is admiral byrd's diary real

Similarly, though little appears to have been said pertaining to flying craft or a Nazi base, one can only imagine how easily claims made by Byrd and his crew pertaining to dangers and hardships (which were no doubt weather-related) might also have been exaggerated by the press, in addition to the general accumulation of rumors over the years, such as those associated with Bunger’s Oasis. If you want to delve further into fascinating tales re. It defies the imagination and would seem all but madness if it had not happened. I cannot see the Sun anymore. They are the spoilers and they might destroy all life on earth rather than be exposed and give up their power. He passed away about fifteen or so years ago. Recently, scientists have discovered that there is a huge Ocean beneath the surface of our planet. We do not speak for some time, each man has his thoughts…. Base camp expresses relief at our re-established contact. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. He motions me to sit down in one of the chairs. My thoughts are interrupted in a cordial manner by a warm rich voice of melodious quality, ‘I bid you welcome to our domain, Admiral.’. The end goal was to establish US sovereignty over a sizable chunk of the continent but the planned 6-month mission was cut short after just few weeks. I note the engines of our plane have stopped running! Stop freaking out about whites. Otherwise, this brief video could be a great contribution. They are tall with blond hair. Now, I seem to sense the long night coming on and this secret will not die with me, but as all truth shall, it will triumph and so it shall. Thus, placing all fantastic speculation aside, there is little ground for believing that Operation Highjump had been shut down prematurely to escape the presence of hidden subterranean races, woolly mammoths, or Nazi UFOs. Allegedly, Byrd was said to have made a series of cryptic comments during an interview with International News Service correspondent Lee van Atta aboard the USS Mount Olympus, which later appeared in the Wednesday, March 5, 1947 edition of a Chilean newspaper called El Mercurio: “Adm. It defies the imagination and would seem all but madness if it had not happened. Now you have been chosen to be witness here that our world does exist. Who are the PUPPET MASTERS who keep EARTHLINGS as Human Livestock….??? The aircraft suddenly felt as though caught in a sharp downdraft for a moment. Interestingly, my own introduction to allegations of Byrd meeting strange beings while visiting the Antarctic came from an odd story shared with me by a friend, rather than any alleged secret diaries or other fabled texts. 1135 Hours- Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight Nordic or Germanic accent! Your recent war was only a prelude of what is yet to come for your race. Pre-Adamite civilization. Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. We are given some type of warm beverage which tasted like nothing I have ever savored before.

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