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To produce knowledge about the natural world, scientists currently use a particular method: the scientific method.This method is based on observation and hypothesis, which is tested (through experimentation). 7�J�!�|��>�ȕ�N>�F,Q'\-k�F�T����V��Es;���k���#�-r d�$�I$�;�X$�I�����:n[L���{I��] ;i�I�!=J�Ur�ԡ����p.�Vy�%���Q�n��u"��b��ub���+�����c���i�⌴F�O��m�-8v22�d�dQYK&�� ���_o�aZ�ӨF~�%IN��������7�=�*�a���:��@��RΕ:_��2�̦��3���s�h��Z��ewZ�)5�X9�u�eg�\ �?�k� �\���, Some feel that because of science's successes, virtually everything can and should be explained through the natural sciences. Mankind arguably benefited in many ways from this cognitive paradigm shift and with an increased understanding of the world around us, living standards and arguably education generally improved. startxref With the rapid advancement of knowledge produced by the sciences over the last centuries, people started to explore the boundaries of the latter's scope. ToK Group Activity . >> /Info 17 0 R In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. << What can we do to enhance the power of these human tools? What is the role of imagination and intuition in the creation of hypotheses in the natural sciences? /S 216 (, Scientists observe mysterious cosmic web directly for the first time, 100 years on: the picture that changed our understanding of the universe. /H [ 830 382 ] /Resources << �,~Z�!͓ Mjq-5p(5���gg�����Ùg���{7��;��E~��>:;���utt[x��7z��+n��^��"��=�����Q�P�r"��Hj(Z�(J � '�;��dѺ�?�b_PtM�Im�v��M�nO���L h����tj��Y��W4 �xxvO���H�݇ђ�:�5��k�{, VQ���i)��u~q�=���?���=�g^���c����W�Y����nUȓ�a'%>uѴ���a�Ǣ�0���������1Q��(���.��Z��cu�涊��ՙ��)�:�bV� ����c� Oh+��D�{!�$�i�+w.Z/1�C�|9L��ךR2cD%�[L�[�;�(��i�&�h�<2�O^5��`!� �_bdA�9���Z�y�T.4D�;-���u� XT�+�Q�I•�+� e�a*b>��a����|���FF�d�b�ˈ=�T���li ����� 1�>a��e�w%��V{����P�c�1�����V��+|�U&���ޙ�^("���_%N��Ћ�/��1���Dg�� �Lj �wiJ������/�)���Ʃм�� ���]��R!���x�JC��v$Ur���e�ٿ@a.y(Ma�"r|� �c�ޣC>q���t� ���.�N$aJ�2��p ����zE�J�٧�W��W�/L^��zՈ�Ffy{���J�U�ʰ��x@�0IN�ܙ�:w=��1��$�j�^�z7��`9�Je[t�E�AdO`2̏0�|�l/\krlo��t0�^^�h| S�"M�r}�Qv�Ћ:b���[��� q�0\*Ȩ1b\!lM�ؖ��CaEũx����o�R;qDzc�A\p�epSp{bs�bD>����-D�T�E"�Z�&�v���Z�6��WH��xE9����f�o�;�_��fd\��T��l�� �s�,vU���z&��nx{�������&�Fn�C;xSi��"���OhY1R�p�>v�-��s#�;[G�J�9N�U"��>g�sd�R�mnH�r#B����h?���%������P���C��S{�1� 6qа��\����@�Y:*L�-Ɏ��%�^�A�żw�� Scientific evidence soon became synonymous with 'ultimate proof' and religious knowledge was challenged by scientific sceptics. The… /ID [<471df5e0e22fc217ac8cd11e26801f5a><471df5e0e22fc217ac8cd11e26801f5a>] /Font << /F12 23 0 R /F17 28 0 R /F22 33 0 R >> ^ g 4 In what ways have developments in science challenged long-held ethical values. The possession of scientific knowledge undoubtedly entails ethical responsibility. /P 0 Reducing love to the effects of chemicals. /Length 308 The various class activities and units of … Reading: Abel, Man Is the Measure: Chapter 11 The Social Sciences a. Ben Goldacre explains in his TED talk, how the pharmaceutical companies can play with statistics and inconvenient findings to prove the efficiency of their medication, for example. 0000001212 00000 n The mere fact that mathematicians use their own 'language of symbols' raises interesting TOK questions about language as a way of knowing. This map tries to describe, predict and explain different essential aspects of the natural world. Is prediction the primary purpose of scientific knowledge? But if you want to tap into the emotional core of what the disease is about, this kind of explanation is perhaps quite useless. Edinborough, UK: Pearson Educational, 2008. Each discipline within the natural sciences aims to produce knowledge about different aspects of the natural world. Should the natural sciences be regarded as a body of knowledge, a system of knowledge, or a method? /CropBox [-0.0000 -0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] ?=�����d�+Ш;�kv��p�Cc8�{7��98@���1S��e� �&l>�s���W�rL�|�?\xg�Ѕ���; /Length 2824 This section provides some respources to stimulate discussion and give ideas for your TOK Essay. 0000035704 00000 n On what basis can we decide it is OK to "redesign nature"? %PDF-1.4 endobj Does scientific language have a primarily descriptive, explanatory or interpretative function? To what extent can empathy, intuitive, and feeling be legitimate ways of knowing in the human sciences?

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