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The liver gets the required ATP energy through oxidation of amino acids and fatty acids, which may contribute to cancer cachexia weight loss, even when caloric intake is adequate. At the time, she had survived 7 years after receiving surgery and hydrazine sulfate for her glioblastoma multiforme (grade 4) brain cancer, one of the fastest growing and most untreatable kinds (about 1% survival with orthodox therapies). In cancer patients who are experiencing weight loss, a 40% increase in glucose production in the liver has been reported, which can lead to the increased energy expenditure seen during the development of cachexia as the body struggles to meet the cancer cells’ growing metabolic demands. The new glucose formed may then be re-presented to the cancer cell for fuel and the cycle will be repeated. Hyrdazine sulphate inhibits anaerobic glycolysis, the metabolic process which mainly feeds cancer cells. The shoulders, clavicles, chest and thighs melt away. There are certain foods that need to be avoided so that there are no negative reactions. • Hydrazine Sulfate Health Topic • Hydrazine Sulfate: A New Cancer Treatment Serving size in pets varies greatly by weight. If cancer has damaged the body to the point that the organs are shutting down then the chance of winning the battle becomes almost impossible no matter what method you try. The Hydrazine Sulfate Protocol Hydrazine sulfate is a compound that has the ability to shut down the enzyme that is responsible for producing glucose from the lactic acid byproducts that are produced by the cancer, thereby stopping the cycle of cachexia. Below are links to websites about Hydrazine Sulfate. For these reasons, Hydrazine Sulfate is definitely something worth looking into. • Cancer Anorexia-Cachexia Syndrome: Current Issues in Research and Management To receive blog updates please enter your email address below: Prostate Cancer Survivor — Nuna’s Dad’s Story, Multiple Myeloma Cancer Survivor—Jack’s Story, Colostrum for Pets: An Interview with Steven R. Blake, DVM, Metastatic Prostate Cancer Survivor—James’ Story, Curcumin Cures Multiple Myeloma in 1st Recorded Case of Its Kind, Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer Survivor — Mike’s Story. “True to an apparent mission of preventing effective cancer cures from being discovered, NCI worked skilfully to discredit hydrazine sulfate and to keep any knowledge from the general public.”—John Diamond. Security • Cachexia: Pathophysiology and Clinical Relevance When in doubt, though, you should always go without. • Hydrazine Sulfate: A Current Perspective This article is copyright ©2017 Essense of Life™ Research done by Dr. Gold indicated the condition to be largely the result of cancer’s ability to “recycle its wastes” at the energy expenditure of the body and thus impose a severe energy drain on the body, eventually resulting in cachexia. Hydrazine Sulfate is a dietary supplement available liquid and capsuleform. The NCI trials deliberately avoided telling patients that they MUST avoid certain other medications, alcohol and some foods (cheese in particular). It would be BIG, wouldn’t it? “The most remarkable anticancer agent I have come across in my 45 years experience in cancer.”—Dean Burk, M.D. Yet more than two million cancer patients starve to death yearly because the National Cancer Institute (NCI) continues its 20-year suppression of this life-saving drug. Hydrazine sulfate is a chemical used in industry and as jet fuel. All Rights Reserved. http://www.positive-works.com/hydrazine • ATP Health Topic Two theories have been suggested to explain how hydrazine sulfate acts against cancer and cachexia: Hydrazine sulfate may prevent the body from making sugar that cancer cells need to grow. I find it difficult to understand how any study with such obvious flaws can claim any result or be published in any reputable journal.” (ref John Diamond). Copyright © 2013–2020 Keith Scott–Mumby. Dr. Gold theorized by interrupting this process of “host energy loss”—blocking the body’s chemical machinery which converts lactic acid and other breakdown products to glucose in normal tissues, cancer-cachexia could be averted. Compare a 43% success rate to Radiation and chemotherapy’s success rate of 1% to 7%. Food intake becomes inadequate to the ongoing energy demands, which leads to the vicious cachexia cycle: loss of weight, loss of muscle mass, loss of energy, and loss of appetite. It is known that using these incompatible agents together can result in extremely dangerous effects. The liquid form of Hydrazine Sulfate is highly recommended, especially for those who have lost their appetite or those for whom swallowing pills is difficult. Specifically, it was pointed out that cancer uses glucose (sugar) as its fuel but only incompletely metabolizes (combusts) it. Hydrazine sulphate is theorized to work by stopping the cycle mentioned above. This is the onset of cachexia. It is practically tasteless and can be quickly administered with a syringe or a small eyedropper. Hydrazine Sulfate is a dietary supplement and is not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease, including cancer. Hydrazine Sulfate is a powerful tool that can be used for cancer. Symptoms include nausea, pruritus (itching), dizziness, drowsiness, excitation, polyneuritis (peripheral neuritis), and euphoria (mood improvement). • Syracuse Cancer Research Institute The word “cachexia” comes from the Greek words “kakos”, meaning “bad”, and “hexis”, meaning “state or condition”. Many people think that Hydrazine Sulfate is only to be used in late-stage cancer to stop a person from wasting away from cancer. The only contrary (and controversial) results, according to Dr. Gold, have been from National Cancer Institute sponsored trials which, wittingly or unwittingly, used known incompatible medications while testing Hydrazine Sulfate. All rights reserved. Dr. Gold discovered how well Hydrazine Sulfate worked many years ago. It did not take sufficient measures to appropriately address concerns over alleged incompatible agents….The clinical importance of possible interaction between hydrazine sulfate and tranquilizing agents, barbiturates, or alcohol has not been determined and the issue remains unsettled.”. Anaerobic metabolism is a fermentation process. Too slow, a flawe, Here I am going to share 10 myths of aging. It has been said that “No reasonable hunter goes after his prey with only one bullet in his gun.” And neither should a person who has cancer. Privacy Policy Warranty Disclaimer, Allergies Tyramine is found in fermented, aged, and spoiled foods, or foods that have been stored for a prolonged periods, but the tyramine content of food can vary greatly. Cachexia is characterized by unintentional weight loss, muscle wasting, decreased fat storage, hypermetabolism, and a loss of appetite. The reason we have mentioned it on this site is that we have talked with so many people who have been helped by Hydrazine Sulfate that we feel that we would be amiss not letting people know about something that may help save their life. These are false beliefs, often held in place by screwbal, 00:00:58 – Introduction 00:06:58 – Introduction of guest (John Hache) and (Rob, Pueraria mirifica. It’s the surprising cause of nearly all diseases and rapid aging… Click here to Find out More! Make sure that you read all the information about it. In pets, Hydrazine Sulfate has been used as an appetite stimulant. At the time cancer-cachexia was only a descriptive term, its causes entirely unknown. In this regard, subsequent experimentation at the Institute found that an entirely new class of “gluconeogenic blocking agents” could bring about such “interruption.” One of these—the chemical hydrazine sulfate—was especially able to disrupt cancer’s energy “cycle” and thereby arrest and reverse cachexia.”. Hydrazine Sulfate can be obtained from compounding pharmacists, without a prescription. • Attacking Cancer’s Sweet Tooth Is Effective Strategy Against Tumors carried out a trial deliberately rigged with doses that were either too low to work or so high the patient felt toxicity. Efficient aerobic (with oxygen) metabolism yields 38 moles of ATP per mole of glucose. Hydrazine sulphate “interrupts the ability of the liver to convert lactic acid from tumors into glucose thereby helping to starve the tumors and inhibit their ability to metastasize.” • Low Tyramine Diet Hydrazine Sulfate is a potent monoamine oxidase (MAOI) inhibitor that can have potentially serious interactions with central nervous system depressants such as barbiturates, tranquilizers, and alcohol. Hydrazine sulfate is used for many types of cancer. Cancer cells’ voracious energy requirements divert much needed energy from the rest of the body. This quote was taken from their site. Weight Loss & Slimming. It has been suggested that cachexia occurs because the cancer is using too much of the body's sugar, preventing healthy cells from getting what they need to live. Gluconeogenesis requires much more energy (6 moles of ATP to produce 1 mole of glucose) than normal cellular energy reactions and is therefore much less efficient. This simple chemical, developed in 1969 by Dr. Joseph Gold, director or the Syracuse Cancer Institute, works in half of all the patients who take it. Cori Cycle graphic source Wikipedia Rife spoke of how there reaches a point of no return for those who wait too long. The fact that it does not destroy the tissue of the body like chemotherapy or radiation makes it significantly better without any of the side effects that come from radiation and chemotherapy. • Hydrazine Sulfate Diet Guidelines If they embraced Hydrazine Sulfate chemotherapy and radiation would rarely be used. Anti-Aging and there has only been one presumptive case of fatal Hydrazine Sulfate toxicity. Not only is this form of metabolism very inefficient, yielding only 2 moles of ATP per mole of glucose, but it also produces lactate (lactic acid) as a waste by-product. CONTACT US NOW. Cancer cells, unlike normal healthy cells, have a very inefficient metabolism, which diverts the body’s energy production away from the healthy cells and funnels everything towards cancer cell growth. Always consult with someone knowledgeable and experienced with hydrazine sulfate to ensure correct usage. Hydrazine Sulfate was first proposed as an anticachexia agent based on its inhibition of the gluconeogenic enzyme phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEP CK). Cachexia (ka-kex-e-a), also known as cancer wasting, is an unfortunate yet common complication of cancer progression. This illness is fatal… —Hippocrates (460–370 BC). Meanwhile, doctors at the Petrov Institute of Oncology in St. Petersburg treating 1,000 patients with hydazine sulfate report long-term survival even in those with lymphatic cancer, the type that killed Jacqueline Onassis.”—Dr Julian Whitaker, M.D. Clinical trials performed in accordance with internationally accepted criteria and standards of scientific conduct have been published in several peer-reviewed medical journals and have indicated the efficacy and safety of Hydrazine Sulfate. Research Sources Hydrazine Sulfate is an MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitor and does have potential conflicts with certain medications and foods that it is important to be aware of. Dr. Joseph Gold, founder of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute (SCRI), researched cancer cachexia. “Hydrazine sulfate, a drug that costs about a dollar a day, reverses the devastating weight loss called cachexia that kills most cancer patients. Most cells in the body require oxygen to convert glucose into energy (ATP) through the process of metabolism. Imagine a huge upheaval in medicine that alters the whole way we look at disease, how our bodies work, the role of genes and the process of aging. Tumor energy demands and host energy loss (resulting from cancer-induced excessive gluconeogenesis) are interrelated, therefore Hydrazine Sulfate was proposed as an indirect and non-toxic method for inhibiting tumor growth.

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