out some of the most common lettuce varieties below: Romaine: A popular variety with large and upright leaves form a loaf-shaped head.Leaves are crispy, tender, and sweet. To harvest crisphead, Batavia, and romaine varieties, cut the plant right at the soil line when mature if you prefer to harvest full heads. Loma from SESE is a smaller, dense, fast-growing spiky-leaved Batavian. Most. Then the next weekend, I’m at the  Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture Farming for a Future Conference February 4-7, 2015, at State College, PA. You can plant Anuenue lettuce seeds in spring or fall for a crop of big heads 55 to 72 days later. Sow seeds every two weeks for production throughout the season, starting with early lettuce varieties, using heat-tolerant varieties as your main crop, and then switching to fall crops late in the summer. Lettuce should not need fertilizer if the soil is properly prepared with organic amendments. We also grow Muir, from Johnnys, who say “the slowest to bolt in our summer trials. This is now my favorite type of lettuce. The heart is tightly packed and the leaves compact as the crop matures. Higher than that and heat dormancy sets in. That’s a great recommendation in and of itself for growing Anuenue lettuce, but the real attraction is its heat tolerance. Primarily water, lettuce does not store well. Lettuce can be harvested any time after true leaves form. Regular readers will know that I succession plant lettuce March to May to insure a continuous supply … In general, lettuce is known as a cool weather crop, coming into its own before and after other summer veggies are ready for harvest. Grow greens this way as well! You’ll get news all year. A major threat is lettuce rot which first attacks the lower leaves in contact with the soil and then spreads throughout the plant. This site uses cookies to enable shopping cart usage, provide you with relevant product and promotions, and measure performance. Lettuce is generally disease and pest free, but you should still be vigilant. ‘Nymans’ AGM:A Cos lettuce with deep read outer leaves and a … ________________________________________. ________________________________________. I use ... read more, A small feral colony lives in Socorro, NM. But looseleaf and butterhead leaves can be harvested at just about any time in their development. Combine crisp, crunchy lettuce varieties with soft, buttery-smooth types. The young plants are vulnerable to weeds, so keep well weeded. They are ... read more, An old tradition goes on As the taller plants grow, they provide needed shade for the lettuce as the days get warmer. In 2015 we will repeat our variety trials to try to find a heat-tolerant eggplant variety. medium-thick-walled pepper “with good flavor and full-bodied sweetness.” We are always on the look-out for fast-ripening bell peppers. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. For maximum lettuce production, it's wise to select a site where the soil drains well, yet retains some moisture. Crop Rotations for Vegetables and Cover Crops. We used to grow this one, but there’s something about spotted lettuce in the summer that just didn’t appeal to people. If you want more information on Anuenue Batavian lettuce, or tips for growing Anuenue lettuce in your garden, then read on. Lettuce is largely composed of water and it responds to irrigation by giving a larger and better tasting harvest. It’s doing well and have gotten a couple Of meals from it so far. This is now my favorite type of lettuce. Try growing Batavian lettuce and put some interest in your crisper. Few pests, other than the occasional slug. Many varieties of lettuce are welcome additions to ornamental beds. Bred especially for the fresh market, these heavy, beautiful rosettes of delicious leaves are perfect for luscious, satisfying salads, in sandwiches, or wherever you want big crunchy leaves full of flavor. Our early colonists included lettuce in the first gardens planted on American soil. Lettuce prefers full sun in well tilled soil. For example, a crisphead may require a square foot of garden space. Allow seedheads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds. Batavia lettuce is a crisp summer variety that will germinate in warm temperatures and is slow to branch. Enter your email address and click the "Subscribe" button to receive notifications of new posts by email. Growing lettuce: Lettuce, Batavia – Red & Green Mix. This one stood well in the July heat. You can also start lettuce seedlings indoors for filling vacancies in the garden in late spring and again in early fall as other crops are harvested. Lettuce has a weak root system and isn't a very efficient feeder, so the soil needs to be quite fertile. This session covers production of Asian greens outdoors and in the hoophouse. I also hope to be doing book-signing and sales. . Anuenue Batavian lettuce was bred at the University of Hawaii. Reply. In hotter climates it doesn’t mind part shade (and may even benefit from it). This is the hardest time of year for growing lettuce in our part of the world. ends 12/20) is $130 for members, $190 for non-members. There are open-headed and closed-headed varieties in shades of green, burgundy, red, magenta and mixed shades. Example first frost date on April 08. Can be direct seeded, but I prefer to start indoors and then transplant to the garden once the seedlings are established. This can only be done by giving the plants everything they need. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. . The best way to prevent fungal and bacterial diseases is to rotate crops. If it’s still chilly in March, start the plants indoors before the last frost. Sierra Batavia lettuce forms open heads with beautiful pale green thick leaves with frilled edges that are blushed with pink at the ends. Conference registration covers your choice of the 25 workshops on Friday and Saturday; access to the trade show, where you can handle the tools you’re considering buying, and ask questions of the vendors; Friday dinner and Saturday lunch; There are 3 pre-conference workshops (4 to 7 hours each) on Thursday, for $60-$75: Essential Tools & Techniques for the Small Scale Organic Vegetable Growers by Jean-Martin Fortier of The Market Gardener fame, Urban Farming Intensive with Cashawn Myer & Tenisio Seanima, and Edible Landscaping with Michael Judd and Ira Wallace (of Southern Exposure fame). Jennifer Lawson (@guest_7036) #7036. Batavia lettuce: easy as pie Here are some tips from the grower for planting and growing Batavia lettuce, a salad that requires little maintenance to grow. I’ll also be signing and selling books. Because of the, Lettuce seed needs temperatures below 86F, Events I’ll be speaking at in 2015, more new varieties, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Succession Planting for Continuous Vegetable Harvests, Winter Preparations for Vegetable Gardens, Cuban Agroecology Tour: Finca Agroecológica El Paraiso, Viñales. Space the sowings according to packet directions that are based on the size of the mature lettuce. Does best when planted in early spring or late summer. Batavia lettuce is a crisp summer variety that will germinate in warm temperatures and is slow to branch. Resort to starting heat-tolerant varieties indoors and moving the lettuce seedlings into the garden, preferably under partial shade, after they've developed a few true leaves. If Donkey can replace Tyee we’ll be very happy! Carioca is another red on green, less red than green. Head Lettuce: Keep 14–20 days, less for delicate types like butterhead and oakleaf, and longer for lettuce grown slowly in cooler temperatures. It’s easy to grow, and can be harvested as a cut-and-come-again lettuce or left to mature to harvest whole. In fact, doing both is recommended to get maximum production. This one stood well in the July heat. Lettuce is definitely one of the more "care-free" crops. Swallowtail Garden Seeds has a selection of seven Batavian lettuces (also called summer crisp lettuces), including Cardinale and a couple I have not tried (Red Ball Jets and Jester).

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