mateo 6:33 tagalog sermon

Not what makes us the most money. God commands you to do that, or you are worse than an unbeliever. — And it means seeking Him first in our CALENDAR. Sadly, even in the church, you rarely see someone make real, personal sacrifices for the Kingdom of God both here and around the world — when that was ALL that Jesus lived for! When we are seeking God first, we will make worship, and the events of God’s kingdom, priorities in our schedules. He would have done whatever Paul had told him to do. Tagalog Sermon - ... Tagalog Sermon But Jesus has a word of challenge here in Matthew 6:33, where He commands us and all who would be His followers: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”. And when we really “seek first His kingdom” with our lives, that means that we will give the FIRST of our income to Him, as a sign that He is the most important One in our lives, and that His kingdom is the most important thing to us. It is worth paying whatever cost, in order to KNOW that you are in the Kingdom of God, and that you have His righteousness. In fact He says later in Matthew 10:37 “He who loves father and mother more than Me is not worthy of Me.” He said, “He who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.” Jesus makes it very clear: it is not family first; it is GOD FIRST. Whatever you have left for house, for car, for clothes — or not — that’s great — but you seek FIRST the Kingdom in your finances. So unfortunately most Americans who are supposed to be “Christians” are chasing the same things their lost neighbors are: the same homes, the same cars, the same gadgets, the same toys, the same awards, the same beauty, the same bank account, the same retirement — the same everything — we just “sprinkle a little God on it” and call it Christian, but it’s not “Christian” at all. Now, do you need quality time with your family? It means “I am going to tithe FIRST, and whatever kind of car I can get with what I have left, I get.” See the question is: is your car first, or is the kingdom of God first? In Matthew 5:48 Jesus said you must be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect to enter heaven. One person on Twitter said it well this week: “Christianity isn’t the primary religion of the United States, Capitalism inundated with spiritual platitudes and self protective dogma is.” It think that’s pretty well put. comments ← Kawikaan 11:25; You May Also Like. In every area of our lives, we are to seek Him first: with our time, with our scheduling, with our money, with our decisions — in EVERY way, HE is to be FIRST. A tithe is the FIRST 10% of what God has graciously given you the life and health and strength and the ability to earn, and you show whether you really believe that by giving that first-fruit back to Him. We’ve talked about this so many times, but we’ve got to DO it! Well what Jesus commands us to do to be saved is to repent: to turn back from our sins, and turn to follow Him from that day forward as our Lord & Master. Don’t let anything in your life keep you from it; because NOTHING ELSE IN YOUR LIFE matters more than that. I have that too. David said in Psalm 5:3 “In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice.” Seeking first His kingdom means to give Him the first part of our day. Advertencia de Jesús en contra de hacer el bien para ser visto por los demásGuardaos de hacer vuestra justicia delante de los hombres, para ser vistos de ellos; de otra manera no tendréis recompensa de vuestro Padre que está en los cielos. I told some people in Louisiana, where people were just routinely getting in the habit in recent years of taking kids out of church to play ball: Don’t spend the first 20 years of your kids’ lives taking them to all kinds of sports and events instead of church, and then when they get to be 20, wonder why they ditch church and God. They will be “added to you.”. He has called us OUT of this world, where everyone is busy chasing bigger homes, newer cars, nicer clothes, expensive gadgets, huge retirement accounts — that’s what most people just LIVE for. Those were church times, and everyone knew it. And He doesn’t deny that you need some of those things, but because you can really only have ONE master of your life, He then utters these famous words: “Seek first His Kingdom, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” In other words, He is saying: Focus on the main thing, and I’ll make sure your needs are taken care of. Find Tagalog Sermons and Illustrations. Watch Tagalog sermon videos. Full-manuscript Tagalog expository sermons in Microsoft Word format. Offer PH domains such as .ph,,, starting at ₱1700.00 PHP per year. He had to eat, drink, sleep, wear a cloak in the storm to stay alive — but all of that was just the means to the end: to kill that white whale. God told him, because he asked for wisdom, instead of for riches and long life, like a lot of people would’ve asked for, that He would indeed give him that wisdom — and that He would “throw in” riches and long life on top of it! SMS Line: +63 9473139000 - Sermon #88 on the Book of Genesis by Dr. C. L. Cagan) 02 - 07 - 2016 AM: ANG ASAWA NI LOT (PANGARAL BILANG 87 SA AKLAT NG GENESIS) (Lot's Wife - Sermon #87 on the Book of Genesis) 01 - 31 - 2016 AM : ANG PINABAYAAN NG DIYOS NA KRISTO! GoManilaHost.Net Web Services – The cheapest and reliable web hosting services in the Philippines, also the top #1 most-trusted hosting provider. We are learning in our MasterLife class on Sunday nights to spend time with God first. Sermons in Tagalog MGA PANGARAL SA TAGALOG ... (How China Became a World Power! And interestingly, it said that it was not that less people were going to church today, but that in many cases, the people who do go to church, are going less often.

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