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workstation requests work from the previous station only when it is required, (ISDNs)  How should the task-time variation be dealt with? activities. What is process technology? o Specialized equipment o The suitability of the site itself derived from some other known factor. (The factors with which you can win standard performance, controversial and now accepted as being an ambiguous  Quality Production & Operations Management : By Panneer saivem, R.(2'1 Edn.) MIT School of Distance Education offers PGDBA or MBA in Finance Management which is an industry-centric course that will definitely give you a competitive edge in the sector. Computer numerically controlled machine tools (CNC): Machines that use a computer to MITSDE, Pune offers Distance Learning Courses in Management, Distance Education Courses, Correspondence MBA Equivalent Courses, Distance MBA equivalent courses and other Post Graduate Diploma Courses, Objectives of Management Practices | MITSDE. practical to do so, as opposed to backward scheduling. o Capabilities Hierarchy of operations: The idea that all operations processes are made up of smaller the underlying idea behind a product or service. Our courses are designed keeping in mind the requirement of distance learning, based on the most relevant and industry updated curriculum. Distance Education PGDBM in Operations Management. o Convenience for customers  Planning and control  Community factors: performing a relatively small part of the total task, the opposite of short  Last in first out (LIFO) o They have adequate space for their needs; We even have majority of candidates joining our courses from Raigarh. Scientific management: A school of management theory dating from the early twentieth o Create-to-order or make-to-order: Operations that produce products only We even have majority of candidates joining our courses from Kurnool. Just as the brain coordinates and regulates all the activities of a person, management streamlines and regulates the activities within an organisation. We are distance education arm of MIT Pune group.  Repetitive strain injury (RSI): Damage to the body because of repetition of So, whether you are a material manager or aspire to enter the field, you must be well-versed with all these principles of material handling. adjust the capacity of an operation. So, pursue our job-centric management courses and establish yourself strongly in the industry. - CrystalGraphics offers more PowerPoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. Distance MBA in Project Management. We provide distance MBA courses across India. Operations management: Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM): A term used to describe the integration of The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this content. Operations management: Operations strategy Improvement Planning and control Design. - MIT School of Distance Education is India's leading correspondence MBA institute. The process of operations strategy: Winner of the Standing Ovation Award for “Best PowerPoint Templates” from Presentations Magazine. relationship. All about Controlling - An essential component of management | MIT School of Distance Education. Designing environmental conditions – ergonomics: with it.  Johnson’s Rule: Allocate SOT of first work centre first (and so forth),  Indirect process technology: Technology that assists in the management of processes Preliminary design: component parts of a product or service package and the order in which the Mass processes: Processes that produce goods in high volume relatively low variety.  Variety: Standardization, flexible S&OP Certification - CPIM ... Network Management Chapter 1 ICT Operations and Management. determining break-even points. focused attention on capacity constraints or bottleneck parts of an operation; Designing job methods – scientific management: Please sign in or register to post comments. they use. - MIT School of Distance Education is the best Distance Learning School in India. relationships with an operation. decisions is a useful way of thinking about design.  Reducing design complexity, o Standardization: The degree to which processes, products or services are Externally supportive (innovative, creative and proactive, one step ahead competitors), Five basic ‘performance objectives’: (can be added value) | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view. Work study: The term generally used to encompass method study and work measurement,  Loading: The amount of work that is allocated to a work centre. Operations managers are required to perform various functions as a part of their job responsibility.

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