low gi carrot cake

So I was just wondering if other readers have used Truvia in this or other sweetners besides Swerve??? If you were low carb before - return to it as soon as possible. The sweetener? I did it many times and it's perfect. Had to bake for an entire hour though. I think you may be thinking of another recipe, this does not include and has never included, sunflower seeds. Can't please everyone, but this WAS a Birthday cake for someone on the Adkins diet and she gave it thumbs up. Hilary, perhaps you used powdered stevia (very fine, looks like powdered sugar) rather than the coarse stevia granules (looks like crystallized table sugar)? You may require additional sweeteners or additional spices. My family & I are living "One Year Without Sugar & Processed Foods", but aren't skipping on delicious fare! One question though, do the finished cakes freeze well? Also, the cream cheese with added sweetener (splenda) was awful. A low carb carrot cake, I used a little honey (1 tbs), but you can use any sweetener you choose. Bake at 180C/350F for 40-50 minutes or until a fork pushed in, comes out clean. There's a bug here. Didn't mean to reply to another comment- was supposed to be on its own. This recipe is fantastic for those of us on a low carb diet and the high fat content makes it super filling. My batter was very thick. In another bowl, whisk the eggs for ten minutes with a spoon or whisk for three minutes by an electric hand whisk. It may need +/- extra almond flour or +/- liquid. I will next time. Any tips on using sunflower seeds? How does one converse ,, I am not al all familiar with grams etc,, how do you know how many cups etc.? Is it possible if using carrot puree than grated carrot? I'm going to do atleast two layers, heavy on the icing. Lovely and moist but solid too, in a good way. How many pieces have you divided your cake into? TIA. Don't be embarrassed about serving the cake, be embarrassed that you have rude friends. , The tin lining with the flour, didn't work that well - I will need to buy a new tin if I want to make this cake again - and I will probably add some more stevia next time. I can't wait to try it tomorrow, as a Vasilopita, with my family. I tried the lemon zest and that made it worse. It would appear some readers carrots have too much water, so yes, maybe squeezing them first would help. This is why I always state "sweetener of choice, to your taste" as we all have different sweet tolerances depending on how long we have been low carb. I have amended it to read the same. I suspect that my not using fresh carrots affected it somewhat, but I think the rest might be a brand issue, perhaps of the sweetener? . Other than that, it's great! Needed 60 mins to cook, then left to cool. I don't have a scale so I guessed the total weights of all ingredients and just looked at the consistency and tried the taste of the batter mix before putting it in the loaf tin. What did I do wrong. Very much appreciated All four generations of my family approved and that's a huge deal! Still delicious though. If you ever make a recipe and it is not sweet enough (remember to always taste test before baking) then you can always serve with sweetened whipped cream or sweet frosting. And welcome to Ditch The Carbs. Ensure your cake is completely cool before icing/frosting. This recipe was delicious. Warm the cream cheese in the microwave for 20 seconds to soften it. Also, can I use sunflower flour instead of ground seeds? what would be the difference? Further update - I managed to make my low carb carrot cake using ground sunflower seeds when I ran out of almond meal/flour. These are the stevia products I recommend on this page. The flavour though was absolutely the same as a full sugar carrot cake. I could not see at what type of the temperatures are based on. I have just installed the conversion buttons - I had to go through over 250 recipes and calculate them all. My question is, when working out the net carbs, for 2 of my ingredients (walnuts and coconut ) the fibre is more than the carbs. YAY! I notice you have used sunflower seeds since I last looked. Do you reckon this recipe would work deep fried in that way? Thanks for your help!! would like your answer to this please. Wow....BEST LOW CARB CAKE EVER!!! You could try to add more almond flour/meal and omit the coconut, but you would need to experiment with how much you add, as I haven't developed this particular recipe entirely with almond flour yet, but as a best guess/advice would be to add additional almond flour 2 tbsp at a time until you reach a cake batter thickness. My wife vetoed the frosting as weird, so we made it with powdered Xylitol and butter. I would also add, make sure you taste before baking to ensure there is enough sweetener and spices for your tastes. Sorry! Why eating fat if it tastes ok without it?! This looks great. It takes a while to understand the full feeling from eating more healthy fats. You may wish to read my Ulitmate guide to sweeteners an my Ultimate guide to coconut flour vs almond flour. This classic low-carb carrot cake with cream cheese icing is a fabulous treat with your morning coffee or as a low-carb dessert. I made this tonight and it is delicious. Thanks for the recipe ! How exciting. Taken from www.dianaskitchen.comSubmitted by: MRSNEWELL, A low carb carrot cake, I used a little honey (1 tbs), but you can use any sweetener you choose.Submitted by: THANIA1, Easiest Cake Ever!! After it cooled in the fridge the greasiness disappeared, as I suspected it would (the butter hardening up) - and the frosting was easy. Place one cooled cake layer on a serving platter. Yes you have to adjust your dose to your meals, absolutely, but you need to adjust your meals firstly. And yes sometimes the butter does have a tendency to make the cake oily (especially in the hot weather) but the butter is soaked back up in the cake when it cools (as you discovered). What the heck? Totally agree with the lady above. Will this recipe work as cupcakes as well? Skipping the coconut might just about work, as it isn't a huge proportion of the cake, however it wont look like the picture and be a different texture. Muffins turned out very nice. It was my birthday this week and my husband and kids made me your carrot cake. Wait did you say that this is low carb??? Low carb baking take a wee while to get used to, as you have to adjust certain ingredients to your liking and tastes. Oh my goodness, I made this yesterday and it is just lovely! Very simply, THIS WAS AMAZING! I'm sure anyone reading this will take a look also. Nadiya Hussain recently did a recipe for carrot cake pakora where she deep fried carrot cake batter and served it with the cream cheese frosting as a dip. Can Anxiety, Stress or Depression Cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome- IBS and Loose Stool? Did you buy store-bought shredded carrots? Have a read of this page to see why healthy fat should be a regular part of our diet. Was not impressed at all - if you are used to traditional carrot cake, this will not satisfy you at all. I hope I am not changing too much. It's for my birthday! I left a note for my partner to 'have a big piece for breakfast'! There are large red buttons above every single recipe so you may switch between the system that you prefer I've done all the hard work for you and it doesn't cost you a penny . On what temperature & for how long should I bake the carrot cake when's I make muffins (12)? Thank you! Nathalie. I love your recipes but sometimes they are a little confusing.

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