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Nagahama | [138][139] According to Diana L. Eck and other Indologists such as André Wink, Muslim invaders were aware of Hindu sacred geography such as Mathura, Ujjain, and Varanasi by the 11th-century. It was used as the name of the Indus River and also referred to … Riemenpeitsche. .mw-parser-output .Hani{font-size:110%}日野町, -chō) ist eine Stadt südöstlich des Biwa-Sees im Gamō-gun im Osten der japanischen Präfektur Shiga. [136] The tradition and temples likely existed well before the medieval era Hindu manuscripts appeared that describe them and the sacred geography. [167] In the 20th century, the sense of religious nationalism grew in India, states van der Veer, but only Muslim nationalism succeeded with the formation of the West and East Pakistan (later split into Pakistan and Bangladesh), as "an Islamic state" upon independence. Amalendu Misra (2004), Identity and Religion, SAGE Publications, CA Bayly (1985), The pre-history of communialism? [123], Overlaps in Jain-Hindu identities have included Jains worshipping Hindu deities, intermarriages between Jains and Hindus, and medieval era Jain temples featuring Hindu religious icons and sculpture. [101][104] A Hindu could: In the Constitution of India, the word "Hindu" has been used in some places to denote persons professing any of these religions: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism or Sikhism. The medieval persecution included waves of plunder, killing, destruction of temples and enslavement by Turk-Mongol Muslim armies from central Asia. Orochimon sind Dämonen-Drachen-Digimon mit 8 Schlangenköpfen, wobei 7 davon metallerne Kopien des achten Kopfes, der sozusagen den Anführer darstellt, sind. [160] The Hindu nationalism ideology that emerged, states Jeffrelot, was codified by Savarkar while he was a political prisoner of the British colonial empire. [129] Marriages between Sikhs and Hindus, particularly among Khatris, were frequent. Bangla Vashai Arobi Farsi Turki Hindi Urdhu Ovidhan ডাউনলোড . Basic Shiksha Parishad, Allahabad, U.P. [135], The Hindus have been persecuted during the medieval and modern era. Jeaneane Fowler (1996), Hinduism: Beliefs and Practices, Sussex Academic Press, Stella Kramrisch (1958), Traditions of the Indian Craftsman, The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. Sake-Power [51][52], The historical meaning of the term Hindu has evolved with time. Orochimon schlägt seinen Gegner mit seinem Schwanz. The Kali age now deserves deepest congratulations for being at the zenith of its power, [173] In contrast, opponents of Hindu nationalists remark that eliminating religious law from India poses a threat to the cultural identity and religious rights of Muslims, and people of Islamic faith have a constitutional right to Islamic shariah-based personal laws. John Mansfield (2005), The Personal Laws or a Uniform Civil Code?, in Religion and Law in Independent India (Editor: Robert Baird), Manohar. Brajadulal Chattopadhyaya (1998), Representing the other? https://digimon.fandom.com/de/wiki/Orochimon?oldid=94399.   are now heard ear-piercing noises of Brahmins being dragged, bound in iron-fetters, Kōka | [137], According to Fleming, those who question whether the term Hindu and Hinduism are a modern construction in a religious context present their arguments based on some texts that have survived into the modern era, either of Islamic courts or of literature published by Western missionaries or colonial-era Indologists aiming for a reasonable construction of history. Februar 1940), Prakash Hinduja und Ashok Hinduja.Die Sunday Times „Rich List“ schätzt ihr Gesamtvermögen auf 11,9 Milliarden Pfund (ca. Religious conflict in India 1700–1860, Modern Asian Studies, Vol. ", "Hindus from Pakistan flee to India, citing religious persecution", Religious Composition by Country (December 2012), Hindu population totals in 2010 by Country, Table: Religious Composition (%) by Country, Total Fertility Rates of Hindus by Region, 2010–2050, Projected Global Hindu Population, 2010–2050, "Grasping the Nettle: Indian Nationalism and Globalization", "The Hermeneutics of the word "Religion" and Its Implications for the World of Indian Religions", "Hinduism: On the Proper Use of a Deceptive Term", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hindus&oldid=986551425, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, follow a tradition centred on any particular form of the Divine, such as, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 15:38. [73] While Xuanzang suggested that the term refers to the country named after the moon, another Buddhist scholar I-tsing contradicted the conclusion saying that In-tu was not a common name for the country. Doinondin Jibone Rasulullahr (sm) Hadis ডাউনলোড . [51][54] By the mid-19th century, colonial orientalist texts further distinguished Hindus from Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains,[51] but the colonial laws continued to consider all of them to be within the scope of the term Hindu until about mid-20th century. Martin Ramstedt (2003), Hinduism in Modern Indonesia, Routledge, Murdana, I. Ketut (2008), BALINESE ARTS AND CULTURE: A flash understanding of Concept and Behavior, Mudra – JURNAL SENI BUDAYA, Indonesia; Volume 22, page 5-11. Darose Quran v.1 Surah Muzzammil 1-14 Ayat ডাউনলোড: Dhormovittik Rajniti Nisiddho Ghosonar Dabi o Prasongik Vabna ডাউনলোড . [167] The successes of each side fed the fears of the other, leading to the growth of Hindu nationalism and Muslim nationalism in the Indian subcontinent. [63] Scholars state that the custom of distinguishing between Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs is a modern phenomenon. Gamō-gun: [72][c] It was used as the name of the Indus River and also referred to its tributaries. Starting after the 10th century and particularly after the 12th century Islamic invasion, states Sheldon Pollock, the political response fused with the Indic religious culture and doctrines. Ida Bagus Sudirga (2009), Widya Dharma – Agama Hindu, Ganeca Indonesia, IGP Sugandhi (2005), Seni (Rupa) Bali Hindu Dalam Perspektif Epistemologi Brahma Widya, Ornamen, Vol 2, Number 1, pp. Chollish Hadis ডাউনলোড . Orochimon speiht Flammen auf seinen Gegner. [58] Pollock presents many such examples and suggests an emerging Hindu political identity that was grounded in the Hindu religious text of Ramayana, one that has continued into the modern times, and suggests that this historic process began with the arrival of Islam in India. 58–69, "The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010–2050", "The Global Religious Landscape – Hinduism", "Christianity 2015: Religious Diversity and Personal Contact", "The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 201=Pew Research Center", BANGLADESH 2012 INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM REPORT, Indonesia: Religious Freedoms Report 2010, https://www.wionews.com/south-asia/pakistan-muslim-league-q-objects-to-construction-of-hindu-temple-in-islamabad-310269, "2014 Religious Landscape Study – Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life", The Census of Population and Housing of Sri Lanka-2011, "The World Factbook – Central Intelligence Agency", "The World Factbook — Central Intelligence Agency", "Resident population by religion and sex", "Table: Religious Composition by Country, in Numbers (2010)", "2071.0 – Reflecting Australia – Stories from the Census, 2016", "The 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census", "Religious Composition (Census of Guyana – 2012)", Arena – Atlas of Religions and Nationalities in Russia, Rāmāyaṇa and political imagination in India, 10 Countries With the Largest Hindu Populations, 2010 and 2050, On Hindu, Hindustān, Hinduism and Hindutva, On Hindu, Hindustān, Hinduism, and Hindutva, Understanding the Martyrdom of Guru Arjan, "Hindu-Muslim Tension in India: An Interface between census and Politics during Colonial India", "Archive of All Colonial India documents", "Bramchari Sidheswar Shai and others Versus State of West Bengal", "Religious Persecution in Cross-National Context: Clashing Civilizations or Regulated Religious Economies? Ein Orochimon ist das Partnerdigimon von einem der fünf ursprünglichen Digiritter. Anjali Pandey, Re‐Englishing ‘flat‐world’ fiction, World Englishes, 10.1111/weng.12370, 38, 1-2, (200-218), (2019). Aishō | [58][60] The 14th- and 18th-century Indian poets such as Vidyapati, Kabir and Eknath used the phrase Hindu dharma (Hinduism) and contrasted it with Turaka dharma (Islam). Attacken Rachel Sturman (2010), Hinduism and Law: An Introduction (Editors: Timothy Lubin et al), Cambridge University Press. Ein Orochimon unterdrückt ein Gekomon-Dorf und zwingt die Gekomon Sake für es zu brennen. Die Digimon der Digiritter treffen auf ihrer Reise durch die Digiwelt u. a. auf ein Orochimon. Chollish Hadis ডাউনলোড . He later sired Preakness Stakes winner Buddhist and Belmont Stakes winner and Leading sire in North America Hanover. Attacke 2 [58] Temples dedicated to deity Rama were built from north to south India, and textual records as well as hagiographic inscriptions began comparing the Hindu epic of Ramayana to regional kings and their response to Islamic attacks. : Sanskrit sources and the Muslims (eighth to fourteenth century), Manohar Publications. K Reddy (2011), Indian History, Tata McGraw Hill. Earth is no longer the producer of wealth, nor does Indra give timely rains, in. [83] In the texts of Delhi Sultanate era, states Sharma, the term Hindu remains ambiguous on whether it means people of a region or religion, giving the example of Ibn Battuta's explanation of the name "Hindu Kush" for a mountain range in Afghanistan. [64] Distinguishing Indian traditions is a fairly recent practice, states Lipner, and is the result of "not only Western preconceptions about the nature of religion in general and of religion in India in particular, but also with the political awareness that has arisen in India" in its people and a result of Western influence during its colonial history. Christophe Jaffrelot (2007), Hindu Nationalism: A Reader, Princeton University Press. Ann Kenney et al (2003), Worshiping Siva and Buddha: The Temple Art of East Java, University of Hawaii Press.

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