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Wilmot has spent most of her life as a human rights lawyer in the International Criminal Court and with Amnesty International. “Living in public housing, you can see that it’s in a really horrible state, it’s just not maintained,” he explains. Two candidate preferred or TCP is a count of the two leading candidates only - votes are recorded for a particular candidate if the preference on the ballot paper for that candidate is higher than the alternative TCP candidate, regardless of other preferences. Appointed Minister for the Environment after the 2007 election, Garrett ended up taking blame better directed at the Prime Minister's office for problems with the government's home insulation scheme. Almost 25 years to the day after becoming state Labor Leader, Carr took Australia's new seat on the United Nations Security Council. Carr went on to serve a decade as Premier before retiring in 2005. Laurie Brereton became member in 1990 after serving as a senior minister in the Wran-Unsworth government, and he was on the federal party’s front bench from 1993 until his surprise retirement announcement four months ahead of the 2004 election. “We want to make sure nippers and their parents don’t need to take plastic bottles to the beach or their local sports club and help increase awareness about the danger of single-use plastics.”. This table provides the current two candidate preferred (TCP) count for each polling place in the division. This is a list of electoral results for the Division of Kingsford Smith in Australian federal elections from the division's creation in 1949 until the present. Garrett was appointed Minister for School Education by Julia Gillard and introduce the Gonski school funding scheme before resigning from Cabinet following the return of Kevin Rudd as Prima Minister. However, demographic changes since 2010 have made the seat much less secure for Labor. Wilmot holds a Masters in Taxation and a Masters of International Law and has also worked as a consultant for the Health Department and Attorney General's Department and as a chartered accountant. So was Elissa — so she did something about it, Matt Thistlethwaite re-elected to seat held since 2013. Analysis written by William Bowe. © 2020 CityHub Media. Or will there be the shake-up that many pundits are predicting? His dream of becoming Foreign Minister was suddenly revived in 2012 when he was recruited by Julia Gillard to fill a Senate vacancy and replace Kevin Rudd as Foreign Minister. Margin: Labor 13.3% Location: South-Eastern Sydney, New South Wales. This table provides the full distribution of preferences by count for the division. This followed a difficult election campaign in which Garrett was ridiculed for a “jocular” comment in a casual conversation with talk radio host Steve Price, to the effect that Labor would change all its policies in government. Kingsford Smith covers an area of approximately 91 sq km and covers an area from La Perouse in the south to Randwick and Coogee in the north. Carr's Kingsford Smith lifeline was grabbed by fellow state cabinet minister Laurie Brereton, who succeeded Bowen at the 1990 election. This table provides the number and percentage breakdown of two candidate preferred (TCP) votes received by vote type for the division. 52.6% of people living in the electorate of Kingsford Smith were born in Australia. “The amount of plastic ending up in our oceans and choking marine life is alarming,” Mr Thistlethwaite said at the launch. Garrett was promoted to the front bench as Shadow Environment Minister when Kevin Rudd came to the leadership in December 2006, and has maintained the portfolio in government. Mr Cruz sees this as evidence that the constituents are sick of major party inaction on climate change. The data includes the number and percentage of votes for each candidate at each count. Results of the 2019 Australian federal election in New South Wales § Kingsford Smith, Results of the 2016 Australian federal election in New South Wales § Kingsford Smith, Results of the 2013 Australian federal election in New South Wales § Kingsford Smith, Results of the 2010 Australian federal election in New South Wales § Kingsford Smith, Australian Capital and Northern Territories,, Australian federal electoral results by division, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 11:14. To connect a sign in method the email must match the one on your Crikey account. “These people are anti-science, and if they’re on the crossbench then we will see a continuation of what we have now.”. Bob Carr had assiduously cultivated the numbers to succeed Bowen, but the early 1987 election saw Bowen defer retirement. The only time their hold has been threatened since was with the 1966 landslide, when the margin was reduced to 1.5 per cent. A former President of NSW Young Labor 1997-98, he tried to succeed Laurie Brereton as MP but was stymied when Brereton engineered Peter Garrett's entry to politics. Australia heads to the polls in May to decide who will represent us over the next four years. The TCP count ultimately determines who wins the seat. Last year’s Wentworth by-election saw Malcolm Turnbull’s safe Liberal seat lost to Independent candidate Kerryn Phelps, who ran on a platform of addressing climate change. The median/average age of the population of Kingsford Smith is 35 years of age. 49.3% are male and 50.7% are female. Labor member Matt Thistlethwaite has been sitting in the seat of Kingsford-Smith since 2013. FEDERAL ELECTION: Kingsford-Smith electorate profile. This can be at an early voting centre or polling place in the voter's own division or at an interstate voting centre. Mr Cruz ran unsuccessfully for the seat of Maroubra in the recent NSW election and the 2015 election. Garrett retired at the 2013 election. A long-term member of the Liberal Party, Ms Wilmot has previously run for Randwick Council on their ticket. Sydney Light Rail project steam rolls Aboriginal heritage site, Social housing renewal proposals hit with criticism, Inner West “cheated” out of Stronger Community Fund grant, THE NAKED CITY – LET’S SHOOT ‘TRUMP’ DOWN UNDER. Bare Island, Prince Henry Hospital, and the U… “We’re seeing a rising number of smaller right-wing parties like One Nation and Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationals Party,” he explains. It includes the suburbs of Botany, Coogee, Maroubra, Mascot and Randwick. For him, it’s housing and climate change which he sees as key issues facing the electorate. Thistlethwaite was appointed to the NSW Senate ticket for the 2010 election and served in the Senate from July 2011 until resigning to contest and win Kingsford Smith at the 2013 election. The data includes swing - a comparison of the percentage of TCP votes received at the previous federal election compared to the current federal election. Electorate analysis: Kingsford Smith was created with the enlargement of parliament in 1949 around Clovelly, Coogee and Randwick in Sydney’s inner south-east. “What we saw was a government limp across the line,” he says. A redistribution ahead of the 1969 election made it one of the safest Labor seats in both Sydney and the nation, and it remained a comfortably safe Labor seat for most of the next four decades. Could our elite soldiers be charged with war crimes once this secretive inquiry is finished? City Hub was unable to reach Ms Wilmot for an interview, but on her Facebook page she says, “As part of the Morrison Liberal team, I will support local families to reduce their cost of living pressures by supporting tax relief, improving access to childcare and lowering power bills”. Labor is also running under an environmental banner in the Eastern suburbs this election. Kingsford Smith has been in Labor hands for its entire existence. After the 2007 election win Kevin Rudd created a separate climate change portfolio that was entrusted to Penny Wong. Kingsford is a mainly residential area, situated directly south of the University of New South Wales, which is in Kensington. Mr Cruz doesn’t think the Liberal Party should be too confident about its chances in the federal election based on the state results. The program aims to reduce and eventually eliminate entirely the use of single-use plastic bottles on Sydney’s beaches. Thistlethwaite went on to become the NSW Labor Party State Secretary 2008-10, but lost support for first helping then Premier Nathan Rees win the power to appoint his own ministry, and then backing Frank Sartor rather than Kristina Keneally to succeed Rees. All rights reserved. Kingsford Smith was created on the expansion of the House of Representatives at the 1949 election. Brereton retired at the 2004 election after first engineering the local party numbers to ensure he was succeeded by former Midnight Oil lead singer and ACF President Peter Garrett. Two candidate preferred or TCP is a count of the two leading candidates only ' votes are recorded for a particular candidate if the preference on the ballot paper for that candidate is higher than the alternative TCP candidate, regardless of other preferences. Top Indigenous students focus on empowering their communities, Trump urged by senior Republicans to let Biden see security briefings, Tired of conspiracy theories in your Facebook feed? Prime Minister Scott Morrison is giving a coronavirus update after meeting with National Cabinet, Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic, Follow our live coverage of the US election aftermath. Labor member Matt Thistlethwaite has been sitting in the seat of Kingsford-Smith since 2013. Also included is Sydney Airport, the Port Botany container terminal and nearby industrial areas. Named after Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith 1897-1935, Australia's most famous aviator. In 2017, he was appointed Shadow Assistant Minister for an Australian Head of State after Labor announced it would push for a national vote on Australia becoming a republic. This table provides a list of the polling places in the division and the time and date of the most recent updated results for that polling place.

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