luxury chocolate bars

Amedei is a bean to bar operation that shines a spotlight on lesser-known varieties of cacao for a rare chocolate experience you won’t find elsewhere. (They’re also certified Kosher.). Their truffle fillings are to die for. I’ve tried a few brands of truffles that tried to include popping candy and Godiva is the only one that got it right. When you’re going to indulge in chocolate, you should really indulge. Their Gold Box is a classic and contains sumptuous flavors like Almond Praline, Macadamia Mosaic, Raspberry Ganache, and Butterscotch Caramel Lions. Plus there’s this added component that you know you’re supporting an ethical company and that’s where I want my money to go. I actually prefer this design compared to the more famous Ferrero Rocher which has the hazelnut in the center. Our full range of luxury artisan chocolate bars, made in Wales. Genetically, white Criollo beans contain less of the chemicals that produce the bitterness you taste in dark chocolate so you can have a richer darker chocolate bar without compromising the mild sweetness many prefer to the sharp bite of bitter chocolate. The longest I could find was on their ‘Esmeraldas Milk chocolate: cacao beans, cacao butter, raw cane sugar, milk, and fleur de sel. I carefully source my ingredients to ensure the highest standards of food ethics, and I use compostable packaging that's kind to the environment. Most of their bars consist of cacao beans, cacao butter, raw cane sugar, and that’s it. The chocolate has a rich depth of flavour, and with 57% cacao it lies on the edge of darkness! The cocoa beans that make our chocolate bars are grown in the Dominican Republic. For old-school Belgium chocolates with the benefit of all non-GMO ingredients using UTZ-certified sustainable cocoa, check out Neuhaus. We use cookies to enhance your experience; they help us show you relevant content and ads. If you’re looking to go on a tasting adventure with fun flavor combinations, go for this assortment from Theo. I like that Godiva dark chocolate isn’t too bitter and their milk chocolate isn’t so mild that it’s boring. Keep an eye out for eco-friendly, ethical, and fair-trade markers. His collections feature a mix of traditional flavors (Cappuccino and Creamy Raspberry) along with fun departures from the norm like Chai Tea, Pineapple Pastis, and Earl Grey. Filter by. Whether you’re looking for some simply delicious Sea Salt Milk Chocolate bars or something a little more exotic like our Orange Neroli Chocolate bars there really is something from our collection of best chocolate bars for you! Explore our exceptional range of best chocolate bars, full to the brim with creative flavours and combinations. Gift Boxes; Bars; Fruit & Nuts; Honeycomb; Hot Chocolate; Valrhona; Factory Seconds; Box of the Month; Wholesale; Corporate; News; About Us; Log in; Search. Fortnum & Mason was founded in 1707 and if it hasn’t kicked in how long ago that was, let me just say that Peter the Great was the Tsar of Russia and Johann Sebastian Bach was only 22 years old in 1707. I set up my chocolate business in 2016 to meet the demand for a luxury vegan chocolate that aligns with my vision of the world. For an indulgent treat with all the smooth, melting goodness you could ask for, check out Loacker Tortina.

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