how to connect outdoor wifi antenna to router

3rd either your router is faulty, or configured incorrectly. 2.4 Outdoor Antenna Type & Range: Turn your standard WIFI antenna into one just like the $30 range extender antennas for about 5 cents! Depending on your antenna type, outside obstructions, and type of usage, the PiFi Outdoor WiFi Extender can range from several yards up to 1/2 mile. Are you trying to get coverage in an area with lots of obstructions? Let the silicone paste set for at least four hours before reapplying the paste again. Simply unplug your router, and it'll re-calibrate. Extend your wifi coverage from inside your home to outside! The directional is for getting signal to a specific point. You get a more omni-directional output (less fiddling with exact antenna placement) and approx. Easy installation: Just need a plier wrench and simple handyman skills. For more 360 coverage choose the larger Omni. I get it thru my cable company and it drives me crazy, especially when it drops out right in the middle of an instructable! After purchase a team member will be in touch prior to shipping. Screw an end of the coaxial cable onto the female coax end of the USB-to-coax adaptor. Apply silicone paste around the USB male end of the USB-to-coax adaptor where it meets the female end of the USB Wi-Fi adaptor. Did you make this project? Check behind wall plates too. I'm totally ignorant about wifi (my caveat/confession): is the length of the antenna why my wifi connection keeps dropping in and out? A small flat jeweler's screwdriver works great! First, are there any splitters or couplers in the service line either outside before entering the house, or inside before cable connects to the modem. A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography with a Bachelor of Arts in photographic arts, his editorial work has appeared both domestically as well as internationally in publications such as "Home Theater," "Electronic House," "eGear," "Computer and Video Games" and "Digitrends.". However, this functionality isn’t available on some devices like the Huawei AI Cube B900. :-p. I dont see why you can't your range will be less than optimal being inside the case, so you may want to use NetStumbler and check your readings after the install, at the very least you may need to move the case to get a descent signal to where you're operating. The Vector will support up to 150 Mbps on an 802.11n network, and the repeater has two Ethernet ports to connect another router or a PC. If the router did, there would be a port for one on the back of the router, usually near the power cord. Selected kit includes all parts for installation. Even if you get your wifi router from your company you can still connect a second wifi router and use that. The procedure requires a few common household tools as well as some supplies from a hardware store and electronics shop. Simply install the PiFi Outdoor WiFi Extender outside your home or building and connect to an existing router with internet service with our included 100 feet of CAT6 ethernet cable. Amazingly, you don't even have to glue them. :), 10 years ago on Introduction, i have an apple mac g4 case which i modded to become a pc case, can i use a wifi card cable to use the internal (apple case aerial) attached to that case?if so that would put my server down to running on just 2-3 wires (trying to have the least ammount of cables so i can do a (set it & forget it) in my back room. oh, and if you found any splitters, make sure they don't cut off too low. Not wanting to spend $ for a SECOND internet connection! Thee outdoor Wi-Fi antenna must be properly connected to the router being used with the wireless home network if it is to be used reliably over time. Plug the USB male end of the USB-to-coax adaptor into the connection on the USB Wi-Fi adaptor that is being used to acquire the Wi-Fi signals for the antenna. You were right: I called the nice people at Belkin (manufacturers of my router) and they talked me thru a re-conformation/reworking of my router and now, it works great! and speak to us about a solution for your home, office, or business. It will usually say right on the outside of cable. About 0% of these are Communication Antenna, 15% are Other Communication & Networking Modules. although you can if you want to. you dont need the all new one because older ones work perfectly. Apply silicone paste around the inside of the hole as well. I think they're for shakes, etc. These antennas have very low power gain (generally 2dBi-9dBi) and are designed for internal uses. Also helpful when troubleshooting poor HDTV signal. Farm, yard, pool, RV campgrounds, and outdoor spots. i place all my time and faith in a belkin wireless router. Your antenna option will change the signal coverage. Run the coaxial cable along the baseboard of the wall until you reach the router. Contact us at 305-798-8505 Drill a hole in the baseboard with the portable drill. 3 months ago No more weak signal, because you’re bringing reliable signal to you! Aply silicone paste around the seam where the coaxial cable screws onto the female coax end of the USB-to-coax adaptor -- this will provide weatherproof protection. The PiFI Outdoor WiFi Extender will then broadcast signal outside to a location that has no or limited internet access. Run the coaxial cable to the baseboard of the outside wall of the house. Thee outdoor Wi-Fi antenna must be properly connected to the router being used with the wireless home network if it is to be used reliably over time. on Step 9. cheers for the advice, but as my card has 3 aerials, i would only be using one socket and using the other aerials as normal. what you need is a directional antenna fitted to a drone with a very long cable with a second cable powering the can send it up, fixed gps and rotate it to find the best signals. probably not, it's likely your router. By selecting yes, we'll have your equipment already setup with your desired network name & password so that it works right out of the box. We provided lifetime technical support. Digg if you like my very first Instructable. Works for all internet providers, routers, modems, and wifi devices. The PiFi Access Point & Outside Antennas (2.4 GHz) are installed outside the home. It comes in thru our own router, and ever since getting the our own router is when the dropouts started. offers 297 connect outdoor wifi antenna to router products. : Turn your standard WIFI antenna into one just like the $30 range extender antennas for about 5 cents! Now the outside antennas will broadcast signal outdoors! Hemera Technologies/ Images. Follow these easy steps, and then check out the video if you need extra clarification. A quarter wave length dipole for 2.4Ghz is 1.23 inches and a full wave is nearly 4.92 inches. High-speed digital 100-foot CAT6 cable to bring signal inside from PiFi to your router. Yes, the PiFi Outdoor WiFi Extender is compatible with most routers. Double check to make sure your router allows you to use an external antenna. 8D, Participated in the The Instructables Book Contest. The procedure requires a few common household tools as well as some supplies from a hardware store and electronics shop. However, that doesn't keep me from still being a technogeek! 8 years ago Reply Yes, it helps tremendously. I know there is a signal attenuation issue with long wires, but can we push this signal to its extreme limit so anywhere at the locations where this long copper wire traverse through get good WiFi? Then strip off 1/8" of the insulation or sand off 1/8" of the coating on non-insulated wire (depending on what you're using). You'll need: small gauge solid copper wire, insulated or non-insulated, and a wood screw/drywall screw, measuring tape or ruler, and a soldering iron. A wide variety of connect outdoor wifi antenna to router options are available to you, such as max. Share it with us! See my video to see the results, and Digg this if you like my very first Instructable! Thanks for your help. Contact our customer support. Not much. Haunted TV - Powered by Raspberry Pi & OpenCV. on Introduction, I would also like to add that a pc case has the ability to be a case ground, which means if any short were to happen against the metal frame you have a circuit fryer. About: I've had many different jobs in my life, but I've discovered my passion: Mental Health Counseling. and you also dont need any software to be put on it to make it faster. This is common source of bad signal, especially if connections are corroded, or limit frequency throughput. I don't know if we set it up wrong or what, but it hasn't dropped out even once since doing it. Better signal today: Get internet where you couldn’t before. on Introduction. An outdoor Wi-Fi antenna is well suited for picking up Wi-Fi transmissions that might be blocks away. It's a match made in heaven! Please can someone explain the trick of this hack?? Apply silicone paste around the outside of the hole where the coaxial cable goes through. You obviously cannot solder your wireless adapter to a metal case, there  is something we like to call resonant frequency and attaching something that will cause a mismatch load to the transmitter (1:1) will more than likely damage it over a short period of time. Plug the USB end of the coax-to-USB adaptor into the USB antenna port on the back of the router. No worries. If not another option would be to get another router and run it in bridge mode, or a wifi extender. Could it be your router? Reply It’s relatively easier to run a thin “invisible” copper strand along the wall than a thicker CAT5 cable. Push the free end of the coaxial cable through the hole in the baseboard. 9 years ago I put Drone antenna on mine and it worked great. I have one and it works perfectly. other NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender - Wall Plug Version 4. 3 years ago, 1 inch = 2.54 cm2 3/4 (2.75) inch = 6.985 cmGoogle is a great tool. Is it possible to bring reliable WiFi to a distant location by having the transmitter at one location but simply running a long copper wire as its antenna from it to a remote location instead of bringing the transmitter itself to that remote location? on Introduction. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. It works REALLY well on both your wireless cards and routers. Most 4G and 5G home broadband routers will allow you to connect an external antenna. Extends your WiFi signal from inside your home to outside up to ½ mile! just unscrew the drywall screw to remove it from the wire. WIFI Antenna Hack! Farm, yard, pool, RV campgrounds, and outdoor spots. Great option for people needing wifi in an outdoor location such as farm, pool, patio, yard etc., sharing internet with a neighbor or family member, or broadcasting from an RV campground with an internet source. Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye! Is the antenna pointing towards the right direction? McD's has them... they're slightly larger diameter than a regular drinking straw. Omni and directional for farther reach. Hammer nail "U" clamps into the baseboard at regular intervals to circle and hold the coaxial cable in position. Also helps if the Coax used on incoming line is 3G rated. Yes, I know this post is 6 years old.....but, it depends on several factors. Overlap all the bare wire from the stock antenna base and the new antenna. Let the silicone paste set for two hours before continuing.

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