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$49.99 - $52.99. 88. The South Carolina Costco's sell liquor, you should be able to return liquor to those warehouses but again be sure they return you the sales tax that you paid not their local sales tax. I have a suspicion that the reason they don't list alcoholic beverage sales on their website has to do something with the varying state laws.You could try asking your question on Costco's Facebook page, I have found they are really good about responding. $55.99 - $58.99. Proof. Size. Common Hendrick’s Gin Prices List. Even the ABC store sale price of $26.95 can’t compete with the Costco sale price of $15.69, which is an even greater savings at 41% less than the retail price! This would be a great position for me as I just sold my business and am to young to retire. Check out this selection of KS brand hard liquor also from the DC warehouse. 88. New England Ingenium Gin. We will be hosting a large reception following our son's ordination to the priesthood in DC and will be purchasing the wine, beer, and champagne. 1.75 L. Quantity: 1. Great article on fine wine, liquor, and beer for sale at certain Costcos. The Costco price is 21% less than the retail price! If more convenient, Calvert-Woodley on Connecticut Ave. has liquor prices that match Costco's. CaskWerks Distilling Co. I've been getting conflicting reports lately…, hi thanks for your comment! You save $24.56!! 750ml. Why did it disappear and is it coming back? The local Costco used to carry Bombay Sapphire, but lately it's been missing. Knob Creek Kentucky Bourbon: a 1.75L bottle retails for $69.90 while Costco sells the same bottle for $49.99. I hope this helps Stay tuned for an upcoming post covering highlights of my trip to the Tijuana warehouse! Not sure why they would let such a good product go. I recently bought one liter bottle of Kahlua for the first time at Costco. THX GS NJ. Thanks so much! Virginia Costcos can sell beer and wine but Maryland Costcos can’t sell any alcohol. Price. The Costco price is 28% less than the retail price! I remember the old layout of the Costco connection magazines included a table of all the warehouses in the region and it indicated which sold wine, liquor and or beer but as you know they haven't published those tables in sometime now. And if you’re stocking up for a big event there’s virtually no risk because Costco allows you to return any unused, unopened bottles as long as you have your receipt and all original packaging, (the same goes for unopened cases of beer too), whereas most ABC stores will charge you a restocking fee to return merchandise and some put a cap on how much you can return if they allow returns at all. I was in a Costco earlier today and was shocked on Buffalo Trace price and Patron. The Costco price is 36% off the retail price! Good luck! Since we are from out of town, we will not be able to bring leftovers home. By law we cannot sell this product to anyone under the age of 18. i have had a chance to sample some of kirkland wines which have been very nice. Bombay Sapphire Gin: a 1.75L bottle retails for $53.95 but Costco sells the same bottle for only $29.39. In Montgomery County, Maryland we have a public liquor-store system and the prices are comparable (or lower) than Costco. Yes unopened bottles and cases can be returned to Costco, just hang on to your receipt and all the original packaging . Apologies if this was answered and I overlooked it. Kahlua Coffee Liqueur: a 1.75L bottle retails for $47.95 while Costco sells the same bottle for $35.89. Is the local Costco wine guy a Costco employee or a distributor employee placed at the store? Wine Meats Cheese. Have you heard anything about that? However, again I am not familiar with the Michigan liquor laws either. Hi! Belvedere Vodka: a 1.75L bottle retails for $59.95 but Costco sells the same bottle for only $42.89. Re:Find 92 Proof Handcrafted Gin. Thanks for your comment. You should be able to find most of your favorite Kirkland Signature brands along with many familiar US brands but the majority of merchandise will be brands you'd find throughout Mexico.

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