honeywell hl09ceswk window kit

It’s one less step you’ll need to do to complete installation. Let us know below. The HL14CESWK, a 14,000 BTU portable AC unit by the old standard, becomes an 8,500 BTU unit by the new standard. 52 1/16" with pin securing (spec = 49.6”), Weather Stripping included – On the plus side, these units work great as dehumidifiers with two drain plugs and an included drain hose. Well, it doesn’t matter. Clearly, the LG offers superior cooling capacity. The most efficient “10,000 BTU” model on the market is again an LG – either the LG LP1017WSR or LG LP1018WNR – with a SACC of 6,500 BTUs. WK = White and blacK But what about the most important aspect of them all? Speaking of included weather stripping, Honeywell HL units come with a minimal set – two compact sponge adhesive seals for use around the window frame and a single less dense foam seal for the larger gap between the moving part of the window and the static part of the window (once you install the window kit). The one point I want to add that I never see mentioned is what a huge difference it makes to insulate the exhaust hose. For example, the Honeywell HL14CHESWW is simply the white version of the white and black Honeywell HL14CESWK. adjust in 3/4" increments with included plastic pins (no cutting), Window Kit Min Length – The Honeywell HL10CESWK is our top-scoring model and a great option if you plan on moving your A/C up or down stairs or between rooms on a regular basis. Most other portable AC units come with a more extensive kit – more weather stripping pieces. The downside here is that the connection to the window bracket isn’t very air tight. Most other portable AC units come equipped with a single drain (at the bottom of the unit) and do not come with an included drain hose. In the past, it was difficult to compare models by different brands in the same BTU class. For example, for the Honeywell HL14CESWB we have. 6x plastic pins (to secure the window bracket kit at a particular length), Window Kit Adjustment – Have a question or comment? These filters fit into grilles that are removed either via pulling on some latches or unscrewing a single screw using a Philips head screwdriver. Even when it is working at max efficiency it has never done a great job of cooling the upstairs(builder grade AC). I am 61yo with some health issues and my main goal is to maintain a nice 72 degree overall temp with less where I sleep and the lowest possible humidity which I hate. A lot of negative comments out there regarding portable AC units. Two different standards exist for calculating cooling capacity. Many other portable AC units (by other brands) come with at least two extensions. Over 5,000 BTUs are lost due to the two inefficiencies above. A 14,000 BTU unit was a 14,000 BTU unit. So far I have found with my upstairs unit it just sucks humidity away and with the way it vents condensate I have not had a lot of water to drain away. So far, we’ve seen one strong positive for HL series units and a few prominent negatives. The included exhaust hose is 5 inches in diameter, 4 feet in length, and the window bracket is adjustable for fitting windows … Because they consistently have a lower SACC than the competition in each respective BTU size category. The new standard is called seasonally adjusted cooling capacity. 1. water collects inside unit and evaporates by itself Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner - Stay cool. This review covers the entire Honeywell Contempo line of portable air conditioners. The Honeywell HL09CESWK is unique in that it doesn’t fall into the traditional 8,000 BTU size class. Although some models don’t come with any weather stripping at all – the NewAir NAC14KWH02, for example. extension Scenario 2 - high humidity results in excess water condensation. I, and I know others too, cannot afford 10 or 12K right now to replace my furnace and central AC so this was a good option for my sleeping area at a modest price. Eventually I want to sit it up a bit higher and hook the lower drain into a condensate pump and the have that draining outside via a hole I will drill in the window panel. Add to that my entire home is a total of 1,500 SF so a lot less to cool. Moisture removal rate (pints of moisture removal per day) varies by model. Many other portable AC units have kits that don’t have to be extended in increments. Easy install window vent kit for vertical/horzontal windows - Adjustable bracket (from 26.6" or 33.1" to 49.6"), Exhaust Hose (Length 10.6" to 59") Dual Filtration System - Easy to clean regularly under a faucet. HL series units feature a fairly standard duct length. The "water full" light turns on and the AC unit stops working. Because we cannot find the SACC rating for this unit. Cooling. Hose Min/Max – 16.5" to 61.75". The three modes above – cool, dry, fan – is the industry standard for portable AC units. Scenario 3 - high humidity but can use continuous draining (3 above) in cooling or dry modes but NOT heating mode, Drain hose included – yes, 29" hose included, Honeywell HL10CESWK - 80 2x sponge adhesive seals HL series units have control panel LEDs that cannot be turned off – again, an industry standard. Most other portable AC units do not require you to unscrew anything to access any filter. The back of these units looks like this (1/15). I do have it sitting on a drain pan in case at some point it would ever leak.

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