how to quiet ac compressor

Ted, Hi Ted! Typically these machines are not overly loud but because of the nature of the machine, they can introduce a massive amount of vibration energy that will transmit itself down, through the roof, joists and physically move/shake your apartment. This method is another play on the air intake system, where you can actually extend the intake component and move it to the outside so that noise is transferred somewhere else instead of the inside of your house or workspace. These will allow the machine to shake and vibrate as it needs to without the energy carrying to the structure above. Another thing to consider is that if the machine is vibrating and there are pipes connected to the machine — the pipes can also introduce a vibration into the structure. 3.) One that is specifically designed with being quiet in mind. Required fields are marked *. If all else fails, then you can upgrade to an air compressor specifically designed to be quieter than the standard ones on the market. If the vibration issue is resolved and you need to take the situation further, you will likely need some kind of exterior-rated sound blanket to stop the sound from “pouring” over the edge of the roof and down toward you. - 5p.m. (Fans on newer units are very quiet.) Thanks for your help. When going quiet, you will be sacrificing some form of power. 123 Columbia Court North • Suite 201 • Chaska, MN 55318 • Tel: (952)-448-5300 What about interior “whooshing” sounds coming from the interior vents and dealing with people with hypersensitive hearing and consider the loud rush of air coming out of the vents an annoyance? I’m having a hard time understanding the situation holistically. Ted, I enjoyed reading your article. You can find a plethora of different quiet compressor box ideas on the Internet, everything from complete compressor rooms with framing, multiple layers of drywall, and sound deadening insulation batts to plywood boxes, old freezers and even cardboard boxes. Remember, whenever making any modifications to quiet your air compressor, safety should be your first priority. I live in an apartment on the top (fourth) floor and the condensers are above my unit. It’s made of steel and runs at 120 PSI max. 1) Install rubber vibration dampers underneath unit between unit and cement pad? These can also be hung from a fence, but would need to be hung on the neighbor’s side of the fence. As long as this is done properly, which I discuss in the blog article, the machine will be just fine. You can use the rubber isolation that is mount to anchor on the compressor to the floor. I would pull the trim away, compress the insulation by pusing it into the gap, and finishing that joint with a non-hardening acoustical sealant or non-hardening construction sealant. Roobik Gorjian. -Ted. This is a more basic yet somewhat popular technique to quiet an air compressor, especially among budget-conscious owners. If having a loud and noisy air compressor is something you are trying to fix then I may have a solution that will work for you. If you use rigid plumbing, install a short flexible air hose between the compressor and the plumbing. This compressor sound blanket is commonly used on chain-link or privacy style fences. All you need is a rubber hose that is big enough to fit over the intake of the compressor, and a bracket.

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