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And we use something called Wright’s Law. And if we’re going to get to autonomous, you know, the company with the most data—Tesla—has that iterative algorithms, supercomputing power, and the best chip—that’s Tesla—is going to win. Guyana But I thought, why not? Here is a comparison of two S&P 500 Index ETFs (SPY is the cap-weighted ETF and RSP is the equal-weighted ETF. Thanks for reading. Lao People's Democratic Republic Delivered weekly on Tuesdays. And that was public market investors doing a little more comparative work and saying, I don’t think so. Good to see you, George. Democratic Republic of the Congo I just saw that Cruise Automation, which is GM’s autonomous division, just laid off eight percent of its workforce after, in 2019, going on a huge hiring spree. And seeking explore-type investments may or may not be appropriate for you. Let me pivot to something innovative that your firm has done, and from really the earliest days of ARK, you have embraced ETFs. The world is going to change because of what just happened.”. And in the beginning, we were focused on thesis risk, which is one of our risk metrics. Already a subscriber? Dallas, Texas 75219, Toll-free: (877) 631-6311 Why? Stay healthy. In May, 2020, George Friedman participated in the Strategic Investment Conference, presented by Mauldin Economics. And so what that’s telling me, I realize how much despair there is out there in certain quarters of the economy. The trend is down. Niger Are you kidding? “Core” defends wealth; “explore” may enhance it. Reunion I promise, you are really going to like her. Morocco Australia So first, we’re studying the technologies themselves. Not all will win so size the bets appropriately. And I said, “Wow, I can’t believe this kind of an institution exists because again, studying the way the world was going to work, not just next year, but 20 years from now. CATHERINE: Yeah. You see what’s happening to the airlines? It was so much more relevant to us. Trinidad and Tobago They are the types of bets that may meaningfully enhance your wealth. BARRY: Quite interesting. That is changing, that is changing. Denmark We had a lot of time to build up that position and it went from $14 to $20 to $300 in two years. And the more data they have, the safer this vehicle’s going to be. I mean, the rewards were enormous. St. Pierre and Miquelon Please click on the logos below to learn more about our partners. Brunei Darussalam BARRY: No, I was going to ask, let’s talk about those sector analysts. I have to start with your background. CMG is an SEC-registered investment adviser located in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Not only were they fully transparent in terms of disclosing their holdings at the end of the day, but we had to become fully transparent in posting our trades once we completed them, because market-makers were so scared of who we were and would we catch them flat-footed. Bahamas Welcome to the Strategic Investment Conference. Macedonia Why don’t we innovate in our own space?” And that was just the tip of it. So, no. NO BANK GUARANTEE. And just think about it, fortress balance sheet versus, “they’re running out of cash” a year ago. The banks, their cost of customer acquisition, and they’ve been quite willing to pay this because of the customer loyalty they’ve enjoyed over the years, their average cost to acquire one customer, it ranges—it depends, for checking accounts versus credit accounts, credit card accounts—from $350 per customer to $1,500 per customer. Grab a coffee and find your favorite chair. No portion of the content should be construed as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. So what we’ve been watching is, take Moderna. Chile BARRY: So last pushback. Kuwait PO Box 192495, What we’ve seen since it’s gone through its own—seeing fatalities in its own cars and having the regulators take a close look at it—we have seen that the regulators have warmed up because the regulators know 80 to 90 percent of fatalities are caused by human error. Those of us who had taken that position early did very well with it. Cyprus Andorra Burundi Turkmenistan What do you think of the future of the old money center banks versus new financial institutions, and I know if I don’t ask about blockchain and crypto, I’m going to get all sorts of emails. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines It’s one of your biggest holdings at about 10 percent in one of your funds. So, traditional value, traditional growth. Twenty years later, the gleam in the eye of the Internet bubble became a reality. Grantor trust cannot be diversified. Christmas Island We had more negative sentiment in the market, I believe, than even we had during March this year. That is one illustration of how inefficiently-priced innovation is in the public equity markets in contrast to the private equity markets. Guadeloupe Every week, John Mauldin and Patrick Watson sift through reams of high-end research and send hand-selected pieces to readers. What was the hesitation in 2014 and 2015? So I think they’re going to do that. And how can one of any of us invest in that technology, short of buying Bitcoin-type speculative trading vehicles? Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands And for Square’s Cash App, and PayPal’s Venmo, it’s twenty dollars because of the viral nature of those networks. by John Mauldin My articles My site My books About me Follow on: Twitter Facebook Amazon Seeking Alpha. Moldova, Republic of Such is investing. And these are bargain-basement prices, so we were averaging down aggressively as it sank, you know, below 200 into the 180s, and of course, now it’s over 800. The pod holds the seeds that a farmer harvests. Bosnia and Herzegovina They’re going over their software updates all the time. This is the question we’ve been facing from the beginning. A copy of CMG’s current written disclosure statement discussing advisory services and fees is available upon request or via CMG’s internet web site at Cambodia Her conversation with Barry was fascinating. NVIDIA was considered nothing but a PC gaming chip company. But I’d never heard anyone talk about autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence in the context of NVIDIA. And the irony as an investor is that during the tech and telecom bubble, I watched investors chase the dream, chase it, and valuations became metrics measured in terms of eyeballs. We think the same thing is going to happen to oil. Steve authors a free weekly e-letter entitled, “On My Radar.”  Steve shares his views on macroeconomic research, valuations, portfolio construction, asset allocation and risk management. That’s our start. Now, that’s the kind of, well, that’s better than VC-like returns. You’ll see a flattening of the yield curve, if not an inversion. Being innovative herself, instead of setting up a hedge fund, she decided to offer her active management via exchange-traded funds (ETFs). So, I think we’ll have a lot to cover.

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