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It's oreeginal nucleus is the auld smiddy an the corn mill wi thair associatit biggins. It doesn't have a name on my old 1960s Glasgow Street Atlas but everybody in Pollok then knew where it was, especially school age residents. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the crash was reported on 90th Avenue roughly half a mile south of County Highway Q near Menomonie at about 8 a.m. Sunday. It was a self contained small scheme but whether it ever had a town planners official separate name I don't know. [15], The faceelity wad hae haed transportit sic items as lime for the fields, cattle, horses, sheep, milk, coal, etc. [19] Eliock micht oreeginate in the Scots Gaelic ailcheach meanin "a staney place". . Suzanne Browne, 22, and her two friends were killed in a dramatic collision on Blue Bell Hill near Maidstone, Kent on November 19th, 1965, the eve of her wedding day. Manufactured by IBM before they switched to computers I think. Growing up in Pollok I had a few other run ins with gangs carrying weapons but that was the worst. That's a frightening story about the Bundy gangs with knives. We pay for your stories! Eliock Hoose staunds on the wastren bank o the River Nith an wis in the haunds o the Dalzell family fae aboot 1388 tae 1720, an the Veitch faimily wis bidin there until 1905, bit by 1914 James Irving McConnel is leetit as the awner follaed bi George W. Greenshields in the late 1930s. View our online Press Pack. Tim Walz Announces New COVID-19 Restrictions, Earlier Restaurant And Bar Closing Times, Investigation Underway After Fire At Central Minnesota Bar. Depends what you are used to I suppose. In every direction you looked from this small hill the view was one of woodlands stretching to the horizon. As I was standing on this low hill, admiring the view in all directions, a young teenage/ twenty something local wandered up with his dog, checking me out. By the late 1970s it had gone altogether and a question that still puzzles me today is why was the Bundy so notorious that it had to be flattened and obliterated completely by a shopping centre? I had an aunt that lived in Arden, miles away from the Bundy scheme across open countryside but another  tenement estate. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. Built of Wilson Brick I think or flat roofs, which seemed unsuited to the rain soaked Scottish climate.) HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — Homes in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, were evacuated late Tuesday night due to concerns about a possible gas leak. The Best of Blue Sky Scotland. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Speaking of which this is St Paul's High School in Pollok. Officers said the road … I wish now I had explored it as it's remained a mystery to me why it was like that. The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash. Several areas/gangs in Glasgow were called The Bundy, probably due to the placement of the Bundy Time clocks which Glasgow public transport Trams/buses had to clock into to prove they were running on time. The call came in to 911 around 11:12 p.m. on Monday. And police confirmed that more than 200 sheep which were on-board the Scania HGV have died. The driver, Joel Lee Ghinter of Wilson, was pronounced dead at the scene. The Mudlarkers Moon and a Good Pumpkin Harvest. Finally! Minnock (English: Mennock) is a clachan that lies 2 mile sooth o Sanchar in the historical coonty o Dumfriesshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It does depend what you're used to - I'm bored in towns and cities (and depressed)! The community group have pursued the issue with Glasgow City Council to address safety issues on Menock Road, which runs parallel to the Newton railway line, … Before school age we all played together in the tenements and didn't care- after leaving school we all worked and played together.. and didn't care then either, certainly in my case, but that period of going to school made us separate units.You always have to have a yin and yang though.... for good balance. Officials did not comment on why the evacuation was lifted. This auncient paith rins fae the veelage, unner the railwey duct, past the 19t century corn mill ruins an syne conteenas up aside the Minnock Watter an crosses the B797 efter passin the sit o the pre-1850's mill. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. This is right beside the Bundy and it always has been an almost middle class district of prosperous looking streets and well looked after cottage type houses and gardens, even back in the 1970s when it was council. Looking southwards across Pollok the view was equally good. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. And police confirmed that more than 200 sheep which were on-board the Scania HGV have died. Five minutes later I was standing on its broad grassy summit with panoramic views over this side of the city. Publication date: 1860", "Dumfriesshire 013.04 (includes: Sanquhar) Publication date: 1899. I asked. In an upmarket area people usually ignore you- pretend you're not case you speak to them presumably,  but in the schemes there's always a chance  they'll come up to talk to you... just the way it is... and he was friendly... just curious about what I was up to and we had a short conversation, six feet apart of course, mainly about how brilliant it was to grow up in Pollok with views like this on your doorstep. She told KentOnline she didn’t feel comfortable filming at the scene: "There is a nasty feeling down there, I felt it every time we were filming. Our scheme in Nitshill was a few miles away as well so they took a bus to get to it. I could believe that as they occasionally ran through our area as well. It was all very strange- yet very normal for that time. The ruins o the auld guids depot office biggin remeens o the wastren side o the site. : Adventures off the Beaten Track. 'The Bundy are coming!' Fine in a fist fight at school but passed on using weapons. It was gone before I grew up. Those who were good at it and enjoyed it had usually been tempered on a harder anvil. Haugh Hill. "Mennock" is a narrae-gauge locomotive that wis built bi Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. in 1994 an wis uised in the tunnelin wark for London Olympic Park. An emergency official said overnight the evacuation order was issued for “precautionary” reasons, but it was not clear if there was an actual leak. A Ford pickup truck apparently left the road at a curve, striking a number of trees. It felt like a magical landscape and I've always felt completely at ease here as an adult. Flat Earth Kayak Sails Footloose '80 preview. "We also nearly got run over a few times. These original tenement estates only had a lifespan of 30 to 40 years-( mine was riddled with damp from the start, despite heat and proper ventilation, if the other houses were the same that may have been part of the problem. Lua error in Module:Location_map at line 501: Unable to find the specified location map definition: "Module:Location map/data/Scotland Dumfries and Galloway" dinnae exist. A bucht or fank, ance uised for sheep in winter, stuid nearby.[10]. The part I fell in love with from an early age. Clark Gable being one of many. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The vast Pollok Park was just a short ten minute walk or cycle away. Aged 14 the first I knew of this was standing in a friend's close talking to him when a younger upstairs neighbour shouted the dreaded words. On one visit  I noticed the back courts there had new high gates across them to seal off these openings into the rear of the tenements. [4], Glendyne lies aboot 2 mile fae Minnock an is famous as a ae-time hidin place for herrit Covenanters thanks til its isolation an its deepth. Hi Rosemary,Just remembered the acronym Boys United Never Die Young but whether that acronym came first or later, to explain what the name meant to others I don't know. The watter haes its infaw here wi the River Nith. The... A Pentlands and Scottish Borders Gallery. Pollok, started before the Second World War as a well laid out garden suburb, was more diverse in it's construction, and more low level, being older, than the other three giant estates. filming which requires road closures, use of police property or requires the presence of police officers, please refer … The Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway oreeginal appent the sidins for the Scots Mining Company that operatit the mines in Leidhills an Wanlockheid. The veelage haes wauxt in recent years wi hoosin on the River Nith side o the A76 road. "But there is a happy ending to the film. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. Suzanne was on her way back from her hen night when her Ford Cortina spun out of control on the A229 at Blue Bell Hill, colliding with a Jaguar heading the other way. Are you brave enough to visit Blue Bell Hill? This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. It was a puzzle to me. Authorities said it appeared the crash happened earlier in the morning. The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash near Enterkinfoot,  south Scotland, at 10.50pm last night. [3], Mennock Bridge School, later Mennock Scuil, wis situatit near the auld entry til the Mennock Lye Goods Depot wi the schuilhoose staundin nearby. It appears, as it avydes the towl hoose, tae be an alternative til the than-towlt B797 that rins closer til the Minnock Watter. I do know American made Bundy Clocks were installed in Glasgow, and other UK cities in the days of tram cars and later buses so you can imagine folk saying 'just let me off at the Bundy. Was it to a local worthy?" The potential, with a busy line of parked cars on one side, including children popping out between them suddenly and raised bumps and bollards on the other cycle lane side increasing any accident risk greatly( in my considered opinion, having travelled most of them.) Mosspark on its hill here above- along with Knightswood and Carntyne, introduced some of the first wave of large scale council housing estates  in Glasgow built in the 1930s on-wards but all low level cottage type housing, still desirable areas and standing to this day, many of them ex council home owners now. Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). [8] Eliock Hoose is said tae be the birthplace o James Crichton, common kent as 'the Admirable Crichton', a polymath, heich skeelt in leids, the airts, an sciences, murthert in 1582 at the age o 21. That's one of the reasons I never went exploring. "Dumfries Sheet XIII.4 (Sanquhar). One of the group - Patricia Ferguson - was killed at the scene, but Miss Browne and Judith Lingham died a few days later in a Maidstone hospital. The earliest recordit verson o the Minnock Watter name in 1660 is as "Minnock" an the derivation micht be fae the Scots Gaelic mèineach meanin "abundin wi uirs or mines". The sidins hae lang been remuived as haes the signal box, track cross-ower, etc., leavin plain double track. Evenutal the Dempster Paith jynes the B797 ablo Middlemoor Hill. Kennishead Flats (used to be five blocks of them) and the great wood of Pollok in this one, made up of  Pollok Park and several adjoining wooded golf courses. Hi Anabel,Yes, it was long gone by that time, replaced by the original Pollok Shopping Centre. It was a childhood Heaven on earth- with just enough Hell in it to stop you being bored. The good unaffected road below. 9 Sent To Hospital, Multiple Semi Fires After 29-Vehicle Crash On I-94 Near Monticello, Northfield's 143-Year-Old Archer House River Inn A Total Loss After Fire, Complaint: Self-Professed Trump Supporter Attacked Elderly Couple With Golf Club Over Joe Biden Sign. That was my 'welcome pack' introduction to the Bundy... and I didn't like it much... but that was just one part of the Pollok I grew up in... it had many other sides to it.

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