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Image from: NASA: In the past, Mars was much different than it is today. } But where is the best place to look for life? We need a close-up look at the planet. Also at this time, NASA’s Mars Exploration Program began to investigate Mars with an increasing focus on missions to the Red Planet. (CNN)We may have already discovered the essence of life on Mars 40 years ago, according to a former NASA scientist. var videoHeight = $video.outerHeight(); Most scientists agree that the results do not reveal any signs of life. The live streaming of the event will begin at … "It seemed we had answered that ultimate question," Levin wrote in the article. While not officially part of the life experiments, the cameras did show us that there weren't any large creatures wandering around! Maybe lifeforms like these could live on Mars or other planets with extreme environments. } else { $close.on('click', function () { If there was a measurable reaction in the first and not the second sample, that would suggest biological forces at work -- and that's exactly what happened, according to Levin. bindScrollEvent(); The Pathfinder mission and Mars Exploration Rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) were sent to Mars to “Follow the Water,” recognizing that liquid water is … Check out Dr. Marc Rayman's answers to more questions. + Math.random(), 8 killed, including 6 US citizens, in helicopter crash in Egypt. var $videoWrap = $('.video-wrap'); }); $window.unbind('scroll'); To make sure it was a biological reaction, the test was repeated after cooking the soil, which would prove lethal to known life. Earth is the only place that we know for certain supports life. } "Such an objective jury might conclude, as I did, that the Viking LR did find life," he wrote. success : function (data) { In the meantime, NASA is working hard now to discover whether there is life on Mars. NASA TV channels are digital C-band signals carried by QPSK/DVB-S modulation on satellite Galaxy-13, transponder 11, at 127 degrees west longitude, with a downlink frequency of 3920 MHz, vertical polarization, data rate of 38.80 MHz, symbol rate of 28.0681 Mbps and 3/4 FEC. Besides turning a compass needle, Earth's magnetic field turns away dangerous particles of space radiation. Liquid water used to flow on the surface, as shown in this picture. $video.addClass('stuck'); var videoBottom = videoHeight + $videoWrap.offset().top + 300; This is an idea that has intrigued people for centuries, and one that I, perhaps like you, have wondered about for most of my own life. Levin wrote. The two-hour launch window opens at 5.20 pm IST (07:50 am EDT) and closes at 7.20 pm IST (9.50 am EDT). While robotic spacecraft have given us wonderful views, no humans have ever tried to journey to Mars, and no such missions will be attempted for many years. In the experiment, the Viking probes placed nutrients in Mars soil samples -- if life were present, it would consume the food and leave gaseous traces of its metabolism, which radioactive monitors would then detect. Overall, Mars would be a pretty uncomfortable place to try to live! Among their scientific experiments were the only ones so far specifically designed to discover whether there was something tiny (like bacteria) living in the soil.

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