magneto vs iron man

In a real fist-to-fist battle, Magneto's essentially a physically fit person. When Iron Man Fought Magneto, Who Actually Won? He can create electromagnetic pulses, the kind that would fry any electronic component within a set radius. He can detonate the Arc Reactor right in his chest, burning a hole through him. On top of that, Magneto's magnetic shields can repulse just about every major weapon Stark has on him. In theory, Magneto could just clench his fist and implode the suit through Tony's ribs. If there is one thing fans like to do, it’s debating who would win in a fight between their favorite characters. Iron Man is a character who is completely dependent on his technology, crafted from his metal-based tech. Not to say he never has, but it's a match-up that rarely occurs, which is ironic since even their names link them together. After all, his main power is being able to manipulate metal and Tony Stark’s real power comes from the metal suit that he wears. Post Edited:2008-01-20 22:53:49. There are some characters that seem like perfect foils for one another in ways that at first appear straight forward, but grow more complex the more you dig deeper. After all, Magneto is the master of magnetism, able to control metal with his mutant abilities. Is this really a Iron Man vs Magneto battle thread ? They are among the strongest characters in the anime world as a whole because you say that Naruto is stronger over Meliodas and Saitma. Oscar Issac as ‘Moon Knight’ in Disney+ series. Again, though, Iron Man had come prepared. When Tony ran into him after that (in New Avengers #20) he didn't even try to get close to Magneto, let alone take him on. More: Iron Man vs. Magneto: Which Marvel Metal Master is Stronger? Magneto responds by dismantling the various satellites, cutting off Stark's extra weapons and, effectively, breaking through the magnetic nullifying tech. Even If Iron Man was able to somehow combat Magneto’s ability to manipulate metal, such as using non-metal components in his suit, the villain would have another trick up his sleeve. Even with Magneto assembling armor from Stark's various satellites, he's put down by a few punches. Daredevil vs Captain America: Which Marvel Hero Won Their Greatest Battles? However, by toppling buildings on top of the hero and throwing large objects at him, as well as causing his suit to not function correctly, Magneto comprehensively defeats Iron Man. He's a hero who fights threats like Thanos, all using whatever tech he can scrap together. But unfortunately, Magneto had recognized the energy that Iron Man was using and thus, he ripped the chain of satellites. Winner: iron man but without prep time magneto … Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Due to his resources, he's able to access high-leveled weapons throughout the solar system.

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