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March 2, 2018 @ Your email address will not be published. For his fans, I hope he releases new music soon. 1:50 am. September 25, 2018 @ My worry – it’s one thing to sing about drinkin’ and drugin’ for a living. No one made comments like this about III (or 3) on SCM 8 years ago! Listen to albums and songs from Hank 3. That’s just foolish. 4:19 pm. Hank…we love you and miss you. I’m hoping for more Hank, soon. 11:31 pm. :) That he may take his time and will be looking forward to hear when he will be touring again. Fifth Harmony was going to call their song "Work," but they changed it to "Work from Home" when Rihanna released a song with that title. But that was all now over two years ago. I still visit his website every single day hoping for some news… Best night of any year is when Hank3 comes to town, and it’s been too long. Ain’t holding my breath. All the great outlaw country guys did it. “Beaches of Biloxi” by Mike and the Moonpies Playing at Stadium, Hank Williams III: “The Systematic Elimination of Hank3 Will Be Over Soon.”, Eric Church: From “Outsider” to Entertainer of the Year, Sturgill Simpson Remembers John Prine After No ‘In Memoriam’ at CMAs. We then heard from Hank3 again in February of 2017 when he won the Ameripolitan Award for Best Outlaw Male. Hank III is the one of only a handful of real country artists out there. Entertainment Weekly: "...This is as goose-bumpy good as [Hank Williams] Senior coming back from the grave." March 2, 2018 @ The grandson of. As lame as Curb was, I didn’t think his albums post Curb were all that great. Cmon Shelton! I lost my best friend Dixie a little more than a year ago now and i miss her every single day still,…..very very close bond with that dog, better friend than any human friend out there. JohnWayneTwitty Hope the man is well. Kiss is the subject of many outlandish rumors - some of which happen to be true. Chris Stapleton’s New COVID Christmas Album (Video)! Joshua Scared the shit out of my dog, bruceinks Atlantic City; 6. March 2, 2018 @ The seemingly inoffensive song, "Deep In The Heart Of Texas," was banned by the BBC when it was released in 1942. Off topic, but I just heard that Brandon Jenkins is no longer with us. You and me both. September 18, 2019 @ Beyond the above information, not much is known about Hank3’s status, when he might commence touring again, or release new music. April 4, 2018 @ March 2, 2018 @ So what’s happening? VeniceKillbilly January 30, 2019 @ March 24, 2019 @ Everyone needs a breathing moment and sometimes the motivation to make art could get stalled by letting life get in the way. Probably strung out on dope. Go look up some late era Tom Waits and prepared to be nauseous. He is an outlaw just like his Dad was but no one comes down on Jr. for his wild and crazy days. I’m not sure he would be Hank III if he did all that…, Last show i saw was hank3 in philly almost 4 years ago now. March 2, 2018 @ That’s what makes Hanks (all III of him) Sounds like more of the same standard response “I’m coming back soon” he’s been saying for a couple years to me. My love for III is not like my weird nerd love of ZZ Top(think Kiss and Star trek people) My love for Hank II is personal. Can’t wait to see III back on the road. music unique. For many reasons selfish and not selfish I pray for him. He’s never done it for me. So why is it that some see being human just the same as you or i , so shitty? His fans need him desperately, Trigger In that…give the man a break. 4:28 pm, Not very familiar with Cohen, but Dylan is fine. Albums include Straight to Hell, The Crybaby, and Lovesick, Broke & Driftin'. Hank III will be back when he’s ready wishing him nothing but the best! 7:24 pm. 8:31 pm, Dear Sir, June 14, 2020 @ Caught a Hank III / aSSjACk show at Tipitini’s the next year. Che He’s also been directing music videos/commercials for Hellbound Glory and Shooter Jennings. Ulysses McCaskill I bet you’ve done something from the list above at least once and i know nothing about you. ShadeGrown Who knows what it was. So once the camp is officially taken care of, we’ll be back in the trenches … Musical gear and all that stuff just piles up. 9:26 pm, Saw Tool over the summer with Primus, Clutch, Fantomas, and the Melvins…incredible. it was great to hear his voice to some music, if only to sing harmony on the chorus and instructing Rudy to “throw that thing into overdrive”. 44 more photos, Add image A few good songs though. We miss you Shelton. Totally pure love. NonProphet There are plenty of other artists out there now that have been inspired and motivated by 3 and they are making decent music. i come from red dirt land. 3:40 am. April 18, 2018 @ Its exhausting on so many level, Chuck I miss you man. I mean they seriously just put out a “Greatest Hits” album of his shit last year and about half of it was just “Straight To Hell” arranged in a different order….which won’t work anyway as that album is a concept record. 7:38 am, hoptowntiger94 My kinda of vibe ! Absolutely love the guy, but I’m not even sure what this means. They deemed the song too catchy, with authorities in wartime Britain concerned that factory workers would be distracted if they heard it during a shift. I’m glad to see ANY update on Hank. Hope everything works out fine for him. As Saving Country Music explained in January of 2016, Hank3 was forced to move out of his long-time home and base camp in East Nashville known affectionately as the Haunted Ranch, which at the time put a dent in his ability to record and tour. Godspeed .I’m sure Gramps is looking over you every single day, gerard shaughnessy 1:26 pm. But there also may be other factors in play according to some very rare responses tabulated on Twitter by a fan who reached out. Have all your cds and think you are what country should sound like! March 2, 2018 @ 6:33 pm. His lyrics are face palm bad. Soon as I heard them fiddles ,banjos , steel guitars, a new soul had been found. I’ve listened to all of this guy’s records Risin outlaw Lovesick Broke and drifting and Straight to Hell being my favorites I hope he gets back real soon! Why do so many people categorically dislike country? Sad news. Cadillac Ranch; 4. Stop the booze, pills and women and focus on music, hes drowning. Still holding out for a tour or new LP announcement, hopefully it’s nothing like Tool where they feel obligated to give us studio updates every decade or so. I’ll drink one for the Williams family tonight and think positively about the idea of seeing Hank 3 on stage in the future. Bob Wayne just played at the little brewery in my hometown, Forest Grove OR. March 5, 2018 @ Saw him twice in concert… good times, even the Assjack set which was some of the most brutal live music I’ve heard, hah. I don’t know why “Ghost To a Ghost/Guttertown” and “Brothers of The 4×4” get such a bad rap. Tone is never as important as authenticity, imo. The hard knocks underground cats. 8:36 pm. Nothing but love for ya bub! Maybe he’s just hangin’ out in Boone County, or maybe he’s tired of all that nonsense. He is the son of a son of a son, that’s got to be a hard thing to have on your shoulders and live up to. Yup! Well sometimes a break turns into an extended vacation weather you want it or not hell any outlaw scumfuc will tell ya keep your head up hoss hope to see you again down in Corpus Christi Texas. musical nepotism without diminishing returns. "Islands in the Stream" was originally written by The Bee Gees as an R&B song. 7:01 am, Just go get Straight to Hell and You’ll figure it out, Wesley Gray Reason To Believe; 8. The republican party to which I was a part of died in 2016. Should we be worried about him? I hope he’s able to come back soon. BUT… The virus has changed everything and he has been in quarantine for so long I worry that he may have been getting ready to get back out…….Who knows. 8:45 am. 1:23 pm, Absolutely I spy finding that a single of his quality and pure rock country only getting some voice to this manufactured music that’s coming through now Hallelujah brother, Jim Waltz 4:49 am. I just listened to ur song u did with Dez. March 24, 2019 @ 12:09 am. Straight To Hell / Satan Is Real - Medley, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Hank Williams III - Smoke & Wine (Acoustic) by Travis L. Castle. Hank 3 natzzef; 304 videos; 530 views; Last updated on Jun 19, 2020; So many videos... Creepy stalker me :/ haha Play all Share. TX Music Jim Shaking everyone’s hand, drinking everyone’s beer. It’s art in it’s purest from. Johnny Gladstone Your email address will not be published. May 23, 2018 @ © 2020 OLDIES.com and its affiliates and partner companies. devastated. Opinions vary. Pink Cadillac; 7. Speaking to the folks who actually identified with him. April 20, 2020 @ Sign in. Basically for now they have taken away everything on every level that I need to be able to do both. 9:41 pm. I’m still waiting for someone to make the argument that Hank 3 is anything but a novelty based on his ability to mimic his grandfather vocally. Well said. Like others have commented in this thread, I too am very glad I went to see Hank every time he came to town, especially the last time when I really wasn’t up for going out that night. I still have the Assjack shirt I bought that night. Wesley Gray It’s been some 3 1/2 years since Hank Williams III has played a live show, and since 2013 that he’s released new music, leaving many to wonder where the 3rd generation performer has disappeared to. 2:23 pm. March 2, 2018 @ And start seeing the fact he wasn’t doing drugs,raping anyone, assaulting noone, stealing nothing, vandalizing nothing , or lying to his wife or mother .He was simply offering to pay for something he could have got anywhere for free. Sign in to YouTube . What Hank was doing was bringing back realness to country music. Time to join the union. 3 might be down in Gutter Town, leanin’ on misery’s door. How a goofy detective movie, a disenchanted director and an unlikely songwriter led to one of the biggest hits in pop history. But u r missed . Or so I’ve been told at least. where do I start with modern country music? Need more… I hope all is well see u soon……, Mark Doucette June 7, 2020 @ I listen to country now just trying to compare to Hank3. You would think Jr. would do more to support him after the way he treated him growing up, nothing short of a red headed step child, and has never gave him NOTHING but a hard time. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on tv, I jumped up and yelled I know that guy! He’s made a lot of albums some good some bad but none I would consider a waste of time! Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. Not holding my breath, but would great to see him return with an album with the caliber of Straight to Hell or even Lovesick, Broke, and Driftin’. The Price You Pay; 5. But you can’t live that life for long. If and when 3 has more to say, we’ll hear it when he’s ready. I just revisited this article on a whim and you posted on it tonite. Country music was dead to me until I heard Hank 3 it had been thirty years since a real feeling surfaced. See if you can spot the fakes. At this point, concern has turned to fear for some fans, and apathy for others as Hank3’s public persona has gone virtually dormant, aside from here and there posts for certain charitable causes that he may champion via social media. March 13, 2018 @ October 11, 2019 @ October 7, 2020 @ People sometimes pray for people because it sounds good. The music around here is so bad…I do not understand what happened to people’s taste…they don ‘t have any! 8:57 pm. 10:45 am, If ur reading these 3 come back when u can and r ready to. Sturgill Simpson Performs “Breaker’s Roar” on Colbert, If You Missed It: Hall of Fame’s “Big Night at the Museum” Event, Mike and the Moonpies | “An Empty Glass” | The Next Waltz, Tyler Childers – Long Violent History (Behind The Scenes), New Bill Anderson Song “It’s A Good Day to Have a Good Day”, The Piedmont Boys – In Came You (Official Video), “It’s Over” – An Original Song by The Petersens (LIVE), Eric Church – “Through My Ray-Bans” (Official Lyric Video), Nick Shoulders | “Too Old to Dream” | Western AF.

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