how to keep your boyfriend happy in a relationship

he knows i love him. Keep the ball rolling! You do not need to serve your boyfriend hand and foot to make him happy, men enjoy the simplest things in life. "If you're trying to talk to your boyfriend but he's on his phone or playing video games the entire time, he may be physically there, but he's not really present," Pompey told INSIDER. I always want to be told that they love me, and I always make an effort to buy gifts I think they would like, because I pay attention and listen to them. However his sisters are very against it, they are always giving off sly ,sarcastic comments and it hurts us both. We all have our ways of dealing with stress, and for some of us, we play video games, some of us go hiking with our friends and some of us drink a lot of coffee. Or in other words, keep the conversation going. but sometimes when we lose someone we love. You will also break his trust if you often lie to other people. hi i want to advise from someone.i met my husband in school we are married couple(3 year).our love affair 12 years came.we are living in dubai.i am doing parttime job and his working hotel.his living with me my accomadation last 2year and six month.but he twise a week going to see his hotel friends and that night he not coming home.he cant stay every day with me i hope his very boring.before he said lies to me he going parttime but later i found photoes with friend party.after that iam asking why u telling lies to me.then he get angry and he pack his stuff and left my place.18 days he is living with friend accomadation.but every day his giving blank call.that 18 days i was very upset.after that he came home but i saw his mobile pictures his full of enjoy that he found god job.he said icant stay home bcoz my work place little far iam going to stay their accomadation.but my friend said here to his work place buses are working.i told to my husband here have some busses please don't go accomadation but he said no i am going to stay their bcoz i want to stay at time in my work place.right now i feel very alonely.his coming home once week.i know his love me bcoz my birthdays his giving always good surprises for me.feel like he love me.but he not triying to stay with me.if iam not calling to his mobile he also not calling me.he don't have a afair with other women.only thing he always like to stay with 4 days came he went to new accomadation to stay.this days iam feeling very sad.he knows about it.i want to take him again my house how can do? I wasn't sure if there was such thing as a "loss of magic/love" phase. But we have a lot of fights and we get mad at each other and I know we both love each other. Eating healthy food together at a table will not only encourage good family nutrition, but provides a regular, sacred space for conversation and laughter. What do I do?? thank you GUYS. what can i do? i say things i really don't mean when we fight and i feel like hes pulling away. The problem is I still want her, she says she still wants me after all of this. We have two children a girl and a boy which I would say that I am very proud of. In order to have a healthy relationship, both parties have to be willing to work on it. He doesn’t care that much about how he looks, but he cares a lot about if people respect him. what do i do. Where does desperation come from, us or them? Showing enthusiasm in the daily conversations that you engage with your boyfriend helps in boosting the positive vibes. Loyalty is a deep-rooted characteristic that men look for in their friends and partners. i love him, he does too. this article gives me so many advice on how keep a relationship much closer and longer..and also it gives me courage to love my boyfriend more and more. I'm just not sure what to do anymore, so anyone looking through this for some help or encouragement... Just make sure if you know it's right between you guys, to never give up and don't be afraid to talk it out if you have feel there's and issue. To them, what's true is true and does not need to be constantly addressed. I wish there was a way to make them see that they are being unacceptable and for us to block out they're crap and carry on being happy. Besides being a girlfriend, never forget that you are also his companion and partner in life. 7. I am 17 and my guy is 18. he was changed . Next time you have a fight or are even upset with your boyfriend or husband, take a step back and see if some of the problem is caused by your two very different communication styles. I tell him all the time about this situation but nothing seems to change. But Katz stressed that if the relationship isn't working, then it isn't working. Any response would be greatly appreciated. But I call myself names in the relation ship and I think all this negative thoughts and I don't know how to get rid of them. I always read these views and they are slowly fixing me and not only me but my partner as well.It may not happen as fast as I want it to but we are slowly getting there.All thanks to the advices and new knowledge I get here.Everything I have read here so far is the things I normally used to do.But I have managed to contain myself. It’ll put a smile on his face that won’t be erased for a long time. we have a baby together and i feel like i love him to death. Most people want it, some people find it, and a few die never experiencing it. I am only 18 with a little over a year relationship with my age 19 boyfriend but I am 1 month away from marriage. Want to Know What Truly Motivates You, and How to Always Stay Motivated? Why try to kiss and do all those things if the spark is no longer there, never force anything onto anyone, let them make that decision, and if that is that they are no longer interested in you, then find someone else. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. me (going 15) and my boyfriend ( 18 ) are fine but WERE APART from each other Im in highschool and he's college we don't care if somebody that im almost his little sis, My problem is HE SPEAKS AND TEXTS MY BFF OFTEN AND MY BFF TELLS ME THAT I DON'T HAVE TO BE JEALOUS I'm a girl too. Like what you see here? Can you TALK and COMMUNICATE your problems to him without them sounding like he's the problem? i keep on remembering his looks and acts and i cant forget him . We moved together in 2008 and from there, things have been horrible. If you don’t want to insult him, you’ll make sure you don’t cross the line with this. But I used to be very cold to her from my past relationship when we first got together but I made a change after a year with her and started opening up and showing more affection. How do go about this situation ?

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